What Is Dimebag Darrell’s Partner Rita Haney Doing Now?

Dimebag Darrell's partner Rita HaneyRita Haney and Dimebag Darrell first met in third grade, at the age of 8. Image Source: Rita Haney Instagram.

Any music enthusiasts, especially the ones that love heavy metal music, do not need an introduction to Darrell Lance Abbott, popularly known by his stage name Dimebag Darrell. He was one of those musicians whose name can never be forgotten because of their contribution to the music world. Often considered one of the greatest heavy metal guitarists of all time, Dimebag was involved with the popular band Pantera.

Unfortunately, the renowned musician was shot and killed on December 8, 2004. Although he is no longer present physically, he is alive through his music. One such person who always keeps him alive in her memory is Dimebag Darrell’s partner, Rita Haney. She was with him till his last breath. So, where is Rita these days? Stick with us till the end to find out.

How Did It Start For The Couple?

What’s more beautiful than a love story that began at a naive age? But, of course, not all are lucky to find their soulmate in someone they’ve known since childhood. In the case of the couple, Rita knew her partner before he knew he would be a guitarist.

Likewise, Dimebag and Rita met in third grade for the first time when they were just eight years old. The couple grew up in the same neighborhood, and there was a dirt area where the duo used to ride their bikes. Because of some ratty little things children say to each other, she pushed him off his bike. The pair were born only ten days apart, and even though Rita was younger, she was bigger than him.

Following the incident, the couple started their friendship. Haney used to watch him perform in junior high and even attended Kiss together in 1979. Though they lost touch for some time, the lovebirds were brought together again thanks to their overlapping social circles.

Call it coincidence or what, Dimebag Darrell’s partner learned about Pantera, the band he was involved in, through her cousin Gary Hetrick, his friend, and Vinnie Paul‘s drum tech. Slowly, they grew closer, and at the age of 18, in 1984, the duo started their relationship.

Dimebag Darrell's partner Rita Haney
Dimebag Darrell and Rita Haney began dating in 1984. Image Source: Rita Haney Instagram.

However, the lovebirds never married. Rita once revealed that they did not believe in it. The duo never felt it necessary to have someone they didn’t know to tell them it was okay to be with someone they knew. Rita and Dimebag enjoyed each other’s company until his death.

Dimebag Darrell’s Girlfriend Sued Dean Guitars

Dimebag and Dean Guitars’ relationship goes back several years. There are photos of the late guitarist holding a Dean as a kid. However, it might come as a shock to many fans that the relationship between them has ended.

Haney leads the estate of the late Pantera guitarist and is the trustee of the Dimebag Estate. In August 2021, she sued Dean Guitars, the manufacturer of Darrell’s guitar, alleging that the company owes them money, has disrespected Dime’s legacy, and filed trademarks that weren’t theirs.

As per the suit, after Dimebag was murdered, his father, Jerry Abbott, and his brother, Vinnie, became the executors of his estate. At that time, they were manipulated by Dean’s late CEO, Elliot Rubinson, to “water down” the sum owed to the estate. It also alleges that Evan Rubinson, current Dean CEO and son of Elliot, was disrespectful and, most of the time, belligerent to Dime’s legacy.

Rita further claimed that the company could not pay the amount contracted for using his image, registered the trademark for Razorback and the Razorback guitar design, which were the sole property owned by Abbott, and failed to provide the estate with models of the endorsed guitars. The suit seeked permanent and preliminary injunctive relief, damages, and other suitable relief.

In response to the suit, Elliot issued a statement, calling Ms. Haney’s accusation and demands unrealistic, baseless, and without any merit. He even replied to a troll asking her to release voice recordings of him ever degrading Vinnie, his close friend, and Dime. Well, hopefully, the suit has been settled.

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Keeps His Legacy Alive

As of 2022, it has been eighteen years since Rita Haney’s boyfriend, Dimebag, was shot and killed. He lives in the memories of fans, his music, and Pantera. Throughout his life, he dated only one woman, i.e., Rita. To lose him to an untimely demise must have created a void in her life, but she has worked relentlessly to keep his legacy alive.

Dimebag Darrell’s girlfriend often talks about him in several interviews. Likewise, she often pays tribute to him through her social media. In December 2019, she broke her silence about his death and revealed her feelings after the 15th anniversary of his demise. She wrote a long heartwarming caption and concluded it by thanking everyone for loving and remembering the guitarist.


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A post shared by Rita Haney (@dimebagzhag)

In September 2017, Dimebag’s partner reminisced about their first meeting, sharing how she felt he was someone she wanted to protect, take care of, and shield. She also called him the most driven man she’d ever met or known. In 2011, she even called Vinnie and former Pantera singer Philip Anselmo to settle their differences in honor of Darrell.

Likewise, in 2006, Dimebag Darrell’s partner unleashed Dimevision Vol.1: That’s The Fun I Have along with Vinnie, which featured heart-wrenching and funny video clips of his virtuosic performances and boozy antics on the road and at home. She even dove into his extensive A/V vaults in 2016 to assemble the Dimevision Vol. 2: Roll With It Or Get Rolled Over. It featured several other lovely moments of the late guitarist, including lighting fireworks indoors, taking his handyman to get a pedicure, and others.

More About Rita

Above mentioned are some of Rita’s work that she has been doing to keep her late partner’s legacy. Even when he was alive, she helped him in several ways. She helped Pantera form a collaborative relationship with Metallica. Dimebag’s guitar tech, Walter Trachsler, gave her Lars Ulrich‘s number. She, along with her friend, Lenise Lopez, met Metallica while they were touring Texas.

Walter was the one that introduced Rita Haney’s boyfriend to Metallica and also told the latter about Pantera. One account says that Metallica asked about Darrell after the Ride the Lightning Tour in December 1985. Lars and James Hetfield flew to Texas on complimentary tickets she had received. Another account says they met during the tour.

It has been said that Rita, Lenise, and Rick E. Warden, whom she brought to Arizona on Lars’ invitation, arranged for Metallica and Pantera to perform together at Savvy’s in Texas, which about 30 people watched.

Fans time and again thank Rita for everything that she has ever done for the late guitarist. She even organizes Dimebash annually and features rock’n’roll’s biggest stars paying tribute to him. We hope she continues doing such good deeds. We wish her blissful days ahead.

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