Who Is Pepe Aguilar’s First Wife Carmen Trevino? Love Life And Divorce

Pepe Aguilar ex wife, Carmen TrevinoCarmen Trevino is the first wife of Pepe Aguilar. Image Source: Pepe Aguilar's Instagram/ Emiliano Aguilar's Instagram.

Pepe Aguilar is one of the most-loved Mexican-American singer-songwriters who has sold over 15 million albums worldwide. He is actively entertaining his millions of fans worldwide since the early 1980s with his melodious voice. Aguilar’s continuous work in the work industry has earned him several accolades and awards, including five Latin Grammy, four American Grammy, and nineteen Lo Nuestro Awards. Moreover, he is also the receiver of 2,474th stars at the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

The independent record producer and businessman Pepe Aguilar married twice in his lifetime. Currently married to Aneliz Alvarez-Alcala, Pepe was previously in a marital relationship with Carmen Trevino. Here, know who is Pepe Aguilar’s ex-wife, Carmen Trevino, along with the reason behind their divorce and her life after divorce.

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A Well-known Singer Of The ’80s

Pepe Aguilar’s ex-wife, Carmen Trevino, is also an important member of the Mexican music industry. Though she could not achieve as much fame as her former husband, Carmen was one of the sought-after female singers in the late 1980s to late 1990s. Trevino released a couple of albums before the 2000s and even worked with many other celebrity artists, including Joan Sebastian.

Some of the famous albums by Carmen Trevino are Carmen Trevino 88 (1988), Mejor Que Nunca (1993), and Historias (1997). Mexican music fans still can hear her songs on some YouTube channels, Spotify, and many more music apps. Moreover, they can also buy her audio CDs from Amazon.

Besides, Carmen Trevino also has some acting credits to her name. She displayed her acting skills in the ’80s movies like The Armchair, Footloose, and Snowballing.

Though the first wife of Pepe Aguilar, Carmen Trevino, discontinued her music and acting career, she still appears on some Mexican talk shows. Lately, Trevino seems to be pursuing her career in fashion designing. She currently runs a few clothing and accessories stores in Mexico.

It has been over twenty years since Carmen vanished from the music industry, but many people still love to hear her songs and want her back. We too hope she will soon resume her music career and entertain her fans with her soothing voice.

Married Pepe Aguilar In the Early 1990s

Pepe Aguilar married the Tijuana, Baja California-born Carmen Trevino in the early 1990s when he was twenty-two years old. Like many of his other personal details, Aguilar has not opened up much about his marriage with Trevino in public. However, some online sources claim that the formerly married pair, Pepe Aguilar and Carmen Trevino, met at the set of Footloose.

According to Pepe Aguilar, he and Carmen Trevino were very young when they married. He married Trevino in a rush just because he wanted to get married. But, when both of them began to settle down, they realized that they were not of the same mind. So, the former pair decided to separate and eventually divorced, citing irreconcilable differences.

Pepe Aguilar ex wife, Carmen Trevino
Pepe Aguilar’s former wife, Carmen Trevino, stays far from the limelight. Image Source: Instagram/ Emiliano Aguilar’s Instagram.

Soon after divorce from Trevino, Pepe Aguilar wed the true love of his life, Aneliz Alvarez-Alcala, in 1997 and still lives happily with her. They have three kids together, Angela Aguilar, Aneliz Aguilar, and Leonardo Aguilar. Two of their children, Angela and Leonardo, followed Pepe’s footsteps in the music industry, while their daughter, Aneliz, is a social media influencer.

Talking about Pepe Aguilar’s ex-wife, Carmen Trevino, she maintains a private life away from the excess media scrutiny. So, it is still a secret if she is in a romantic relationship with a new man or living a single life at the moment.

Mother To A Son With Pepe Aguilar

Beautiful Carmen Trevino is a mother to Pepe Aguilar’s first child, son Jose Emiliano Aguilar, whom they welcomed three years after their marriage in 1993. After their divorce, Emiliano lived with Trevino in Mexico, while Aguilar always kept an eye on his needs. The father-son duo only visits each other during festive and other similar occasions.

Carmen Trevino’s son with Pepe Aguilar, Emiliano, was once involved in a huge controversy after pleading guilty to smuggling Chinese immigrants in 2017. His father, Pepe Aguilar, immediately got him out of jail, paying $15K of bail. However, he spent six months in rehabilitation and three years on probation in the United States.

Currently, Antonio Aguilar‘s former daughter-in-law, Carmen Trevino, lives far from her son. But, she often visits him during her vacations and while she is not busy with her work. Though Trevino does not seem to be active in social networking handles, her son, Emiliano, often shares her pictures on his Instagram.

As Carmen Trevino currently lives a secretive life away from the limelight, there are still many more to know about her present life. We will surely let you all know if we find any updates about her sooner or later.

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