Is Allen Iverson And Tawanna Turner’s Son Allen Iverson II A Basketball Player?

Allen Iverson son with Tawanna Turner, Allen Iverson IIAllen Iverson's eldest son is following his dad's footsteps to basketball court. Image Source: Instagram/ The Village.

It’s been almost a decade since the NBA Legend Allen Iverson is out of the game. However, Iverson is doing great while talking about his family life. Allen is living a happy life with his big family of five children and ex-wife Tawanna Turner.

Allen Iverson is a proud father to three beautiful daughters and two talented sons. And Allen Iverson II is one of his sons with ex-wife Tawanna Turner. Here, know some facts of Allen Iverson’s son, Allen II, who also seems to be following his father’s footsteps to the basketball field.

An Emerging Basketball Player

Allen II’s father, Allen Iverson, is often considered as one of the legendary basketball players. He was a fearless scorer who took on every other basketball players, including Willie Anderson Jr., and Michael Jordan.

Like his father, Allen II is also playing basketball since his early childhood and undoubtedly under his greatest dad’s coaching. He seems to be in the basketball game with the name Jordan Lowery.

Allen Iverson son Allen Iverson II
Allen Iverson’s son is a basketball champ since his childhood. Image Source: Instagram/ Jamal.

Some years ago, a video was circulating of Allen Iverson’s son playing basketball in the media. Moreover, according to various sources, when Iverson’s son was in elementary school, he already had a better crossover dribble than most of the fully grown men. Moreover, he was ranked the best second-and fourth-grade basketball player while he was an elementary school kid. But it is not sure if the boy is Allen’s youngest son or the elder one.

Allen Iverson’s son has remained quiet in the game for some moment now. Probably, he is improving his skill in basketball, staying mute for some time. We hope for his come back soon and expect to see his impressive stats in the basketball game just like his dad.

Eldest Son Of Allen With Tawanna

As mentioned earlier, the former shooting guard plus point guard, Allen Iverson, is a father to five youngsters. And among those, Allen Iverson II is his first son with his former wife, Tawanna Turner.

Tawanna gave birth to Allen Iverson’s son, Allen II, in December 1998. He became the second child and eldest one of the former basketball player.

Allen Iverson son with Tawanna Turner, Allen Iverson II
Allen Iverson’s son is an emerging basketball player. Image Source: Instagram/ Mannyq.

Besides Allen II, Allen has four more kids. The oldest child of Allen Iverson isTiaura Iverson, born on 15 December 1995, while Allen and Tawanna were in a romantic relationship but not married. Currently, Tiaura is famous for being an Instagram star who has over 69K followers on her Instagram.

The younger brother of Allen II, Isaiah Rahsaan Iverson, added up to his family on 8 August 2003. Similarly, Allen II has two more younger sisters, Messiah Lauren Iverson, and Dream Alijha Iverson. His parents welcomed Messiah on 16 August 2005 and Dream on 7 October 2008.

There is no detail available in the media regarding the early childhood and educational qualification of Allen II. As he is twenty-years-old in 2020, he might be a university graduate or probably on his way for graduation.

A Keen Lover Of Music

Allen II’s love for basketball is in its place. The skills of a basketball player flow in his bloodstream as he has got it since his birth. However, there is another field too in which Allen Iverson’s son is keen on.


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Lately, Allen II’s focus from the basketball court has been diverted to the music industry. To date, the twenty-two years old son of Allen has released a couple of singles, including Dreams, My Heart, It Disappeared, and B.O.S.S. Allen II is in the music with the name Mack Bean.

Allen II’s dad, Allen Iverson, also had an affinity towards the music industry during his early days. However, he flourished in his career as a professional player. So, the chances are Allen II might choose the basketball court as his profession in his near future.

Nevertheless, Allen II is doing great in both field, music, and game. It’s on Allen Iverson’s son which profession to choose as his career.

Name Meaning: Allen Iverson II

Initially, a saint’s name, Allen’s meaning, is harmony, stone, or noble.

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