Find Out What Kimi Räikkönen’s Brother Rami Räikkönen Does?

Kimi Räikkönen's Brother Rami RäikkönenRami Räikkönen is the elder brother of popular Formula One driver, Kimi Räikkönen. Image Source: Kimi Räikkönen Instagram.

Formula One is one of the most-watched sports globally. Several drivers and racers have gained significant fame in their careers. One such successful race car driver in the history of Formula One is Kimi Räikkönen. The popular F1 driver, who is also known by his nickname “The Iceman,” is one of the most successful drivers of Formula One, having won several races and garnered many awards and accolades.

The successful race car driver Kimi’s professional career is known to everyone. But little is known about his parents and siblings. Thus, in this article, let’s learn in detail about Kimi Räikkönen’s brother, Rami Räikkönen, and his whereabouts.

Kimi Räikkönen’s Elder Brother

The well-known F1 driver, Kimi Räikkönen is the youngest child of his parents, Matti Räikkönen and Paula Räikkönen. According to EWRC-Results, Kimi Räikkönen’s brother, Rami Räikkönen was born on December 4, 1977. Rami being the eldest kid loves his younger brother and must be proud of his achievement.

Sadly, Rami Räikkönen’s dad, Matti, died in the early 2000s, and it must have been really hard for him and his brother to lose a parent. Nevertheless, Rami and Kimi still have a great bond, and they often spend several festivals and holidays together.

Rami Influenced Kimi Towards Racing

Kimi Räikkönen’s brother, Rami Räikkönen is also involved in racing. He had driven a formula car in the F3 class. Not only that, he used to drive a rally in the N-series. According to Kimi, Rami was the one who got him involved in the racing.

In a video uploaded by Formula 1, Rami Räikkönen’s younger brother, Kimi Räikkönen, talked about how he started his racing career. When they were younger, Rami always let Kimi try the stuff that he did. Initially, Rami was into motocross. As a result, Kimi too started motocross racing. Then, the elder Räikkönen brother got into go-karts when Kimi was eight.

Kimi Räikkönen's Brother Rami Räikkönen
Rami Räikkönen and Kimi Räikkönen were into motocross racing when they were young. Image Source: Social Media.

Moreover, Rami and Kimi used to race with their dad. In one article, Harri Hyttinen talked about his experiences of seeing Rami, his brother, and his dad race together. According to him, Rami was better in Karting than Kimi, while Kimi was more grumpy.

Nevertheless, Rami eventually influenced Kimi towards racing, which later made him famous globally.

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Has Already Retired From His Racing Career

As mentioned earlier, Kimi Räikkönen’s brother, Rami Räikkönen, was the one who got him into racing. While Kimi is a Formula One driver, his brother Rami drove in the rally. He also participated in the Hankirall, and Jyväskylä Neste Rally, and many others.

Kimi Räikkönen's Brother Rami Räikkönen
Rami Räikkönen drove in the rally for a few years. Image Source: Social Media.

As stated earlier, Rami also drove a formula car in Formula 3. In his racing career, he entered a total of 22 races. However, there were no wins in the races that he entered. Moreover, in 2007, he became third in Formula 3 Finland. Although Rami did not have a long-term career like his younger brother, he had a promising career that made him earn fame.

Similarly, Rami also worked as Kimi Räikkönen’s manager for a few years. Not only that, but he has also served on the team as a mechanic.

A Doting Father And A Loving Husband

Kimi Räikkönen’s elder brother, Rami Räikkönen is a married man with two kids. He is married to Kristiina Räikkönen. But as he is a man of secrecy, he has not revealed when they got married. Rami and Kristiina have two sons, Tiitus Räikkönen and Justus Räikkönen, born in 2002 and 2004, respectively.

Moreover, Rami Räikkönen’s kids seem to have followed in their dad’s footsteps. Tiitus appears to be interested in motocross, and Justus is a rally driver. According to Essentially Sports, after retiring, Rami focused on the motocross hobby of his and his son. Moreover, he is also close with his nephew, Robin Räikkönen, and niece, Rianna Angelia Milana Räikkönen.


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Rami must be proud of his kids’ achievements, and his marital life must be going really well.

As stated earlier, Rami is a private person, so he has not revealed much about himself in the media. He seems to be preferring a life away from the media and the attention. Nevertheless, we hope to learn more about Kimi Räikkönen’s elder sibling in the coming days.

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