Mike Krzyzewski’s Daughter Lindy Frasher – What Is She Doing Now?

Mike Krzyzewski's daughter Linda FrasherLinda Frasher is the second born child of Mike Krzyzewski. Image Source: Linda's Twitter.

Michael William Krzyzewski, aka Mike Krzyzewski, is a very respectable and senior figure in the American basketball coaching scene. He served as the head coach of Duke University for over four decades until his current retirement. Furthemore, the 75-year-old coach has led the United States Men’s National Basketball Team (USMNBT) to three gold medals at the Olympics during the late 2000s and 2010s. Nonetheless, Mike is also popular with his nickname, Coach K. 

Besides his remarkable coaching career, Mike is an invested family person too. In his interviews, he has mentioned that he wanted to give more time to his family and live through them. So, he decided to call it quits his coaching career. Michael has been married to his lovely Carol Marsh aka Mickie Krzyzewski for over four decades since 1969. Together, the love birds have given birth to three children. Hence, in today’s article, let’s talk about Mike Krzyzewski’s daughter Lindy Frasher. 

Middle Child Of The Family

Mike Krzyzewski’s kid Lindy Frasher is the second-born child of her parents. Lindy has an elder sister named Debbie Savarino. She is currently married to Peter Savarino. The pair has four children together. Furthermore, one of Frasher’s nephews, Michael Giovanni Savarino, played under her father Mike at Duke.

Lindy also has a younger sister, Jamie Spatola. She graduated from Duke University in 2004. Furthermore, Lindy’s younger sister holds a master’s degree in business from Cameron University. She has also written some books. Furthermore, Jamie is currently married to former U.S. army and current ESPN anchor Chris Spatola. Frasher has 2 nieces and a nephew from her younger sister’s marriage.

Is Married To A Businessman

Mike Krzyzewski’s daughter Lindy Frasher is married to a businessman named Steve Frasher. Her husband is a buyer, builder, and seller. Furthermore, Steve owns a business firm called SL Frasher. He is also the co-owner of Frasher Whaley Realty Group. As Steve’s businesses are based in Durham, he at times shares details regarding how people can support local business.

Together, the love birds have three sons, Quin Frasher, Remington Frasher, and Caden Frasher. It looks like Lindy and her husband Steve both love spending time with their kids. The parents have expressed their love and joy towards their boys on their social media. Furthermore, Lindy’s spouse actively updates their son Quin’s basketball journey on his Twitter account.

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Mike Krzyzewski’s Daughter Works At Duke University

One of Mike Krzyzewski’s daughters Lindy Frasher is currently on her 11th season as the Men’s Basketball Staff Counselor at Duke. She has been providing guidance and motivation to the athletes and students under the supervision of Dr. Keith Brodie. Having earned a B.S. in psychology from Wake Forest University, Frasher evaluates the team’s progress and instructs the team. In addition, she comes up with performance-enhancing techniques and ideas consulting with the coaching staff.

Furthermore, Lindy is often present at the team’s practices and games. She conducts frequent meetings to discuss the team’s development from a non-basketball perspective as well. In addition, she is also the Dean of Upper School Girls of  Durham University. Finally, Lindy worked together with the academy to develop the fall seminar.

Her Elder Son Is Into Basketball

Lindy Frasher’s oldest son, Quin Frasher, was born as the oldest one. The teenager plays for the Carolina Flyers in his high school. Furthermore, he was named the Most Valuable Player (MVP) in the Phenom Summer Showcase.

Mike Krzyzewski's daughter Linda Frasher.
Quin Frasher, son of Lindy Frasher, is into basketball. Image Source: Steve’s Twitter.

Currently, it seems like Lindy’s son is playing for the Durham Academy. We have found stats of Quin Frasher playing for the Durham JV Basketball Team from late 2021. However, it is not sure that this is Lindy’s baby boy or someone with the same name.

Nonetheless, we wish Mike Krzyzewski’s daughter Lindy Frasher and her family all the best.

Name Meaning: Lindy

Lindy is an English word. It means lime tree.

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