Monty Williams’ Late Wife Ingrid Williams, Has 5 Children With Him

Monty Williams wife Ingrid Williams.Monty met his wife when he was in college. Image Source: Wikimedia Commons.

Monty Williams is a well-known name in the NBA. The player turned coach has been actively devoting himself to the NBA since 1994. After having various posts in the coaching department, the 49-year-old is now representing Phoenix Suns as the head coach. Monty’s NBA career has seen him take on various roles, and some have been successful while others decent enough.

Like his professional life, Monty’s personal life has not been anything short. From emotional distress to new found love, Monty has been through the lowest of low to highest of high. Monty married his late wife Ingrid Williams in 1995, and they were together for more than two decades before her tragic death. Let’s get right through her life and relationship with Monty William’s without further ado.

Who Was Monty Williams’s Wife Ingrid Williams?

Monty and his wife Ingrid met in 1989 at a freshman mixer at Notre Dame. At that time, Monty was skinny and tall, with short hair. Monty found Ingrid different because she was drinking water instead of beer. The most hilarious part of the meeting was that Monty tried to set her up for a buddy after acting all cool as a big-time hoops recruit. Fortunately for him, fate had other ways.

Ingrid had quite an influence over Monty’s college career. In fact, it is safe to say that she was the reason he studied diligently in college. Even after marriage, Ingrid remained fully supportive of her husband and helped him tackle the hardest hurdles. Overall, Ingrid was a kind human being that definitely deserved to spend more time with her beloved husband and children.

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Ingrid Was A Mother OF Five

Monty Williams is a father of five with his late wife, Ingrid. Ingrid passed away with a legacy and a mark left on her children. Monty now has three wonderful daughters: Lael Williams, Jana Williams, and Faith Williams, along with two energetic sons: Elijah Williams and Micah Williams, for himself to take care of. Ingrid was a wonderful mother to her children, so much so that she was always concerned about their health and did allow them to stay in their father’s late-night games.

Monty Williams wife Ingrad Williams.
Monty is now raising his kids with the help of his second wife. Image Source: Social Media.

Ingrid made sure that her children grew up with all the care and nourishment they need. She was a wonderful mother that every child would have been lucky to have. Her influence on the children was too great that Monty was willing to change himself rather than making his children feel something has changed. The tragedy that fell on the Williams family sure was devastating.

Monty’s Life After Ingrid’s Death

Monty Williams went through major emotional distress following the death of his beloved wife. The NBA great was devasted, so frustration and anger consumed him. He was visited by some well-known names from Doc Rivers to Anthony Davis but he was not sure how to take their condolence. After some time, Monty did realize something that remains very valuable to him. He learned two important life lessons: the beauty of forgiveness and the need to move on, no matter how painful that might be.

Monty has now remarried and is living much maturely than he was after his wife’s death. He married a Spurs executive Lisa Keeth towards the end of 2016. Lisa must be providing Monty all the emotional support that he needed after the horrible accident. She is also most probably helping him raise all the wonderful children he has. Let’s hope Monty will continue to be as charming as he is now for many more years to come.

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