Meet Christina Troppmair – Photos Of Gerhard Berger’s Daughter

Gerhard Berger's Daughter Christina BergerGerhard Berger has a daughter with his ex-girlfriend, Rosi Troppmair. Image Source: Social Media.

Gerhard Berger is one of the reputed names in F1 history. Having competed in Formula One for 14 seasons, he is considered one of the greatest racers of all time. He has not only gained immense fortune from his racing career but also fame and recognition globally.

As a result, every F1 fan is curious about his personal life, especially his wife and kids. However, as the legendary racer has kept his personal life details that private, it must have become challenging for fans to find information about his personal life.

Thus, in this article, let’s find out about the legendary F1 racer Gerhard Berger’s daughter, Christina Troppmair, and her whereabouts.

Daughter Of Gerhard And His Ex-Girlfriend

The F1 icon Gerhard Berger was once in a relationship with a woman named Rosi Troppmair. The couple began dating in the 1970s and were together till 1987. While they were together, the duo welcomed a daughter together.

Gerhard Berger’s daughter, Christina Troppmair, also known as Christina Berger, was born in 1980. Other than that, the former duo has not revealed much about their daughter. Just like her father’s relationships, Christina has decided to stay away from the media.

Her Dad Got Married To A Former Model

After separating from Christina Troppmair’s mother, Rosi Troppmair, her dad met Ana Corvo in September 1987 at a party held in Estoril, at the Frolic discotheque. The couple dated for a while and got married in 1995. However, just like his first relationship, Christina’s dad and Ana Corvo’s marriage too ended in 2013.

After a failed marriage and relationship, Gerhard moved on in his life. With the hope of finding a stable love life, he met a beautiful woman named Helene L. Just like his past love life, Christina’s dad, Gerhard, has not talked much about his current relationship and has kept it private.

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She Has Half-Siblings

As mentioned earlier, after his relationship with Rosi ended, Christina Troppmair’s father got married to Ana Corvo. That marriage, too, ended, and then he went on to date a woman named Helene. From all three relationships, Gerhard Berger has kids.

Although Christina is the only child of her parents, she is not the only one of her dad. As stated above, her dad has kids from the women that he has been in a relationship. With Ana Corvo, Christina Troppmair’s dad, Gerhard has two daughters.

Christina Troppmair’s half-siblings Sara Maria Berger and Heidi Berger were born in October 1995 and on April 4, 1997, respectively. Christina’s half-sister Heidi works as a model and an actress. Furthermore, her other half-sibling, Sara, has kept herself private.

Gerhard Berger's Daughter Christina Troppmair
Christina Troppmair’s dad has two daughters from his marriage with Ana Corvo. Image Source: Heidi Berger Instagram.

After the marriage of Christina’s dad and Ana Corvo ended, he began dating Helene, with whom he has two kids. Their firstborn is Elle Berger, who was born in 2013. Then, three years later, in 2016, Christina Troppmair’s dad became a father for the fifth time with the birth of his son.

Christin might have a good relationship with her half-siblings.

Gerhard Berger’s Daughter Stays Away From The Media

Gerhard Berger’s eldest child, Christina, has adopted the habit of her father. Just like her father, she has kept herself away from the media. Moreover, according to an online tabloid, her institution, Christina Privatstiftung, owns her father’s home in the picturesque village of Söll, not far from Kufstein.

The article describes that she became the cause of the dispute between her father and Ana, as Ana wanted to keep that house after their divorce. However, it has not been revealed if the dispute got solved.

Nevertheless, we hope that Gerhard Berger’s daughter, Christina Berger, is doing great for herself. Plus, we hope to know more about her in the coming days.

Name Meaning

The name Christina means Follower Of Christ, and it has an English origin.

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