Meet Elliot Donald – Photos Of Mary McCartney’s Son With Alistair Donald

Mary McCartney's Son Elliiot DonaldMary McCartney's Son Elliot Donald is a private person and is growing away from the media. Image Source: Paul's Instagram.

Paul McCartney is one of the most prominent names in the music industry and remains influential since the 60s. He rose to fame following the legendary band, The Beatles and has actively participated in the musical endeavors even today.

Besides the robust career of more than five-decade, Paul also enjoys fatherhood and now, grandparenting his eight grandkids. His daughter with his first wife, Linda McCartney, Mary McCartney, welcomed two sons with her first husband, Alistair Donald, Arthur Alistair Donald, and Elliot Donald.

However, here, we shall be tailing Mary McCartney’s son, Elliot Donald, and his whereabouts. Thus, enjoy!

Mary McCartney’s Second Child With Husband, Alistair Donald

Aforementioned, Paul McCartney’s daughter, Mary McCartney, welcomed two sons with her ex-husband, Alistair Donald. The couple met through her brother, James McCartney, and dated for three years before tying knots on 26 September 1998.

Within few years into marriage, the former Donald pair embraced parenthood and welcomed two sons, Arthur and Elliot Donald, Elliot being the youngest amongst the two.

Paul McCartney’s second grandson, Elliot Donald, was born on August 1, 2002. Unfortunately, Elliot’s parents, Mary and Alistair, announced their separation three years after his birth in 2005. Although they stated it was a temporary decision, they moved on with their lives and finalized their divorce privately.

Moreover, Elliot Donald’s mother, Mary, was already using her birth name professionally by 2007. And by April 2008, Elliot was no longer the youngest child in the McCartney family as his mother birthed her third son with her husband, Simon Aboud.

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Growing Up Privately

Mary McCartney’s son, Elliot Donald, is growing up away from the media scrutiny. The 18 years-old at the time, Elliot, is not present on Facebook, and his Instagram is private with 651 followers and two posts.

Well, it wouldn’t be a surprise if Paul McCartney’s daughter, Mary McCartney, decides to raise her children away from the media scrutiny. Since she was raised by her parents in the streets and constantly followed by the paparazzi, she knows how exhausting it feels.

Therefore, Mary must have made a conscious decision to stay away from the media scrutiny. Although it is a bummer not to see what Elliot’s childhood is like, it’s the protective instinct of a mother none can deny.

Likewise, Mary rarely shares anything private on her Instagram account. However, we could spot one or two baby snaps without captions, but she is a photographer.

Mary McCartney's Son Elliiot Donald
Mary McCartney welcomed two sons with her ex-husband, Alistair; Elliot being the youngest. Image Source: Paul’s Instagram.

Moreover, Paul McCartney’s grandson, Elliot Donald, must have a great childhood surrounded by great personalities. He must also be influenced by his mother’s photography and his granddad’s immaculate musical career.

Furthermore, we all know Elliot Donald’s brother, Arthur, inherited their granddad’s good-looking genes, but a few pictures by paparazzi reveal that he is pretty good-looking himself.

Has One Older Brother & Two Half Siblings

Aforementioned, Mary McCartney’s son, Elliot Donald, is growing up privately, and his sightings are sporadic. However, he has a fun life surrounded by notable names in the entertainment industry.

Elliot grew up with his brother, Arthur Donald, who left for Yale University in 2017. Furthermore, he became an older brother when his mother, Mary, gave birth to her third child and first son with Simon, Sam Aboud, on August 11, 2008.

Likewise, Mary birthed the youngest of her four children, Sid Aboud, on September 3, 2011. Elliot must have maintained a good relationship with both his blood as well as half-siblings. Unlike Mary, her husband, Simon seems to be a fan of sharing baby’s pictures on his social media account and updates his 2600+ followers occasionally. Even then, we could barely notice Elliot’s picture.


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A post shared by Simon Aboud (@smudgeaboud)

Nevertheless, Mary McCartney’s son and Paul McCartney’s young grandson must be enjoying a lavish lifestyle away from social media. Simon’s Instagram also gives the slightest insight into Mary’s parenting, which seems pretty active and present.

Thus, we might see Elliot evolve as either a celebrity like his grandfather, aka “granddude,” or work behind the camera like his parents and stepfather. Or, Elliot might as well find his passion elsewhere. Let’s have patience until then.

Name Meaning – Elliot

The name Elliot means With Strength and Right and has English origin.

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