Sadly Waka Flocka Flame’s Brother, Kayo Redd, Has Already Passed Away

Waka Flocka Flame's Brother, Kayo Redd,Waka Flocka Flame's Brother, Kayo Redd was involved in radio and promoted his last mixtape hours before he died. Image Source: KayO's Instagram.

Waka Flocka Flame grew up with four siblings, KayO Redd, Rahleek Malphurs, Wooh Da Kid, and Tyquam Alexander. What’s more, all four siblings grew up to love music and began their journey in their own understanding.

We have a lot of time to talk about Flame’s brothers, but here, we shall focus on KayO. Sadly, he passed away, but what was the reason? Let’s find out and also learn more about Waka Flocka Flame’s brother, KayO Redd.

Host On Be100 Radio

Born to one of the most reputed hip-hop managers, Debra Antney, KayO Redd’s early life details are blurry. However, he was born on June 1, 1986, in Queens, New York, as Coades Scott.

Furthermore, KayO kept a considerable chunk of his life away from the spotlight. However, according to Kayo’s Instagram, he worked as a host on Be 100 radio.

Moreover, KayO often captioned his pictures, inspiring his followers to do better and learn every day. Besides Radio, he also made a massive impact in the hip-hop world.

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Musical Career

Waka Flocka Flame‘s brother, Kayo Redd, was also a member of 1017 Brick Squad. Throughout his career, KayO released only three mixtapes YNS: The Rise of the Sykho Soulja, YNS 2: Full-Time Grind, and Redd Kisses.


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Moreover, Redd released his first mixtape, YNS: The Rise of the Sykho Soulja, in 2011. He’s also appeared in his brother Waka Flocka’s mixtape, Waka Flocka Myers. Similarly, KayO also appeared in Calico Jonez‘s Money Gang and Wooh da Kid‘s Strap-A-Holics 2.0 & Full Metal Jacket.

Unfortunately, KayO could not celebrate his success nor bless his fans with more music as he died in 2013 in an apparent suicide,

Kayo Redd’s Death At Age 27 In 2013; An Apparent Suicide

Rapper Waka Flocka Flame’s brother, KayO Redd, died in Atlanta, Georgia, on December 29, 2013. He had promoted his last mixtape, Redd Kisses, just hours before he died.

Moreover, Waka’s mother, Debra, confirmed the death of her baby boy via Twitter, writing she’d just lost another son. Sadly, the mother of four had previously buried a son who died in a car accident when Waka was only 13 years old.

Similarly, Waka also lets his brother’s departed soul know that his big brother loves him.

Waka Flocka Flame's Brother, Kayo Redd,
Waka Flocka Flame’s Brother, Kayo Redd was found dead in his Atlanta home in 2013. Image Source: KayO’s Instagram.

Although KayO died in mysterious circumstances, TMZ reported that all evidence pointed to suicide with a self-inflicted gunshot wound. Furthermore, Redd’s body was discovered at night in the Georgia subdivision, where he lived.

At the time, Redd was going through major turmoil in his life, including losing his eyesight. It was later revealed that he’d been a victim of bullying as well.

Moreover, KayO Redd’s brother, Flocka, spoke of his suicide in 2017 with Viceland. He talked about the feeling of regret he felt after Redd’s death. He further said that he’d seen his brother’s call but could not answer. And later, when he called back, KayO did not pick up the phone.

KayO Redd’s Brother Waka Flocka Is Dedicated To Suicide Prevention and Mental Health

As mentioned earlier, Waka Flocka’s brother, KayO Redd’s death filled him with massive guilt and impacted his life immensely. He continued to blame himself, telling Viceland that he understood how Redd was affected and failed to pay him any real attention.

Moreover, after Redd passed away, his family launched the No R.I.P (Reckless Internet Posting) Foundation. The foundation supports responsible reporting by blogs and media sites of deaths rather than spreading harmful gossip.

Flocka further committed to making suicide prevention and mental health his lifelong job via Twitter. Although Flocka is yet to announce any concrete plans about his actions for mental health awareness, it’s admirable how he’s turning his focus into helping others.

Thus, let’s hope the Waka Flocka Flame’s brother, KayO Redd, rests easily while his family is finding solace by helping those in need.

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