Did You Know That Sam Neill’s Brother Michael Neill Is An Author?

Sam Neill's brother Michael NeillSam Neill's brother Michael Neill is an author, teacher and singer. Image Source: Sam's Instagram.

Nigel John Dermot Neill, aka Sam Neill, is a New Zealand director, actor, and screenwriter. The 74-year-old is famous for his role in the Jurassic Park movie and some of its sequels as Dr. Alan Grant. Apart from acting in the film, Sam has also worked in television series like Peaky Blinders, Rick and Morty, and Alcatraz. Furthermore, Neill has been nominated for the Golden Globe Awards and Primetime Emmy Awards for his contribution to acting.

Talking about his personal life, Sam was born in a military family alongside his elder sibling Michael Neill. The two brothers seem very attached and share a lovely bond with each other.

Hence in this article, lets’ talk about Sam Neill’s brother, Michael Neill.

Had A Tough Childhood Growing Up

Sam Neill’s elder sibling, Michael Neill, 79 years old, was born in Northern Ireland. Their father served in the army for New Zealand and was stationed in Northern Ireland during the brothers’ birth. Michael didn’t see his parents often as his father was sent to Harrow when he was twelve years old.

Michael went to a boys’ boarding school back in New Zealand after his fathers’ posting. However, in an interview, Sam Neill’s brother Michael Neill described the school as one of the crudest forms of management describing it as vile.

Furthermore, the school’s system was built in a way that permitted informal bullying. Followingly, he left the boarding school and went back to Christ College at the age of 13.

Neill Brothers Share A Loving Bond

However, Michael mentioned that he shared a charming bond with his brother Sam and there was no rivalry between the brothers. He used to do amateur dramatic, but it all stopped once he found it indecent. Similarly, Sam Neill actively promotes his brother Michael’s work on his social media.

Sam Neill's brother Michael Neill
Michael Neill shares a profound bond with his brother Sam Neill. Image Source: Sam’s Instagram.

Furthermore, the Neill siblings have described their childhood as tough in many interviews. However, they always had each other’s back. In addition, Michael is the person Sam admires the most in this world.

Well, considering Michael’s age, he must be married with kids but we could not confirm that. However, Michael does have a nephew, Tim Neill, and a niece, Elena Neill who are his younger brother Sam Neil”s children. Seeing as the actor shares a close bond with his elder sibling, Michael might also have a close bond with his niece and nephew.

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His Professional Career

Sam Neill’s brother Michael Neill is a respected Shakespearean scholar, actor, singer, writer, and puppeteer. Michael was a lecturer and teacher at Auckland University. He also led the summer Shakespeare production of King Lear during his days as a professor.

In addition, Michael has also published a book as an author. In November 2018, he released a kid’s book titled MACDONALD THE TIGER right before the festive season of Christmas. His brother Sam shared the news of the book’s release on his Twitter account.

Michael is admired and loved for his work as a teacher and lecturer. Furthermore, he has also openly spoken about how educational institutes are treating education as a business and academic staff as hirelings. For this opinion, Neill has been described as an ivory tower academic.

Sam Neill’s Brother Had A Court Battle

In 2017, Sam Neill’s sibling Michael Neill had a dispute with property owner PPI and council over a small strip of land. Actually, the land belonged to PPI, and they wanted to turn it into a driveway. But, Michael and the local residents were totally against it. They believed that the area was a reserve and PPI should not build a driveway there.

However, in court, Michael discontinued the proceedings. His legal team discovered that the reserve never actually existed in the first place. The court ordered Micheal and the residents to pay PPI $997.59 (NZD1487) in costs. Neill still felt that it was an entrenchment on community rights and maddening.

Well, he might have lost the court battle, but Sam Neill’s brother, Micheal Neill is a winner in real life. We wish the Neill brothers all the best for their future.

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