Learn More About Charles Stanley’s Daughter Becky Stanley

Charles Stanley daughter, Becky Stanley BrodersenBecky Stanley Brodersen is the only daughter of Charles Stanley with his ex-wife, Anna Stanley. Image Source: Instagram/ Becky Brodersen.

Becky Stanley Brodersen is the daughter of Charles Stanley with his ex-wife, Anna Stanley. Her dad, Charles Stanley, was considered one of the most influential Bible teachers and pastors in the United States. He was the Pastor Emeritus of the Atlanta-based Southern Baptist Megachurch, First Baptist Church. Stanley served there as its senior pastor for over half a decade. Unfortunately, her dad passed away on April 18, 2023.

Charles Stanley married only once in his lifetime. He rejoiced his marital life with late Anna Stanley for over forty years and divorced in 2000. With Anna, Charles welcomed two kids, Andy Stanley and Becky Stanley. Here, we will be specifically tailing some unknown facts about Charles Stanley’s daughter, Becky Stanley, who is also a strict follower of God.

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Youngest Child Of Charles Stanley With Anna Stanley

Becky Stanley is the only daughter of Charles Stanley with his then-wife, Anna Stanley. The youngest child of Charles Stanley, Becky, whom he often mentioned in his sermons, grew up in a suburb of Atlanta, Georgia, with her older brother, Andy Stanley. Her brother, Andy, is also a well-known pastor of the United States and is married to a child advocate, Sandra Stanley.

As a young child, Charles Stanley’s daughter, Becky Stanley, learned to pray and trust God to answer her prayers. Being a pastor’s daughter, she grew up sharing her parents’ time and attention with many other people. However, her dad, Charles, always made a great effort to be with her and her brother.

While Becky was young, she and her brother, Andy, celebrated every Friday night together with their dad and other family members. Charles grilled hamburgers for them, and they watched and enjoyed Friday night movies together. Moreover, the whole Stanley family, including their mother, Anna, went camping a lot during her childhood. Becky and Andy loved it because it made them feel as if they had their parents all to parents.

Furthermore, growing up, Becky Stanley learned to set goals early in life and trust God to help her achieve them from her father. She says that she still has stacks of cards with Bible verses and goals on them, which she learned from her dad, Charles Stanley.

Currently, Becky Stanley lives with her husband, John Brodersen, and their three kids in Dallas, Texas.

Married And A Mother To Three Kids

Charles Stanley’s daughter, Becky Stanley Brodersen, has been in a marital relationship with John Brodersen for more than two decades. Previously, the couple resided in Atlanta for some time. But later, they moved to the West Coast after some years of their marriage and finally relocated to Dallas, Texas.

Becky Stanley is a doting mother to three grown-up kids with her beloved husband, John. Their oldest child is Jonathan ‘Jon’ Brodersen. Similarly, two years after Jon’s birth, Becky gave birth to her daughter, Annie Brodersen. Finally, her youngest child with John Brodersen, Matthew Buser Brodersen, completed the family some years later.

Charles Stanley daughter, Becky Stanley Brodersen
All three of Becky Stanley Brodersen, with her husband, John Brodersen, are grown-up now. Image Source: Instagram/ Becky Brodersen.

All three of Becky Stanley’s kids are close with their grandfather, Charles Stanley, whom they call Gips. Charles wanted them to call him ‘Gramps,’ but Becky’s eldest, Jon, could not say it. He addressed him as Gips for the first time, and it stuck.

As Becky’s children grew up, her father, Charles, has been a great source of wisdom and a sounding board for her. She always called and still calls him regarding all sorts of parenting challenges, to which he listens patiently and prays with her over the phone on several occasions.

A Sales Associate At Allie Beth Allman And Associates

The daughter of Charles Stanley, Becky Stanley Brodersen, is currently a Sales Associate at Allie Beth Allman & Associates, where she joined in November 2017. Before joining Allie Beth as a Sales Associate, she even served in various organizations in Customer Service, Strategic Planning, and Leadership.

At the moment, the University of Georgia graduate, Becky Stanley, keeps herself busy with her job as a real estate agent under Allie Beth Allman & Associates. When free from her work, she enjoys participating in Church services and involving herself in philanthropic works.

We hope to know more about Charles Stanley’s beautiful daughter, Becky Stanley Brodersen, in the upcoming days.

Name Meaning: Becky Stanley

The girl name Becky is an abbreviation of Rebecca which means captivated or captivating.

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