5 Male Celebrities Who Got Cheated Back After Cheating on Their Partner

Male Celebrities Got Cheated BackThe male celebrities who got cheated back. Image Source: Social Media.

There’s a saying, Karma hits you right back. Meaning if you do bad, then one way or another, something bad might occur to you someday. Even if you do good, you’ll get good things sooner or later. So, one thing that a person has to be afraid of is Karma because it can’t be denied.

Hollywood has seen some long-lasting relationships. However, there has been cheating series among some celebrities. And, talking about Karma, some celebrities got the taste of their own medicine. Meaning, in this article, here are some celebrities who cheated on their partner only to get cheated back later. So, keep reading!

Gerard Pique

On June 4, 2022, the news of Shakira and Gerard Pique’s break up swarmed the internet. Spain’s El Periodico reported that he was not living with the singer and their kids, and the pair announced their 11-year relationship had ended.

Furthermore, El Periodico further claimed that the duo decided to separate after the Hips Don’t Lie singer caught the soccer player cheating. Gerard allegedly cheated on her with Clara Chia Marti. Then, in January 2023, she released “BZRP Music Session #53” with Argentine producer Bizzarap. The song broke records and topped the charts as it was aimed directly at Gerard.

As per Rolling Stones, Shakira pauses at the end and made a clear nod at him by emphasizing “Pique” in the Spanish word “salpique.” Likewise, she referenced Marti emphasizing “Clara” in the word “claramente.”

Male Celebrities Got Cheated Back
Gerard Pique reportedly cheated on Shakira with Clara Chia Marti. Image Source: Instagram.

The rumors turned to official news when the soccer player confirmed his relationship with Clara via Instagram in January 2023. Talk about Karma, as in April 2023, he made headlines following new reports of an apparent cheating scandal involving his new girlfriend, Clara and his ex-Barcelona manager, Pep Guardiola.

Both of them are yet to respond to the claims, and it has also been reported that Clara’s side of infidelity occurred after she found the soccer star had an apparent affair with a young lawyer.

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Rob Kardashian

One of the messiest public romances of Rob Kardashian was the one he had with The Cheetah Girls star Adrienne Bailon. It got messy after the news about him cheating on her came out on Keeping Up With the Kardashians.

Rob admitted on the show that they broke up because of his infidelity. But, he did not reveal any details regarding who he cheated with. Unfortunately, six years later, he was on the receiving end of a cheating scandal after his then-girlfriend, Blac Chyna, cheated on him.

Chyna reportedly cheated on him with Pilot Jones. However, none of them have spoken anything about this.

David Duchovny

David Duchovny was married to Tea Leoni for over a decade before it was reported in October 2008 that they’d separated due to the former’s sex addiction. It was reported that Duchovny’s addiction allegedly caused him to cheat on her for years compulsively. He was even checked into rehab, but they remained married until 2014.

Futhermore, David got on the victim side of the cheating saga after The Daily Mail reported that he discovered some steamy text messages that she exchanged with Billy Bob Thornton shortly before they separated. It was also reported that she acted as a quasi-roadie for Billy’s band.

Jude Law

In 2006, Jude Law reportedly cheated on his then-fiancee, Sienna Miller, with his nanny, Daisy Knight. He was notoriously known for being a celebrity that cheats on his partner with his nanny. He issued an apology for the affair and asked everyone to respect their privacy.

Furthermore, Law reportedly got the taste of his own medicine after he found out Sienna apparently cheated on him with non-other than his close pal Daniel Craig. Judd apparently got into a yelling match over the phone with the James Bond stud upon the discovery.

Frank Sinatra

The handsome hunk, Frank Sinatra, was married to Nancy Sinatra from 1917 to 1950. Their marriage ended due to his extramarital affair with Ava Gardner. He reportedly kept Gardener’s photo in his wallet and gifted Nancy’s jewelry to her.

Gardner and Sinatra were more serious, with her eventually becoming his second wife. Unfortunately, he became the victim of the cheating saga. She allegedly confided to friends that he could no longer satisfy her sexually. Ava reportedly had many affairs, and she ran off with a bullfighter.

Well, these are some of the male celebrities who became victims of cheating scandals after they cheated on their partners. Furthermore, there are female celebrities, too, with similar situations. So, check out later!

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