Mike Woodson Net Worth – Salary And Income As A Basketball Coach

Mike Woodson's net worth.Mike Woodson has amassed a hefty sum of fortune from his basketball career. Image Source: Social Media.

Born as Michael Dean WoodsonMike Woodson is an American basketball coach and former professional player of the NBA. Woodson is now the head coach of the Indiana Hoosiers men’s basketball team.

Woodson has been serving the league as a coach since the mid-nineties. During a long career, he climbed up the steps of the hierarchy from an assistant coach to a head coach. Someone at the top of the pyramid must make enough money to make our jaw drop.

So, let’s get to know more about Mike Woodson’s net worth and his salary as a basketball coach.

Mike Woodson Net Worth And Earnings

Alongside providing great platforms for players, the Indiana coach is known for his fat paycheck. As per Go Banking Rates, Mike Woodson’s net worth is $12 million.

So, let’s break down his income and earnings as the head coach below.

Earings As A Player

Mike Woodson was born in Indiana. Growing up, he also felt the Hoosier Hysteria that pervaded the Indiana state. The hysteria made way for him to a career in basketball. First, he joined the college basketball team of Indiana University Hoosiers. During his junior year, in 1979, he was the leading scorer on the Hoosier team that won the NIT Tournament.

Eventually, he joined NBA and played for New York Knicks, New Jersey Nets, and Kansas City/Sacramento Kings.

As per Run Repeat, the average salary of an NBA player is over $8 million per year. Looking at the growth of NBA players’ salaries, we can be assured that players like Mike Woodson must have earned significantly even during the 70s and 80s sessions.

The former player was active for over ten years as one of the significant players in the team. Therefore, he must have pocketed quite a lot of money during his career as an NBA player. So, Mike Woodson’s net worth is also influenced by his career as a player.

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Earnings As A Coach

After retiring as a professional basketball player, Mike started his coaching career in 1996 as an assistant coach for Milwaukee Bucks. He spent three seasons there and went on to serve on Atlanta Hawks, New York Knicks, and Los Angeles Clippers for fourteen years.

As per ZipRecruiter, the average salary of NBA coaches is around $73K per annum. However, with his long experience in the league, he must earn more than the average salary. Along the time, his salary must have risen significantly.

Woodson joined Indiana Hoosiers as the head coach for the team in 2021. Moreover, as reported by Go Banking Rates, Mike Woodson is one of the top paid college coaches.

Mike Woodson's net worth.
Mike Woodson is one of the top paid coaches of the league. Image Source: Social Media.

Looking at the journey and experiences of the coach, Mike Woodson’s net worth of $12 million is well-deserved. Let’s hope he will continue to work hard and amasses even more fortune in the coming days.

Lifestyle And Assets

Mike Woodson has amassed quite a lot in his career. Thus, he must be living a comfortable life with his wife, Terri Woodson, and two daughters, Alexis Woodson and Mariah Woodson.

The basketball coach grew up in the inner-city of Indianapolis with his 12 siblings. It must have been hard for his parents to fulfill the need of all children. Once Mike revealed that when he wanted to attend Bob Knight‘s basketball camp, he couldn’t attend because he didn’t have enough money to pay.

However, Mike can afford anything he wants in his life now. For instance, he can buy his dream house, car, and dresses with all his fortune. Moreover, he can afford to be a dad who can fulfill all the needs of his children without worrying about money.

The head coach has overcome all the hurdles of life and achieved a life many people dream of having. Let’s hope he continues to find success and enjoys a comfortable life with his family.

Trivia And Facts

  • Mike Woodson was born on 19 March 1958 and grew up in a big family with his 12 siblings and parents.
  • Both of his daughters are athletes.
  • He served the New York Knicks two times in his career.
  • Woodson also served as the head coach of Atlanta Hawks from the 2004-2010 season. During that time, he led the team to the playoffs for the first time in eight years.

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