Meet All Of U2’s The Edge’s Children And See What They Are Doing Now

The Edge's ChildrenU2's The Edge has five children from his two marriages. Image Source: Morleigh's Instagram.

Professionally known as The Edge or Edge, David Howell Evans rose to fame as the lead guitarist, keyboardist, and backing vocalist of the rock band U2. The English-born Irish musician not just enjoys his career as a musician but also has a philanthropic reputation.

Above all the roles The Edge earned a reputation for, he loves being a father the most. Married twice throughout his lifetime, Edge welcomed five kids with two wives, Aislinn O’Sullivan and Morleigh Steinberg. Therefore, here is everything you need to know about The Edge’s children and their whereabouts.

Three Kids With First Wife, Aislinn O’Sullivan

The lead guitarist of U2, The Edge, was married to his high school girlfriend, Aislinn O’Sullivan, on July 12, 1983. Throughout their seven years of marriage, the former pair welcomed three beautiful daughters together, Hollie, Arran, and Blue Angel.

Unfortunately, David Howell, aka The Edge, was married to Aislinn for only seven years before parting ways in 1990. Interestingly, they weren’t legally divorced because of Irish laws regarding annulment at the time. Thus, they lawfully divorced in 1996.

As of now, The Edge’s children with Aislinn O’Sullivan have grown up into fine human beings and started their own family. Moreover, they are highly successful individuals in their respective professions as well.

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Hollie Evans Is Married & A Mother Of Two

Aforementioned, The Edge welcomed three gorgeous daughters with Aislinn O’Sullivan, Hollie Evans being the oldest. She was born in 1984, within a year of their marriage. Being the oldest in the family, she must have nurtured her younger siblings, Arran and Blue Angel, dearly.

Although The Edge’s daughter, Hollie Evans, grew up in private, her beautiful personality could not remain a secret for long. The UCD graduate previously worked with vulnerable kids. She recently got involved with the Avasara Foundation as a member of their Project Selection Committee and felt exhilarated to be a part of it.

Hollie is the oldest child in the family, and the motherly instinct catches the oldest quite often. Hence, she married her childhood sweetheart, Jamie Hewitson, at a dreamy ceremony in Tuscany in August 2015.

The Edge's daughter Hollie Evans
The Edge’s daughter Hollie Evans got hitched to her childhood sweetheart in 2015. Image Source: Hollie’s Instagram.

Both Jamie and Hollie looked bright and happy while they were walking down the aisle. The pair welcomed their first kid, a son, Arlo Jack Hewitson, in 2018. As of now, The Edge’s daughter has fully embraced motherhood and is a stay-at-home mom. She enjoys being a parent and raising her kid, all while maintaining her social media presence.

Arran Evans

The Edge’s second daughter, Arran Evans, was born in 1985 from his first marriage with Aislinn. The couple jointly raised their daughter to be a fine woman, and now, she has made a name of her own as a product designer.

Born in Dublin, Edge’s baby girl, Arran grew up fascinated by materials and gradually developed her love for design from an early age.

Arran completed an art foundation course in Paris and went on to study product design at Kingston University, London. Likewise, after completing her course, she worked as a designer for independent design studios and acclaimed companies like Barber & Osgerby.

Moreover, Arran Frances Evans loves experimenting with materials and design around the materials. She later found her niche in handbag design and launched her brand in October 2016.

Besides commercial success, The Edge’s daughter, Arran, also enjoys a blissful marital life with her husband, Alex Threadgill. The couple is not just marital partners but also run their business together.

The Edge's daughter Arran Evans.
The Edge’s daughter Arran Evans runs a business partnered with her husband, Alex. Image Source: Arran’s Instagram.

Arran welcomed a son with her partner and tries to devote most of her leisure to him. Unlike Hollie, she is pretty private about her life. Thus very little is know about her. Nevertheless, The Edge’s daughter, Arran Evans, is a successful businesswoman and a doting mother.

Blue Angel Evans

After two back-to-back babies, The Edge and his former partner Aislinn took their time before welcoming their third baby, Blue Angel Evans. She was born in 1989 and is the youngest in the family. Hence, her parents and siblings must have spoiled her.

Like Blue’s name, she was born with beautiful ocean eyes. And like her older sister, Arran, she also grew up as a creative child and gradually embraced a career as a graphic designer.

Furthermore, Blue graduated from the Dublin Institute of Design with a degree in Graphic design in 2021. She also has a diploma as a make-up artist/specialist from the London School of Beauty & Make-Up. Edge’s baby girl also studied art & design from Parsons Paris- The New School in 2010.

The Edge's daughter Blue Angel Evans
The Edge’s daughter Blue Angel Evans grew up to embrace her passion for make-up and art. Image Source: Blue Angel’s Instagram.

Hence, with all the knowledge Blue accumulated throughout the year, she put them into practice as a freelancer. She worked as a makeup artist for movies and tv for eight whole years from 2011. Likewise, Blue also worked as a production assistant in Ireland for about a year.

Besides commercial success, Blue Evans is in a healthy relationship with Fiachra O’Shaughnessy. She also became a mother to a daughter earlier in 2014. She often posts about her daughter on her Instagram and talks about her pregnancy belly, which was massive.

All three siblings, Blue, Arran, and Hollie, maintain a very close relationship and are actively present in each other’s lives. For now, let’s look into The Edge’s children from his second marriage.

Two Kids With Morleigh Steinberg

As mentioned above, U2’s lead guitarist, The Edge, welcomed three kids with his first wife before divorcing in 1996. Moreover, he dated an American professional dancer, Morleigh Steinberg, in 1993. Because he was legally married to his ex-wife Aislinn O’Sullivan until 1996, Daniel and Morleigh could not get married sooner.

As a result, the Evans couple eventually exchanged vows in 2002 after welcoming two kids, Sian and Levi, in 1997 and 1999, respectively.

Sian Evans

The Edge and Morgan Steinberg welcomed their first child, Sian Beatrice Evans, in 1997 in LA. Although she was born and raised in LA, she managed to remain away from the public’s eyes.

Furthermore, Edge’s daughter, Sian, was diagnosed with Leukemia at age seven in 2006, which devastated her parents. However, she was able to beat the illness after receiving treatment in LA and Dublin. Therefore, she actively takes part in awareness campaigns against cancer and for healthy living.

The Edge's daughter Sian Evans.
The Edge’s daughter Sian Evans beat Leukemia as a child. Image Source: Morleigh’s Instagram.

The Evans family also donates to several organizations that devote their time to the treatment of cancer patients. Besides maintaining privacy, she was featured in U2’s record sleeve for; You’re the Best Thing About Me in a helmet. It was her first feature work with her dad.

Sian looks so much like her mother but remains very grounded about her whereabouts. Therefore, we could only assume that she is into art, music, and modeling like her mother, Morgan. She also has a younger brother named Levi, who is in the musical field.

Levi Evans

The Edge welcomed his only son, Levi Evans, on October 25, 1999. The youngest in the Evans family, Levi must have received much love from his three older half-siblings and an elder sister. Sian.

Moreover, Levi has always been a fan of fishing, and it was the first thing his dad taught him, having learned from his own father, Garvin Evans. As of now, the father-son duo goes fishing occasionally.

Edge’s son, Levi, followed his father’s footsteps in the music industry and shares his talent via Instagram. Although he is yet to embark on a professional music career, he has a beautiful voice and is a pro at guitar and piano.


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A post shared by Levi Evans (@levievans)

Likewise, Levi also loves doodling and prefers sharing his doodling videos/pictures on his Instagram.

Well, all the Edge’s kids are growing up into successful personalities in their own field of interests. Furthermore, the singer is very supportive of his kids and boosts them significantly. Therefore, it is only a matter of time before we get to see his son and daughters emerge as renowned personalities and create a legacy of their own.

Name Meaning

The name Hollie means ‘the holly tree’ and has an old English origin. Likewise, Arran means ‘exalted’ or ‘mountain of strength.’ Similarly, Sian has Welsh heritage, which means ‘gift of God,’ and Levi means ‘attached’ and has Hebrew origin.

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