Meet All Of f1 Racer’s Father And Learn What They Were/Are Engaged In

f1 Racer's Fatherf1 Racer's Fathers made a lot of sacrifices for their kids. Image Source: Formula One's Facebook.

Formula One, aka F1 or Formula 1, is considered the highest class of international motor racing for single-seater racing cars sanctioned by FIA. Since its inaugural season in 1950, it has been one of the premier forms of racing around the globe.

Every parent dreams of having their kid succeed. And those who are race car enthusiasts dream of being in F1. Therefore, here is the list of F1 racers and their father. Stick until the end to know who keeps their father’s legacy and who came from the bottom.

Max Verstappen’s Father Jos Verstappen

The Belgian-Dutch racing driver, Max Verstappen, holds several firsts in F1 racing, including being the youngest driver to compete in Formula One. While his story is extraordinary and he is making a name for himself, one must not underestimate his father, Jos Verstappen, who helped Max grow as a racer.

Max Verstappen’s father, Jos Verstappen, is arguably considered the most successful Dutch F1 racing driver throughout his tenure. Born as Johannes Franciscus ‘Jos’ Verstappen, he has several titles under his belt.

Moreover, Jos was also the German Formula Three champion and Masters of F3 winner in 1993. Likewise, he made his F1 debut in 1994. 

Here is the summary of Max Verstappen‘s dad, Jos Verstappen’s career.

YearRaces Wins

Besides the impressive career lasting for over a decade, Jos Verstappen started with Karting. Also, he married ex-kart driver champion Sophie Kumpen and welcomed two children, Max Verstappen and Victoria Verstappen.

Likewise, Jos’s second marriage with Kelly van der Waal gifted him a daughter Blue Jaye Verstappen in 2014. Similarly, he welcomed a son Jason Jaxx Verstappen and Mila Faye Verstappen, with this third wife, Sandy Sijtsma.

Nicknamed Dutch Devil throughout his career, Jos Verstappen is now focused on helping his son, Max, become the champion. The father-son duo is unbeatable since Max bagged his first win in the 2016 Spanish Grand Prix.

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Lewis Hamilton Dad, Anthony Hamilton Is Behind His Success

Seven times World Drivers’ Championship title winner, Lewis Hamilton‘s father, Anthony Hamilton‘s story is remarkable. He worked three jobs and re-mortgaged their home repeatedly before owning an IT company.

Lewis was only eight when Anthony funded his karting career. The younger competitive lad repeatedly faced racial slurs, but Anthony often reminded him to talk on the track.

Moreover, Lewis Hamilton’s father, Anthony Hamilton, managed him since his initial career in F1 in 2007. Sadly, the professional relationship came to an end in 2010, which almost wrecked the father-son bond. Consequently, they stopped talking for a time, but Anthony and Lewis were adamant about remedying their relationship.

F1 Driver's Fathers
Lewis Hamilton’s father, Anthony Hamilton, worked as his manager for several years till 2010. Image Source: Lewis’ Instagram.

Hence, Lewis invited his father over, and after a couple of breaks and quality time together, they are now inseparable. Today, Lewis credits his father for his success, who worked hard to provide his son with the best.

While talking to People, Lewis revealed that his father never went out or had new clothes. Anthony Hamilton was not saving to buy anything new and remortgaged the house to support Lewis’s karting career. Additionally, Anthony’s son is thankful for him as he never doubted his success.

Today, Lewis Hamilton’s father, Anthony Hamilton, often appears on his social media. Although the working relationship had taken a toll on their relationship, the father-son duo had made out with their differences and built a much stronger bond.

Sergio Perez’s Father, Antonio Pérez Garibay

The Mexican racing driver, Sergio Perez, aka Checo, was born into a motorsport family as his father, Antonio Perez Garibay, also raced cars. Furthermore, Antonio is very passionate about winning, whether it be on track or in life.

Antonio Perez was born in 1959, and by the age of eight, he had reckoned his love for cars. It was love at first sight. His interests in F1 stories spiked via magazines thereafter.

Furthermore, Antonio started making his name famous after claiming national champion in 1987, making him the first driver in his hometown, Guadalajara, to earn from racing. Unfortunately, a severe accident in an exhibition race ended Sergio Perez‘s father’s career, but his career did not stop there.

Instead, Antonio set about representing Mexican drivers, ensuring his son, Checo’s lifelong bond with the sport. He’s worked with several notable names as an agent, including Adrian Fernandez.

Moreover, Antonio had even predicted his son would eventually race in F1 and claimed him better than Michael Schumacher. Furthermore, he is proud about how he taught his children to be a champion.

Sergio Perez’s father, Antonio Perez, has entered the political world since 2018 as he ran for Senator for Morena. He previously ran for Guadalajara Mayor in 2015 but lost by 1.65%.

Hence, Antonio is determined to make a strong identity apart from being Sergio Perez’s padre.

Lando Norris’s Father, Adam Norris, Is Rich

Formula One racer, British-Belgian racing driver Lando Norris comes from a wealthy family. Despite making massive wealth and fame simultaneously, Norris’s father, Adam Norris, is a considerable business magnate.

Moreover, Adam founded Pensions Direct and served as the managing director of the company. He retired at age 36 after building one of the most successful pension advice organizations in the business and imaging private pensions.

Lando Norris's Father, Adam Norris
Lando Norris’s Father, Adam Norris, is a prominent business figure. Image Source: Lando’s Instagram.

Likewise, at age 45, Adam Norris has a stake at Hargreaves Lansdown worth $263.61 million (£187 million). Hence, he helps young entrepreneurs through Horatio Investment.

Yes, Lando Norris‘s father, Adam, currently holds the position of CEO of Horatio Investments Ltd. The company built in 2010 has grown at over 50% per annum and created a private investment company focusing on young-yet-profitable businesses.

Adam also invests in areas of his interest like Formula One and other commercial property. The formally trained mechanical engineer helped his son become a known racer and forged the UK’s most successful listed private investment business.

Interestingly, Lando Norris’ father, Adam Norris, is one of Briston’s richest people & not to mention the 501st richest man in the country. But, despite being rich, Lando Norris said that his father is not as wealthy as Lance Stroll.

Charles Leclerc’s Father, Hervé Leclerc

Charles Leclerc is the Formula One driver driving for Scuderia Ferrari. Furthermore, he, too, was born in the world of motorsport.

Furthermore, Charles Leclerc’s father, Herve Leclerc, raced in Formula 3 during the 80s and 90s and was a respected personality in the karting world.

Herve entered 22 races in total since his career debut in 1988. His career lasted for only a few years as Charles Leclerc’s dad retired and started a family with Pascale Leclerc.

Furthermore, Leclerc welcomed three boys from their decade-long marriage, Charles being the second child. Herve held his first child, Lorenzo Leclerc, and then the youngest one, Arthur Leclerc.

Since Charles and his youngest brother, Arthur chose to follow their father’s love for cars, Herve greatly supported their career choices.

Unfortunately, Charles Leclerc‘s dad, Herve, died at age 54 because of an unknown disease in June 2017, four days before he won a feature race in the 2017 Formula 2 championship.

Charles Leclerc's Father Hervé Leclerc
Charles Leclerc dedicated his F2 race win to his dad. Image Source: Charles’ Instagram.

Therefore, Charles Leclerc dedicated his Baku F2 pole position to his father and defeated Nobuhary Matsushita. He admitted that the race was very emotional but thanked Herve for everything he did and taught.

Valtteri Bottas Has A Loving Bond With His Father

Valtteri Bottas is a racing driver in Formula One with Mercedes racing under the Finnish flag. Bottas has won nine races since joining Mercedes, and hence, it has big hopes from him this season.

The kind of fame Valtteri has amassed has sparked questions regarding his background. Thus, who is Valtteri Bottas’ father, Rauno Bottas? He owns a small cleaning company while his wife, Marianne Valimaa, is an undertaker.

However, Valtteri Bottas rarely share pictures of his father, but they sure had a strong bond. Interestingly, although the Bottas family does not have a karting history, he was supported by his mechanic father at the time.

Valtteri is reigning at the top of the racing world and continues to make his father proud. Thus, we shall see more of Rauno in the future as he attends his son’s major races.

Carlos Sainz’s Father, Carlos Saiz Snr

Like father like son, the perfect proverb defines the relationship between Formula One driver Carlos Sainz Jr. and his father, Carlos Sainz Sr.

Moreover, Carlos Sainz’s father, Carlos Sainz Cenamor, is a Spanish rally driver who won the World Rally Championship drivers’ title with Toyota in the early 90s. Likewise, he was one of the official drivers of Team Peugeot Total and received the Princess of Asturias Sports Award in 2020.

Besides, Carlos Snr. also held the WRC record for most career starts until Miikka Anttila broke the record. Additionally, nicknamed El Matador, Sainz Snr became the first non-Nordic driver to win the 1000 Lakes Rally in Finland.

Career Achievements

Besides WRC, Carlos Sainz’s dad has won the Dakar Rally, the Race of Champions, and the Asia-Pacific Rally Championship. Starting his career in 1987, he remained in motorsport for 18 years and has 26 rally wins under his belt.

Similarly, Carlos Snr made his career debut in 1987 Rally Portugal and claimed his first win at 1990 Acropolis Rally. He drove his last rally in 2005 Acropolis accompanied by co-drivers Luís Moya, Marc Martí, and Lucas Cruz. With 196 rallies, Carlos Saiz‘s father achieved fame and money with significant teams like Ford, Toyota, Subaru, Citroën, and Lancia.

Carlos Sainz's dad Carlos Sainz Snr
Carlos Sainz’s dad, Carlos Snr., won 26 rallies and has two championships in his name. Image Source: Carlos Snr.’s Instagram.

Having been inducted into Rally Hall of Fame with Michele Mouton in March 2012, Sainz had also been crowned the Greatest WRC driver of all time in May 2020.

Sainz’s father, Carlos Sainz Snr, was born in Madrid and was very athletic before his interest shifted into motorsport. Moreover, he studied law until he dedicated most of his time to motorsport and got his first touch of the race-world in Formula Ford while playing squash and football.

Likewise, Carlos Sainz is happily married to his wife, Reyes Vázquez de Castro since 1992 and welcomed two kids, Carlos Jnr and Blanca Sainz Vázquez.

Pierre Gasly’s Father, Jean-Jacques Gasly

The Gasly family has long been involved in motorsport as Pierre’s father, Jean-Jacques Gasly, competed in karting, endurance racing, and rallying.

Furthermore, Pierre Gasly‘s dad, Jean-Jacques Gasly, owns a real-estate company and a couple of other ventures he picked up to build his portfolio as a successful businessman. In addition, he is involved in the textile industry.

Pierre Gasly's Father, Jean-Jacques Gasly
Pierre Gasly’s Father, Jean-Jacques Gasly, is a businessman. Image Source: Pierre’s Instagram.

Father Gasly, as mentioned earlier, also has a racing past and competed in a variety of racing categories. Reportedly, a massive crash ended his career as a racer, but his wife, Pascale Gasly, has always been beside him to support his endeavors.

Furthermore, Jean-Jacques’s son, Pierre Gasly, is the youngest of his four half brothers, two paternal and two maternal’s sides. So it is a no-brainer that Pierre’s father appears in most of his games and sometimes accompanies in his practices as well. Thus, it is safe to say that the Gasly father-son duo has a solid bond.

Sebastian Vettel’s Dad Norbert Vettel

Formula One racer Sebastian Vettel‘s father, Norbert Vettel, is a huge sweetheart and his son’s greatest fan. He is a carpenter but is a motor racing enthusiast as well.

Furthermore, Sebastian Vettel’s father, Norbert Vettel, had previously taken part in hill-climb events, which in return fueled Sebastian’s love for go-kart at age 3. Moreover, in October 2012, he made his come back after 18 years.

Formula 1 Fathers Sebastian Vettel's Dad Norbert Vettel
Sebastian Vettel’s Dad, Norbert Vettel, loves to see his son win. Image Source: Peter Leung’s Twitter.

Also, Vettel Snr revealed that he’d remain humble and finish last. He further added that he used to hill race, but there were no opponents and just the clock. Besides, Norbert loves to attend his son’s race and proudly be a part of his victories.

Sebastian, however, remains away from social media and probably is the only F1 racer not to be active on social media. But he has a solid bond with his parents, who appears in most of his important races.

Daniel Ricciardo’s Father Joe Ricciardo

Formula One racer Daniel Ricciardo was born to Giuseppe ‘Joe’ Ricciardo and Grace Ricciardo. Hence, growing up alongside his sister, Michelle Ricciardo, he had his father as his inspiration, who introduced his son to motorsports at Barbagallo Raceway.

Famous as The Honey Badger, Daniel Ricciardo’s father, Joe Ricciardo, also drive karts and entered 24 races since 1980. Ricciardo Sr has garnered success and fame as Daniel’s father but is often mistaken as the founder of GR and JR Engineering company. Moreover, people also thought Daniel came from a wealthy family.

Daniel Ricciardo's Father Joe Ricciardo
Daniel Ricciardo’s Father, Joe Ricciardo, channeled his love for sports cars to his son. Image Source: Daniel’s Instagram.

However, a Reddit user confirmed that Joe, the businessman is an entirely different person from Daniel’s dad. He further assured that he is from Perth and knows the star racer’s family.

Although Joe is not a businessman, he is a great father and raised his son, who is living his dream to race in Formula One.

Fernando Alonso Was Born to José Luis Alonso

The 2 Times World Drivers’ Champion, Fernando Alonso, is currently racing for Alpine-Renault in Formula One. However, not much is know about his father, José Luis Alonso, who prefers confidentiality over fame.

Fernando Alonso’s father, Jose, is a mine shaft explosive factory mechanic and an amateur kart driver. He and his wife, Ana Diaz, welcomed two kids.

The Alonso couple’s daughter, Lorena Alonso, a doctor, and a son, Fernando, make both name and money in motorsports.

Although born in a working-class family, Fernando’s hard work and dedication in the tracks are worth all the sacrifices his dad has made for his career. Therefore, Jose must be very proud of his son’s achievements and appears in most of his races.

Fernando Alonso's Father José Luis Alonso
Fernando Alonso’s Father José Luis Alonso greatly supports his kids’ career. Image Source: Fernando’s Instagram.

Also, Jose has always been very supportive and intuitive. While talking to the Guardian, Fernando revealed that his father always said that if you race for Ferrari, then you can retire. Jose further added that people would forget the championship if you drive for Ferrari and remember you as a Ferrari driver.

As of now, Jose’s son, Fernando, raced for several years for Ferrari; he thinks that his father was right and admits that Ferrari gives you a special feeling.

Esteban Ocon’s Dad, Laurent Ocon

Next up is French racing driver Esteban Ocon‘s father, Laurent Ocon.

Esteban is currently racing for Alpine in Formula One and made all of his parents’ sacrifices count. If you have been following the French driver, you must have heard the heartwarming tale of his father’s sacrifices.

Furthermore, Esteban Ocon’s dad, Laurent Ocon, is a mechanic who owns a small garage in France. Surprisingly, Laurent was confident in his son’s ability to sell his house to fund the travel involved in Esteban’s career in motorsport.

Esteban Ocon's Dad, Laurent Ocon
Esteban Ocon’s Dad, Laurent Ocon, sold his family home to support his son’s career. Image Source: Esteban’s Instagram,

The Ocon family lived in a caravan, and Esteban was sleeping in front of the school. Yet, despite the difficulties, Laurent was never hesitant about supporting his kid, and today, he races in Formula One.

Lance Stroll’s Father, Lawrence Stroll

Belgian-Canadian racing driver Lance Stroll was born into a wealthy family. His father, Lawrence Stroll, has established himself as a successful Canadian businessman holding major stocks and investments in Formula One.

Furthermore, the distinguished gentleman is also a part-owner of the Aston Martin F1 Team and has a collection of vintage Ferraris. Also, Lawrence Stroll’s net worth is estimated at $3.3 billion in 2021 by Forbes.

Lance Stroll's father Lawrence Stroll
Lance Stroll’s father, Lawrence Stroll net worth is estimated at $3.3 billion. Image Source: Lance’s Instagram.

Additionally, Lawrence made his money from fashionwear after bringing Pierre Cardin and Ralph Lauren clothing to Canada. He also expanded Ralph Lauren’s reach to Europe. He also invested in Tommy Hilfiger, Michael Kors’ companies and helped several brands grow.

Besides clothing business, Stroll also owns racecar circuit Circuit Mont-Tremblant in Quebec’s Laurentian Mountains. He guided a consortium of investors to buy the Force India F1 team, renamed Racing Point Force India, and entered midway through the 2018 F1 season.

Likewise, Stroll’s team was changed to Racing Point F1 Team with his son, Lance driving one car. Besides being a passionate investor and car collector, Lance Stroll’s billionaire dad is also a happily married man to his wife, Claire-Anne Stroll. The Stroll couple welcomed two kids and is currently residing in Switzerland. 

Yuki Tsunoda’s Father Inspired His Career

Another father with a racing history is Yuki Tsunoda‘s father, who did the Gymkhana (car) competition against the clock. Unfortunately, Yuki prefers to keep his family details away from social media, but he revealed that his father knows about racing and loves it.

Also, Yuki admits that his family played a significant role in his career, especially his father. He further added that he was the F1 racer’s mechanic for 14 years and passed on a mountain of advice to get faster. Yuki also credits his father for helping him grow as a driver.

Yuki Tsunoda's Father
Yuki Tsunoda’s father served as his mechanic for 14 years. Image Source: Yuki’s Instagram.

Furthermore, the Japanese racer also revealed that his dad came to every race and practice. Yuki also admits that he would not be in this position if his father were not there for help.

Therefore, although it is a bummer not to know much about Yuki Tsunoda’s father, he still seems to be the most powerful support system of his son’s career.

Kimi Räikkönen’s Father Matti Raikkonen Passed Away

Nicknamed the Iceman, Kimi Räikkönen‘s father, Matti Räikkönen also has a bit of a driving history. Although it was not a big success like his son, he enjoyed racing.

Born on October 8, 1954, Matti Räikkönen entered 30 races during his career in late 2000. According to Driver Database, he joined 14 races in 2007, including Legendary Trophy Finland securing 13th position in ’34 Ford Coupe.

Likewise, in 2008, Matti entered 12 races and secured 25th position. He last appeared in 4 races in the 2010 Legends Trophy Finland, securing 150 points and 42nd position. Although Matti’s career was not as remarkable as his F1 racing driver son, Kimi, he still loved the game and helped his kid with his races.

Unfortunately, Kimi Räikkönen’s father, Matt, died at age 56 on December 22, 2010, unexpectedly. So naturally, the Räikkönen family requested privacy from the media as they grieved the loss.

Antonio Giovinazzi’s Father, Vito Giovinazzi

Italian racing driver Antonio Giovinazzi‘s father, Vito Giovinazzi, is a sales manager at DB Schenker and was hired by Top-kart in Karting. He worked there for seventeen years since June 2003.

According to Vito’s Linkedin, he is associated with Nippon Express Group since June 2020. Prior to that, he also worked at Danzas as a Sales operative and manager for twenty years.

Although there isn’t much about Vito Giovinazzi, he seems very supportive of his son and appears on his races occasionally.

Mick Schumacher’s Father, Michael Schumacher’s Legacy

Schumacher is a reigning name in Formula One since the 90s. Thus, Mick Schumacher‘s father, Michael Schumacher, needs no introduction as he has a joint record of seven World Drivers Championship titles at the time of his retirement in 2012.

The retired German racing driver, Michael Schumacher, held the records for the most wins, i.e., 91, pole positions, 68, and podium finishes, 155. However, the record has been broken by Lewis Hamilton.


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Mick’s father, Michael, has competed in Formula One for Jordan, Benetton, Ferrari, and Mercedes, and now Mick is racing for Haas in Formula One. Thus, the legacy of Schumacher continues.

Unfortunately, Mick Schumacher’s dad suffered a severe brain injury in a skiing accident and was placed in a medically induced coma up until June 2014. Moreover, he left the hospital in Grenoble for rehabilitation at the University Hospital of Lausanne before relocating to his home to receive medical treatment privately in September 2014.

Schumacher’s condition continued to improve, but he is reported to have muscle atrophy and osteoporosis from six years of bed confinement.

George Russell’s Father, Steve Russell

Williams’s driver, George Russell‘s father, Steve Russell, owns a small beans and peas business. Although Steve does not hail from a motorsport background, he seems to understand the sport.

Additionally, Steve has always been with his son during every step of his productive motor racing career. Also, he almost cried when George told them Williams had hired him.

George Russell's father Steve Russell
George Russell’s father, Steve Russell, became very emotional when his son was hired by Williams. Image Source: George’s Twitter.

Born and raised in Norfolk, Steve’s son joined Lewis Hamilton and Lando Norris as the third British driver on the grid the following season after signing a multi-year contract in 2019.

Nikita Mazepin’s Business Mogul Father, Dmitry Mazepin

Formula One driver Nikita Mazepin was born to Russian oligarch businessman Dmitry Mazepin. Furthermore, he is the majority shareholder and chair of Uralchem Integrated Chemicals Company.

Born in 1968 in Minsk, Nikita Mzepin’s father, Dmitry, graduated from the MGIMO University’s Department of Economics in 1992. Eventually, he worked in Russia’s financial sector and ultimately reignited executive positions at Russian private & government-owned companies TNK and Sibur.

Nikita Mzepin's father, Dmitry
Nikita Mzepin’s father, Dmitry, is the owner of the mineral fertilizer company, Uralchem. Image Source: Nikita’s Instagram.

Likewise, the owner of the mineral fertilizer company, Uralchem, Dmitry Mazepin’s net worth is estimated at $1.3 billion. In 2004, he founded his company which bought stock in chemical plants and later merged those to Uralchem.

Besides business, Nikita’s dad is also involved in charity events.

Nicholas Latifi’s Dad, Michael Latifi

Another Formula One driver coming from a business family is Williams’ Nicholas Latifi. He was born to an Iranian Canadian businessman, Michael Latifi.

The 59-year-old Iranian Canadian businessman is the owner, chairman, and CEO of Sofina Foods, Inc. The Ontario-based manufacturer of processed animal products, Sofina acquired Lilydale in C$130 million deal in 2010. Moreover, Michael’s company also received Santa Maria Foods ULC, an importer & distributor, in 2012.

Nicholas Latifi's Dad, Michael Latifi
Nicholas Latifi’s Dad, Michael Latifi, is the owner, chairman, and CEO of Sofina Foods Inc. Image Source: Nicholas’s Instagram.

Likewise, Nicholas Latifi’s father, Michael, also invested around $270 million in McLaren Group through the investment company, Nidalaya (BVI) Ltd. Moreover. Michael Latifi has been incredibly invested in his son’s career and helps him grow as a racing driver.

Well, that’s an end to twenty incredible Formula One driver’s father. Undoubtedly, each one has made unique sacrifices for their sons and helped them grow as sportspeople.

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