Is Courtney Mazza’s Husband Mario Lopez Plastic Surgery Rumors True?

Mario Lopez is said to have undergone plastic surgeryCourtney Mazza's husband, Mario Lopez's plastic surgery rumors are true. Photo Source: Celebrity Plastic Surgery Online.

Courtney Mazza‘s husband, Mario Lopez‘s plastic surgery rumor could be true. Mario Lopez could have undergone plastic surgeries, including facial fillers and botox injections.

Many people know that the American T.V. host, Mario Lopez is a fitness freak and is so body-obsessed. Not just that, Mario not only wants his body fit but also of his wife’s. He even persuaded his wife Courtney Mazza for surgery to get in even better shapes.

Rumors of Mario Lopez’s Plastic Surgery Is True

The body-obsessed T.V. host Mari Lopez might have gone through some plastic surgeries. Some sites like Celebrity Plastic Surgery Online claimed that Mario has gone through some kind of facial fillers and botox injections. According to The Blast, he revealed that he had surgery after he tore his bicep while sparring.

Facial Fillers

Mario Lopez’s facial appearance seems to remain the same. Plus, there were minimal signs of surgery on the face. Many experts believe that with advanced surgery, the signs are quite invisible. Facial fillers help to hide all the visible flaws of the face like aging and skin sagging.

Courtney Mazza's husband Mario Lopez plastic surgery
Many people believe that Mario Lopez has gone through Plastic Surgery. Photo Source: Celebrity Plastic Surgery Online.

If we look at before and after photos of Courtney Mazza’s husband, viewers are quite convinced about Mario Lopez’s plastic surgery. The “Saved By the Bell” actor stated that the operation was a success.

Botox Injections

Other than facial filters, Mario Lopez is expected to have taken Botox injections too. Botox injections help to improve and relax frown lines. Comparing Mario’s past and present photos, it is quite evident that Mario has undergone plastic surgery.

Speculations are also being made that with plastic surgery, Mario also took a hair transplant. You can notice a specific change in Mario’s hairline, too, if you are to look closer.

Mario Lopez's plastic surgery
The T.V. host Mario Lopez looks young and vibrant. Image Source: Fox News.

When asked about the plastic surgeries, Courtney Mazza’s husband, Mario Lopez, replied that his looks were natural and pure. Plus, the news behind the plastic surgery is false. Well, one thing is for sure Mario Lopez looks young and vibrant.

Persuaded Wife to Undergo Surgery

According to many sources, Mario Lopez encouraged his wife Courtney Mazza to undergo surgery for a perfect body. Courtney Mazza also went through a boob job and liposuction. And once Mario thought her body was perfect, he arranged for a photoshoot on a beach.

On the 9th of September, 2013, Mario Lopez with wife Courtney Mazza welcomed a baby boy named Dominic Mazza to their small family. Before the couple was blessed with a daughter named Gia Francesca Lopez. Plus, they also welcomed baby boy, Santino Rafael Lopez in July 2019.

So, Mario Lopez and his beautiful wife, Courtney Mazza, are more than happy to be parents to such wonderful and lovely kids. Let’s hope their happiness always remains the same and never fades away too.

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