Meet Sian Evans – Photos Of U2’s The Edge’s Daughter With Morleigh Steinberg

The Edge daughter with Morleigh Steinberg, Sian EvansSian Evans is the fourth daughter of U2's guitarist, The Edge. Image Source: Social Media.

David Howell Evans, famous by the moniker The Edge or simply Edge, is an acclaimed Irish musician, singer, and songwriter. Mostly, music lovers and those who are in the industry recognize him as the lead keyboardist, guitarist, and backing vocalist of the Dublin-based rock band U2. His unique style of playing guitar has characters like chiming timbres, drone notes, rhythmic delay, and extensive use of effects units.

The English-born Irish musician, The Edge, is in a marital relationship with the American choreographer and dancer Morleigh Steinberg. Married in 2002, the beautiful couple, The Edge and Steinberg, are parents to two kids, a daughter Sian Evans and a son Levi Evans. Here, meet The Edge’s daughter with Morleigh Steinberg, Sian Evans, and know some more details on her life.

Eldest Child Of U2’s The Edge And Morleigh Steinberg

Sian Beatrice Evans is the eldest child of The Edge and Morleigh Steinberg. Together, they welcomed their first child, Sian, in 1997, in Los Angeles, which is also Steinberg’s birthplace. Some years later, she became a big sister with the birth of her brother, Levi Evans, in 1999. Both of them spent most of their childhood years in Los Angeles, California.

Even after growing up in LA, The Edge’s eldest child, Sian has managed to stay away from the public eyes. She and her younger brother both grew up away from the spotlight and are rarely seen in public with their parents.

The Edge daughter with Morleigh Steinberg, Sian Evans
Morleigh Steinberg and The Edge’s daughter, Sian Evans was born in 1997. Image Source: Facebook/ Morleigh Steinberg.

Besides, the privacy-loving girl of The Edge, Sian Evans, has three more half-siblings from her father’s previous marriage. She is a half-sister to The Edge’s daughters with his first wife, Aislinn O’Sullivan, Blue Angel Evans, Hollie Evans, and Arran Evans. Sian might be close with all three of her half-sisters. However, due to their secretive nature, their relationship is still an unsolved mystery to many.

Featured On Her Dad’s First Single

Many music fans might confuse The Edge’s daughter, Sian Evans, with the Welsh singer, Sian Evans. However, unlike the artist of the same name, Evans has yet to work in the music industry. Though Sian does not seem to have debuted in the music industry as a singer or bandmember, she has been featured on the cover of U2’s albums and singles.

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In September 2017, Howell and his band U2’s first single, ‘You’re the Best Thing About Me,‘ was released. And the record sleeve of the single featured The Edge’s daughter, Sian Evans. On the cover of U2’s single, Sian is pictured wearing a helmet with her hair down. This is the first time Evans has appeared in her father’s works and might be her last appearance too.

A Leukemia Survivor

The Edge’s little girl with Morleigh Steinberg, Sian Evans, was diagnosed with Leukemia at the age of seven in 2006. It sent her parents into a complete tailspin. While talking to WENN, Sein’s mom, Morleigh, said that she felt devastated when she discovered that her girl had Leukemia. However, she and her husband, The Edge, stayed positive, and it helped a lot in Sein’s recovery.

Furthermore, soon after Sein’s dad heard about her deadly illness, he postponed his musical tours so that he could be home with his family. He took Sian to receive treatment in both Los Angeles and Dublin, Ireland, his hometown. Now, The Edge’s daughter, Sian Evans, is free from her disease and currently living a healthy life.

At the moment, both Sian Evans and The Edge actively participate in awareness campaigns against cancer and for healthy living. The Evans family also often donates some amounts to several philanthropic organizations working for the treatment of cancer patients.

Name Meaning: Sian Evans

A Welsh feminine given name Sian means gift of God or God is merciful.

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