Meet Nava James McKidd – Photos Of Kevin McKidd’s Daughter With Arielle Goldrath

Kevin McKidd's daughter Nava James McKiddKevin McKidd and Arielle Goldrath's second baby is a daughter, Nava James McKidd. Image Source: Kevin McKidd Instagram.

Nava James McKidd is the second-born and youngest child of Kevin McKidd and his beautiful wife, Arielle Goldrath. In addition, she is also one of the four children of Kevin from his two marriages. At such a young age, she has already come into prominence as Grey’s Anatomy star Kevin McKidd’s kid.

For now, let’s learn in detail about Kevin McKidd’s daughter, Nava James McKidd, and her childhood.

Is The Only Daughter Of The Couple

As stated earlier, Kevin McKidd is enjoying a blissful marital life with his adorable wife, Arielle Goldrarth. They got married in March 2018, and their bond is going strong. On July 27, 2019, Arielle gave birth to their second child, Nava James McKidd. Nava is the only daughter of the pair, and at the time of birth, she weighed 6 lbs, 5oz.

Nava James McKidd’s dad shared the news of her arrival via an Instagram post.


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Furthermore, Nava James McKidd’s brother, Aiden McKidd, was born in May 2018. As stated earlier, Kevin McKidd’s daughter, Nava, is the youngest one in the family. Thus, she’s growing up with lots of pampering from her parents and siblings.

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Kevin McKidd’s Daughter Has Two Older Half-Siblings

As mentioned above, Nava James McKidd’s father, Kevin, has been married twice in his life. He was first married to Jane Parker, with whom he shared two children, a son, and a daughter. They welcomed their son, Joseph McKidd, in June 2000 and their daughter, Iona McKidd, in March 2002.

Nava James McKidd’s half-brother, Joseph McKidd, is a student at Brown University. Similarly, her half-sister, Iona, completed high school at Oakwood School in June 2020 and enrolled at Kenyon College. Furthermore, McKidd’s half-sister is an artist.

Kevin McKidd's son, Nava James McKidd
Nava James McKidd has two elder half-siblings, Joseph McKidd and Iona McKidd, from her dad’s previous marriage. Image Source: Iona McKidd Instagram

Nava James is the youngest in the McKidd household so, she is the apple of everyone’s eye. Her older half-siblings love her immensely and return home to hang out with her.

Her Dad’s Divorce

Nava James McKidd’s dad, Kevin’s marriage with Jane ended after sixteen years together as they separated in October 2015. A few months later, in June 2016, Jane filed for divorce, which was finalized in December 2017.

Kevin and Jane shared the joint legal and physical custody of their children and had nesting arrangements which ended somewhere around June 2018. Furthermore, Nava’s dad has to pay $22,440 as monthly child support and $65,096 as spousal support along with Iona and Joseph’s summer camp and private school. However, after Nava’s half-siblings turned 18, the child support obligations were ended.

Moreover, 20% of any income that McKidd made went directly to Jane. They took one of their homes each while sharing the ownership of their third property in Malibu. While their marriage did not work, the former McKidd pair continued to have an amicable relationship.

Her Dad Took Her To Tennis Classic

In December 2019, Kevin McKidd took his kids Nava and Aiden to Boca Raton for the tennis classic along with his parents from Scotland. That was the first time Nava James’s paternal grandparents had met her.

In an interview, the Grey’s Anatomy actor mentioned that he loved having his daughter at the event, and it is fun to see the wonder and joy in Nava’s eyes when she saw the boats, tennis courts, and other sights of South Florida. He also added that she is happy, content, all smiles and sleeps really well.

Who knows, Kevin McKidd’s daughter, Nava, might build interest in tennis and might even become a successful tennis player. Well, only time will tell.

Dad Is A Popular Actor

As mentioned before, Nava James has gained fame as Grey’s Anatomy star Kevin McKidd’s baby girl. He is a Scottish actor who gained huge recognition worldwide for his role of Owen Hunt in ABC’s popular medical drama series Grey’s Anatomy. Besides that, he has acted in different other movies and series, which have helped him gain immense fame and fortune to his name. Similarly, Nava James McKidd’s mom, Arielle, is a private chef. She also loves horse riding.

Kevin McKidd's Babygirl Nava James McKidd
Nava James is growing up with lots of pampering from her parents and brother. Image Source: Kevin McKidd Instagram.

Nava might follow in one of her parent’s footsteps, or who knows, she might gain success in another field. Nonetheless, we can hope that she has a great future ahead.

Name Meaning

The name Nava has a Hebrew origin, and it means “Beauty.” Similarly, the name James also has a Hebrew origin, and it means “Supplanter.”

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