5 Interesting Facts About Joya Tillem, She Is Jon Favreau’s Wife And A Mother Of Three

Jon Favreau wife, Joya TillemJon Favreau wife, Joya Tillem is a physician. Image Source: Social Media.

Jon Favreau is a well-recognized American actor, producer, and director who is active in American showbiz since the early 1990s. As an actor, Favreau has performed in numerous blockbuster movies, including Daredevil, The Wolf of Wall Street, The Break-up, and Chef. Similarly, as a filmmaker and director, he is famous for several films by the Marvel Cinematic Universe and other movies like The Lion King, The Mandalorian, and Cowboys & Aliens. Besides, Favreau is also the creator of the TV production company named Golem Creations Ltd.

One of the legendary Hollywood stars, Jon is happily married to Joya Tillem since 24 November 2000. Along with the rising stardom of Jon Favreau, his partner Joya is also gaining extreme media attention. Here, learn some exciting facts about Jon Favreau’s wife, Joya Tillem, including her profession and her journey with her celebrity husband.

Met Jon Favreau In 1995 And Married Him In 2000

Only a few might know that Jon Favreau is one of those actors who rose to fame after appearing in the American TV sitcom Friends. He played the role of Monica E. Geller‘s super-rich husband in Friends. Favreau did not just achieve fame from that popular sitcom, but also his forever love, Joya Tillem. Joya and Jon met for the first time on Friends’ set in 1995 while he was still a struggling actor.

Jon Favreau wife, Joya Tillem
Jon Favreau and Joya Tillem met at the set of Friends. Image Source: Instagram/ Jon Favreau.

After meeting The Big Empty star Jon Favreau, Joya Tillem remained a good friend with him for a while. Then, after some months, the couple eventually started dating. After being in a romantic relationship for almost half-decade, Joya Tillem and Jon Favreau took their wedding vows on 24 November 2000. The People magazine notes that their marriage ceremony took place in Sonoma, California, the birthplace of Jon Favreau’s wife, Joya Tillem.

After getting married to Jon Favreau, Joya Tillem has accompanied her famous spouse on numerous red carpet events and other public occasions.

A Doting Mother To Three Kids

Jon Favreau’s wife, Joya Tillem, is a doting mother to three beautiful kids. She and her husband, Jon, parent two adorable daughters, Madeleine Favreau and Brighton Rose Favreau, and a son, Max Favreau.

The beautiful couple, Joya Tillem and Jon Favreau got the privilege to become parents for the first time with the birth of their son, Max, on 25 July 2001. Similarly, they welcomed their second child together, Madeleine, in April 2003. Madeline got her name after her dad, Jon Favreau’s mother, Madeleine Favreau. Likewise, Joya Tillem gave birth to her third child with Jon Favreau, Brighton, on 29 August 2006.

All three of Joya Tillem’s children with Jon Favreau, Madeleine, Brighton, and Max, inherited their dad’s acting skills and are already in American showbiz. They are some of the voice actors in the film The Jungle Book, directed by their dad, Jon Favreau. Joya’s eldest child, Max, even performed the role of a young Peter Parker in Iron Man 2. However, all three of them stay far from the paparazzi at the moment.

Joya Is A Doctor Of Internal Medicine

Jon Favreau’s wife, Joya Tillem, may not be a household name like her notorious husband. But, she is a highly skilled and successful medical practitioner with an impressive resume herself. According to The Jewish News, Joya Tillem works at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, a non-profit hospital located in Los Angeles, CA. It is the same hospital where Joya gave birth to her third child, Brighton Rose Favreau. Other sources report that she works at Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center.

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Gorgeous Joya Tillem graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Internal Medicine from Georgetown University School of Medicine. And while her husband is entertaining audiences, Tillem is busy helping people overcome their illness.

She Helped Her Husband To Lose His Weight

Joya Tillem has always been supportive of her husband ever since she met him. Her career as a physician became a plus point for her to help her beau, Jon, lose some weight.

In the mid-2000, her loving husband, Jon Favreau, began to worry about his weight. At that time, his weight went close to 300lbs. So, Jon decided to consult his medical expert wife, Dr. Joya Tillem, for shedding some pounds. So, he went to Joya and told her that it was not the weight his body wanted to be. Immediately, Joya said that he could lose weight.


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Joya Tillem suggested her spouse, Jon Favreau, follow some diet plan which he did. According to Joya, he lost about 5lbs a week. Apparently, Jon Favreau’s weight went from almost 300lbs to 205lbs. Undoubtedly, Jon is thankful that his wife, Joya, supports and motivates him through thick and thin.

Balancing Her Family Life And Career Staying Away From Spotlight

Despite being a wife of a celebrity, Jon Favreau’s wife, Joya Tillem, prefers to stay away from the media. Unlike her husband, she is not available on social networking handles. Apart from an occasional appearance on red carpet events with her husband, Joya never shows herself on social media platforms.

So, the inspiring wife of Jon Tillem seems to enjoy a normal life behind the camera. She is perfectly balancing her family life and career, staying away from social media. Currently, Joya Tillem lives a blissful life far from unnecessary media dramas in her L.A. Westside home with her caring husband and three young kids.

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