Meet Mariah Woodson – Photos Of Mike Woodson’s Daughter

Mike Woodson's daughter, Mariah WoodosnMike Woodson's daughter, Mariah Woodosn is a founder of multiple brands. Image Source: Mriah Woodson Instagram.

The head coach of the Indiana Hoosiers men’s basketball team, Michael Dean Woodson is professionally known as Mike Woodson. He is also a former basketball player of the NBA. Mike started his coaching career in the mid-nineties and has served many colleges, including New York Knicks, Atlanta Hawks, and Los Angeles Clippers.

Mike Woodson has been active in the league for a long time, and his popularity has grown significantly. As a result, his personal life has also become a subject of interest as he is a married man with two daughters. Thus, in today’s article, let’s talk about Mike Woodson’s daughter, Mariah Woodson.

Is The Youngest Child

Mariah Woodson was born as the youngest child to her father, Mike Woodson, and mother, Terri Woodson. Although her exact date of birth is not disclosed yet, she seems to be in her early thirties and enjoying her life to the fullest.

Mike Woodson Mariah Woodson
Mariah Woodson is the youngest daughter of Mike Woodson. Image Source: Mariah Woodson Instagram.

Before Mariah, her parents gave birth to her elder sister, Alexis Woodson. Her elder sister was born on 16 October 1989. Mariah and her sister share a close bond. The Woodson sister can often be spotted in various public events along with their parents.

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Mike Woodson’s Daughter Is A Georgia Tech Graduate

Mariah did her bachelor’s degree from the Georgia Institute of Technology in business management. She was fascinated with entrepreneurship and philanthropy. Furthermore, she was also very active as a volleyball player during her days at Georgia Tech.

Mike Woodson’s baby girl is from an athlete family, and the fact she was into sports in her childhood should not be surprising. She played basketball when she was younger but growing up, she realized she is more fond of volleyball. Thus, she joined the Georgia Tech women’s volleyball team.

Moreover, Mariah’s elder sister, Alexis, is also a Georgia Tech graduate and played volleyball there. Her sister got married in 2021 and is living a happy married life with her husband, Mykhail Chambers.

On the other hand, Mariah has not disclosed any information regarding her love life. She must be busy focusing on her career.

Both of the Woodson sisters have quit their careers as athletes and are now pursuing different career goals.

Is A Founder Of A Brand

As already mentioned, Mariah was not just active as a volleyball player but also passionate about philanthropy and entrepreneurship. Thus, it is no surprise that Mike Woodson’s daughter, Mariah Woodson, created some wonderful brands. Details about her works are discussed below:

Kiwi Plum

Kiwi Plum, a swimwear brand, is an inspirational creation of Mariah Woodson. After graduating from Georgia Tech, she started to conceptualize the swimwear brand to encourage all women to celebrate the story of their bodies. Finally, Mariah Woodson launched the brand in 2016. Her swimwear brand Kiwi Plum encourages women to embrace who they are and shine brightly.

Furthermore, she also worked for the Garden of Dreams Foundation at the Madison Square Garden Company for about a year. At the foundation, she helped children facing obstacles. Her experience led her to start G.I.R.L., a program designed to empower young women to find passion in life.

Minty + ReliePH

Besides, Mike’s daughter has created another brand named Minty + ReliePH, a plant-rich skincare brand for sensitive skin. Mariah noticed eczema on her scalp and around her temples during her sophomore year of college. Eczema is a condition that causes itchy bumps and blisters on the skin. Her eczema started to grow more, and she had to experience very painful moments too.

All of her struggles inspired her to create Minty + ReliePH. The products of her skincare brand include a multipurpose ointment, which is safe for those who have eczema-prone and sensitive skin.

Mariah fought her problem and converted it to her strength. As a result, her products have helped many people with eczema problems. Also, her perceptions towards her problem are pretty unique too.

Is A Vegetarian

Apart from struggling with eczema, Mariah also had digestive problems. After less than a year of removing a tumor from her stomach at the age of thirteen, she started to have stomach problems. As a result, she chose to be a plant-based eater and let her body heal.

Mike Woodson’s daughter, Mariah Woodson, is an amazing woman who shines brightly with her confidence. Besides, her story is healing and a great inspiration for everyone who struggles to love and accept themselves. We wish more success and happiness to her.

Name Meaning

Mariah is a name of Latin origin with the meaning The Lord is My Teacher, A Drop of the Sea, and Beloved one.

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