How Much Was Bon Scott’s Net Worth During The Time Of His Demise?

Bon Scott's Net WorthDuring his musical career, Bon Scott gained immense fame and fortune to his name. Image Source: Social Media.

Bon Scott, born Ronald Belford Scott, was a singer and songwriter from Scotland who came into prominence as a lyricist and the lead vocalist of the popular Australian hard rock band AC/DC. He was in the band from 1974 until he died in 1980. In his musical career, Bon had accumulated tremendous recognition and wealth.

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Bon Scott’s net worth was estimated to be $10 million. Here, let’s learn more about how Bon Scott earned such enormous wealth and earning details.

Bon Scott Net Worth And Career

As mentioned earlier, Ben Scott’s fortune was estimated to be $10 million. The wealth that he earned comprised his income from his musical career and other ventures.

Bon began his musical career from his first band, the Spektors, which he started in 1964 as an occasional lead singer and drummer. Then, he merged the band with the band Winstons and formed the Valentines.

Scott joined the band Fraternity in 1970 and released several music albums and videos. Then, in October 1974, he joined the popular Australian band AC/DC and replaced Dave Evans as the band’s lead singer. He began performing with Malcolm Young, Angus Young, and other band members.

Income From Musical Career

After joining AC/DC, along with the band members, Bon also began to release several music albums and videos. Then, in February 1975, they released High Voltage, which was their first LP in Australia. The album had record sales of $1,270,000.

After this, Scott worked on several albums with AC/DC that were massive hits and sold millions of copies. Here are some of the albums that AC/DC had released while Bon was their lead vocalist as per The Richest.

AlbumsRecord Sales
High Voltage and T.N.T$1,270,000
Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap and High Voltage$13,660,000
Let There Be Rock$3,640,000
Powerage and If You Want Blood You've Got It$3,950,000
Highway to Hell $11,060,000
Back in Black$35,540,000

Apart from these albums, the band also released other singles too which were sold in millions of hits and were massive hits. Similarly, Ac/DC also earned from the ticket sales of their concert that they had organized at several places.

As the band’s lead singer, Bon might have amassed a considerable share from the earnings that the band had made. Therefore, Bon Scott’s fortune grew throughout his musical career.

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Income From Other Ventures

As mentioned earlier, apart from massive fortune, Bon had earned huge recognition and fame worldwide. Due to this, he must have been offered plenty of endorsement and sponsorship deals, which must have benefitted Bon in increasing his net worth.

Although he had a brief musical career, there’s nothing wrong in saying that Bon Scott’s net worth of $10 million seemed reasonable. But, sadly, he was found dead in February 1980 in London, and the reason behind his death is still a mystery.

Nonetheless, even after his death, Bon Scott’s fans and the band have carried his legacy.

Lifestyle And Assets

As mentioned above, Bon Scott’s fortune at the time of his death was $10 million. With a net worth like that, it’s not a surprise that he must have had lived a privileged and comfortable life with his family. Similarly, he must have paid a significant amount in taxes.

Scott resided in Fremantle, Western Australia, where he moved in 1956 from Melbourne. He must have had quite an enjoyable life as a rockstar alongside his partner, Irene Thornton.

Bon Scott's Net Worth
Bon Scott was married to Irene Thornton from 1972 to 1978. Image Source: Social Media.

Nonetheless, Ben had lived a great life for himself. And thanks to his dedication and hard work, he was able to amass such a fortune.

Trivia And Facts

  • Ben was born in 1946 and celebrated his birthday on July 9.
  • He was married to Irene Thornton from 1972 to 1978.
  • He was the second child of his dad, Charles Belford Scott, and his mom, Isabelle Cunningham Mitchell.
  • He is rumored to have multiple children from multiple relationships. But Dave Stevens and Benjamin Scott are the only ones known till now.

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