Edward Carlton Bridgforth, Anita Baker’s Son With Ex-Husband Walter Bridgforth Jr

Anita Baker's son Edward Carlton BridgforthAnita Baker's son Edward Carlton Bridgforth is secretive in nature but also inherited her musical skill. Image Source: Social Media.

Anita Baker is one of the most celebrated people in the industry. The beautiful romantic ballad singer Anita Baker’s bio screams ‘RETURN MY MASTERS 2021’ and requested her fans to stop buying or streaming her music via Spotify.

Furthermore, Anita will retire after her farewell tour in 2021. Besides having a thriving career, she is also a doting mother of two sons with her ex-husband, Walter Bridgforth Jr.

Therefore, here is everything about Anita Baker’s son, Edward Carlton Bridgforth, and his whereabouts.

Second Child In The Family

As mentioned earlier, Anita Baker welcomed two sons with her former partner, Walter Bridgforth Jr., during their decade-long marriage. The former Bridgforth couple tied knots on December 24, 1988. The pair welcomed two sons, Edward Carlton Bridgforth being the youngest.

Furthermore, Anita Baker’s son, Edward Carlton Bridgforth, was born in May 1994, a year after his older brother, Walter Baker Bridgforth, was born. Sadly, Anita maintained sheer privacy regarding her family. However, we do know that Anita prioritizes her family more than anything.

Therefore, Anita, and her ex-husband, Walter Bridgforth, raised their sons with love and care. Since Edward is the youngest in the family, he must have received the most love from his family members.

Moreover, Edward is probably very close to his older brother, Walter. Since they have an age difference of only a year, they must have developed a powerful bond with one another. Regardless of the privacy Anita maintained pictures of the entire family in the earliest time swirl around the internet from time to time.

Unfortunately, the family broke in 2005 after Anita and Walter separated. Even then, the former couple maintained an excellent bond with their kids and, thus, are very close to their youngest son, Edward.

Also A Music Enthusiast; Rather Lowkey Than His Siblings

Secretive nature is not the only thing Edward inherited from his mother, but he also has exceptional musical skills. Furthermore, both Edward and his brother, Walter, are involved in making music.

Edward Bridgforth’s brother, Walter Bridgforth, is a producer and sound engineer with extensive work experience. He majored in Music Production and Engineering from Berklee College of Music in Boston.

Similarly, Walter has also worked with prominent names like DJ Khalid and actively works as a sound engineer. Unlike Walter, Edward is relatively low-key about his life and career choices. He reportedly handles the guitar while his brother plays drums for his mother, Anita Baker’s band.

Anita Baker’s son, Edward Bridgforth, shies away from sharing his impeccable skills with the world. However, we still hope to hear more of his works in the coming days.

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Edward Carlton Bridgforth’s Parents Divorced In 2008

As mentioned earlier, Edward Carlton Bridgforth’s parents were married for several years before they parted ways in 2005. Within a few years of separation, Anita and Walter Bridgforth Jr. officially divorced in 2008.

However, details from the smooth divorce re-surfaced and almost sent Anita to jail later in 2010. Anita had refused to sign papers that allowed experts to analyze her music royalties and she barely escaped jail time.

Walter Jr. filed the complaint following their initial settlement that stated Walter Jr. would receive 50% of the royalties from the albums created during their marriage.

Anita Baker's son Edward Carlton Bridgforth
Anita Baker’s son Edward Carlton Bridgforth maintains a good relationship with his parents. Image Source: Walter Bridgforth Jr.’s Instagram.

In the end, Baker’s lawyers agreed with her ex-husband, Bridgforth Jr’s representatives, and she avoided jail.

Regardless of the tumultuous divorce and other legal trouble, Edward Carlton Bridgforth’s parents love him and his brother. Besides, he also appeared in a couple of award shows together with his brother and mother.

In conclusion, Anita Baker’s son, Edward Carlton Bridgforth, is very private about his whereabouts and shies away from social media. Therefore, let’s hope to hear more of him in the future and see Anita praising her youngest fluently.

Name Meaning: Edward Carlton

The name Edward has an English origin, which means Prosperous. Similarly, Carlton means free peasant settlement and has an Old English origin.

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