5 Facts About Cuba Gooding Jr.’s Ex-wife And Baby Mama Sara Kapfer

Cuba Gooding Jr.'s wife Sara KapferCuba Gooding Jr.'s wife Sara Kapfer is filed for legal separation in 2014. Image Source: Flickr.

Cuba Gooding Jr. is a prominent name in Hollywood. Not just an actor, Gooding Jr. is remarkably known for his contributions as a writer, producer, and director. Furthermore, gaining popularity after his breakthrough role as Tre Styles in Boyz n the Hood, his career took off significantly.

Besides Gooding Jr.’s persona as a great actor and entertainer, he has a reputation of a loving partner as he was married for two decades with his high-school sweetheart, Sara Kapfer. Unfortunately, the pair separated but still hangout as their children are their priority.

Thus, on that note, let’s talk about the one who was there to witness Cuba Gooding Jr.’s rise, his ex-wife, Sara Kapfer.

Cuba Gooding Jr.’s Ex-wife Sara Kapfer Is A Teacher

Men Of Honor actor, Cuba Gooding Jr’s former spouse, Sara Kapfer, is patient and a beautiful woman. Sara served as a teacher in California before halting her career to care for the old pair’s children and commit to stay-at-home wife.

Furthermore, Sara Kapfer is very secretive when it comes to her details as there isn’t much about her. Rising to fame as Cuba Gooding Jr.’s wife, she has kept much of her information grounded and only appeared on events alongside her husband.

Moreover, Gooding Jr.’s ex-partner has kept her presence little low-key since their separation. Nonetheless, let’s hope Sara Kapfer is doing well in life and has resumed her career as a teacher.

High School Sweet Heart

It is widely known that the former couple is a high-school sweetheart. They have been together for a very long time as Gooding Jr. revealed that he met his former wife when she was 17 and he was 21 years old.

The couple dated several years before walking down the aisle but made sure they were compatible and confidential. Cuba rose to fame in 1991 from the movie Boyz n The Hood, and Sara was by his side to witness his fame. As a star, people expected him to date model and stars, but he did not leave his high school sweetheart and built a family with her.

Married For More Than Two Decades

Cuba and Sara dated for several years before sharing their vows on 13 March 1994. Their wedding was beautiful and had several ups and downs throughout their marriage. While talking to the View, the Outbreak star gushed about how he fell in love with his wife throughout the phases she went through.

Cuba Gooding Jr.'s wife Sara Kapfer
Cuba Gooding Jr. and Sara Kapfer were together for several years before walking down the aisle. Image Source: Gooding Jr.’s Instagram.

Furthermore, Goodings Jr. said that he witnessed his wife as a high-school girl, the college girl, the newlywed, and the mother. He further told the View that he was thankful as he had fallen in love with each one.

Since the former partner had been together for a long run, they certainly had some rules to make things work for them. For instance, Goodling Jr. is an entertainer and has to work for a very long time. But, the pair have found their ways and made a pact to not remain away for not more than three or four weeks without seeing each other.

And furthermore, the couple was married for more than two decades and they welcomed three beautiful children together.

Welcomed Three Children During Their Unison

Aforementioned, Cuba Goodings Jr and Sara were married for more than two decades and shared three babies. The pair welcomed their first child; Spencer Gooding who was born in 1994. He has planned on following his father to Hollywood. According to Spencer Goodling’s IMDb, he has one credit for Slamball.

Likewise, Sara and Cuba Gooding Jr.’s son, Mason Goodling, was born in 1996. Like his elder sibling, he also chose to pursue a career as an actor and has credits for more than ten movies, including Books Mart, Let It Snow, etc.

Furthermore, the youngest of the Goodling family is Piper Goodling. The 15-year-old teen remains away from media scrutiny and is living a private life. Only time can tell if she chooses to follow her father’s glory or pave a path of her own.

While gushing about his wife a few years back, Cuba Gooding also jokingly talked about how he wanted to kill Sara as she was dealing with their kids leaving the houses.

Despite their decades-long marriage and raising three kids, the pair’s fairytale romance did not last long. As a result, they separated legally in 2014. Let’s go through their divorce saga briefly below.

Gooding Jr’s Ex-Spouse Filed For Divorce After Celebrating Two Decades of Marriage

Cuba Goodling Jr.’s ex-wife, Sara Kapfer filed for legal separation in 2014 after 20 years of marriage. Interestingly, the documents for departure were submitted after a month of their 20th Anniversary.

Sara Kapfer filed for the legal separation in L.A. Superior Court, citing irreconcilable differences.

Following their legal separation back in 2014, Cuba and Sara kept their relations intact for their kids. While talking to Steve Harvey in 2016, he commented on his separation and marriages. Jerry Maguire actor, Cuba, revealed that things happen, and you grow up. Cuba further told that he took his wife on a date the other day and had to keep this together, strong for the kids.

However, the separation seemed too much to handle, and Cuba finally filed for divorce in 2017. The O.J. actor was willing to show Sara the money in spousal support, but here’s the catch. He wants all of his earnings to remain his alone from the day Sara filed for separation. Well, it seems legit.

Cuba Gooding further sought joint legal and physical custody of their daughter, Piper, who was only ten at the time.

Well, Cuba Goodling Jr.’s ex-wife is very secretive but rose to fame because of their ongoing divorce shenanigans. Let’s hope things go well with the couple, and Sara Kapfer is healthy and living well.

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