Where Is Macy Gray’s Ex-husband Tracey Hinds? Parents Of Three Children

Macy Gray's Ex-Husband, Tracey HindsMacy Gray's ex-husband, Tracey Hinds was a mortgage broker. Image Source: Happy Hinds' Instagram.

Natalie Renee Mclntyre is a Grammy Award-winning singer of American nationality. She is popularly known by her stage name Macy Gray. Apart from that, she is famous for her distinctive voice and a singing style that is influenced by Billie Holiday. Additionally, she has also appeared in several movies, including, Spider-Man, Scary Movie 3, and many more.

Besides, the musician is a mother of three adorable children. She was once married to a guy named Tracey Hinds. However, they parted ways after a short period. So, what was the reason for the ex-couple’s divorce? Let’s get to know more about Macy Gray’s ex-husband and their story.

Tracey And Macy Gray’s Marital Life

Tracey Hinds came into the limelight for being the ex-spouse of a famous singer and actress. He met his future wife back in the mid-1990s. At that time, he was a mortgage broker, and Natalie was still far from her today’s fame. Soon after, the former couple tied the knot and started their marital journey. At first, everything was okay, and the then-pair were happy and had a solid bond. On top of that, they became parents of two just within a year.

Macy Gray's Ex-husband, Tracey Hinds
Macy Gray’s ex-husband, Tracey Hinds, was a mortgage broker. Image Source: Social Media.

However, the former pair’s ever-increasing love started to fall short. As a result, both ended their marriage when the songstress was pregnant with their third baby. Although the ex-duo has not disclosed why they separated, there must have been a valid reason for them to end their marriage just after two years. Moreover, their divorce inspired Macy Gray to release her first album, On How Life Is. The album became a hit, and Tracey Hinds’ ex-wife shot up to fame.

Hinds likely earned a significant amount from his mortgage broker career. As such, Tracey Hinds’ net worth must have been a considerable figure. Speaking of which, his ex-spouse has a fortune worth $12 million.

Apparently, many people think that the musician’s former partner was a female and she is gay. But she is straight, and Macy Gray’s ex-husband was a man. As Macy greatly supports the LGBTQIA+ community, people often misunderstand her sexual identity.

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Sadly, Macy Gray’s Ex-husband Passed Away In 2020

After the divorce, the mortgage broker’s ex-wife accomplished huge success in her career. She also raised their kids alone. In contrast, there is not much information about him, including whether he remarried or not. Before we could uncover more about him, sadly, Tracey passed away in 2020. Moreover, Tracey and Macy Gray’s daughter, Happy Hinds, shared some old pictures remembering him in the 2021 Father’s Day. His children deeply miss him, as evident by their social media posts.


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Furthermore, there are many speculations that Tracey’s wife and children didn’t keep in touch with him after the divorce. Hopefully, he lived well and had a beautiful family.

Was A Father To Three Kids

As mentioned above, the talented singer and her former partner welcomed three kids together. In addition, Macy Gray’s ex-husband must have been a doting dad to his babies, Aanisah Hinds, Tahmel Hinds, and Happy Hinds.

Tracey and Macy Gray’s eldest daughter went to Pratt Institute and earned a degree in fine arts. She is currently a well-established artist and graphic designer. Meanwhile, the former lovebirds’ youngest child is studying photography in New York. She has also launched a magazine, Happy Hinds Magazine, and is doing well.

Nonetheless, Macy Gray’s ex-husband must have lived comfortably. Although not much info about his relationship with his children has been revealed, he must have loved them. Hopefully, he had a wonderful life.

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