Sadly, Charles Stanley’s Ex-wife Anna Stanley Passed Away In 2014

Charles Stanley ex-wife, Anna StanleyCharles Stanley's ex-wife, Anna Stanley. Image Source: Social Media.. Image Source: Social Media.

Charles Stanley was one of the most recognized pastors in the United States. He was mainly famous for being Pastor Emeritus of First Baptist Church, originally located in Atlanta, Georgia.

Stanley was married to Anna Stanley, originally Anna Margaret Johnson. However, in 2000, they divorced after 40 years. So, let’s know more about Charles Stanley’s ex-wife, Anna Stanley.

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Who Is Charles Stanley?

  • Stanley served in the First Baptist Church as its senior pastor for more than half a decade.
  • Similarly, the 88-years old Charles even served two one-year terms as President of the Southern Baptist Convention.
  • Besides, Stanley was also the president and founder of an American evangelical ministry, In Touch Ministries.
  • His ministry is famously recognized for broadcasting his sermons through television.
  • Anna passed away at the age of 83.

Divorced Charles Stanley After Being His Wife For Over 40 Years

Late Anna Stanley reportedly walked down the aisle with Charles Stanley in 1955. At first, both were happy with their marriage.

But, slowly, the former husband-wife duo began to experience marital disputes. Several years after their marriage, Anna Stanley moved out and stopped attending church with her then-husband.

The quiet departure of Charles Stanley’s ex-wife, Anna Stanley, went public from the pews in June 1993 after she unexpectedly filed for divorce.

Charles Stanley’s former spouse’s step caused an uproar in Southern Baptist circles, where divorce is observed as a sin according to Bible.

Charles Stanley ex-wife, Anna Stanley
Charles Stanley’s ex-wife, Anna Stanley. Image Source: Social Media.

So, later, the estranged pair decided to revise the lawsuit and seek a legal separation instead of divorce as they tried to reconcile. They even visited a highly trained team of counselors and doctors for three weeks.

However, reconciliation never happened as Anna Stanley filed for divorce again in March 1995. This time, she even explained why she wanted to divorce Charles in a letter to Charles’ church.

According to Anna Stanley, she underwent several years of discouraging disappointments and marital conflict with her then-spouse, Charles Stanley.

The former Mrs. Stanley added that Charles, in effect, turned his back on their marriage and chose his priorities, which she was not one of them.

Eventually, Anna Stanley and Charles Stanley separated judicially, just a few months before the court finalized their divorce in 2000.

Though Stanley had committed to resigning after his divorce, the church members overwhelmingly voted to retain him as their pastor.

Fourteen years after her divorce from Charles Stanley, Anna Stanley passed away peacefully in her sleep on 10 November 2014 at age 83.

A celebration service was held on 13 November 2014 at North Point Community Church, Georgia.

Likewise, Anna Stanley’s ex-husband passed away on April 18, 2023. However, no cause of death was revealed yet.

Gave Birth To Two Kids With Charles

Charles Stanley’s ex-wife, Anna Stanley, welcomed two kids with him when they were together. They welcomed their son, Andy Stanley, on 16 May 1958.

Similarly, the former couple’s daughter, Becky Stanley, arrived some years after Andy’s birth. Both Charles and Anna’s kids are also strict followers of God. In fact, Andy is a well-known pastor at the moment.


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Though Anna and Charles’s marriage was in trouble, they never let their kids know about it while they grew up.

The former pair’s son, Andy, knew about it only when he was in 10th grade, as he never saw them argue or even disagree before them.

The ex-duo always seemed to have a perfect bonding before their kids till they became teenagers.

Furthermore, along with her children, Anna Stanley is survived by her son, Andy Stanley’s wife, Sandra Stanley, and their three kids, Garrett Stanley, Allison Stanley, and Andrew Stanley.

Similarly, from Anna Stanley’s daughter Becky Stanley’s side, she had three grandkids, Jonathan Brodersen, Annie Brodersen, and Matthew Brodersen.

A Gifted Bible Teacher And Musician

Charles Stanley’s former wife, Anna Stanley, was born Anna Margaret Johnson on 9 October 1931 in Smithfield, North Carolina.

Former Mrs. Stanley graduated from Richmond Professional Institute in Richmond, Virginia, with a major in kasyna online.

For most of her life, Anna Stanley served as a Bible teacher at the George Mueller Christian School in Miami, Florida. She was also a skillful musician.

Also, the late Anna served alongside her then-husband, Charles, in Ohio, Florida, Georgia, and North Carolina. She remained active in multiple areas of church life till illness obstructed her participation.

After divorcing Anna, Charles Stanley never married, as according to the bylaws of First Baptist Atlanta, Stanley could lose his post as a pastor if he remarried.

Moreover, another reason Stanley did not marry might be his love for his wife, Anna, and due to the regret of not being able to give her enough time while they were together.

Charles Stanley has mentioned his ex-wife in a few of his books as Anna or Annie. In one of his books titled ‘A Man’s Touch,’ he told the story about his honeymoon and the first meal she made for him; fried chicken.

So, though Anna Stanley is no more, she is still alive in each of her near and dear ones’ hearts. We hope Anna’s soul is resting in peace.

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