Did You Know Paloma Elsesser’s Boyfriend Johnny Wilson is a Talented Videographer ?

Paloma Elsesser's boyfriend Johnny WilsonPaloma Elsesser and Johnny Wilson are girlfriend and boyfriend. Image Source: Paloma Elsesser Instagram.

Although not a household name yet, the American model Paloma Elsesser has gained significant fame in a short interval of time. Breaking the stereotypes of how people consider zero sizes the main criterion to become a model, Paloma stands out and inspires everyone to love themselves for who they are.

While Paloma’s modeling career seems to be flourishing with each year passing, many are wondering if she has anyone reigning her heart. The model has been vocal about her family and siblings and often mentioned her beau in various interviews. Digging through her social media, we learned that Paloma Elsesser‘s boyfriend is Johnny Wilson. So, why don’t we know more about him in this article?

The Relationship Details of Paloma and Johnny

The first encounter, how Johnny and Paloma’s relationship progressed, and other questions remain a mystery. However, as per one of the posts in May 2017, she shared his photo and captioned it as “almost three years and still got a crush.” Similarly, the model revealed in 2018 that they have been dating for almost four years. So, the pair started their romantic relationship around 2014.

Paloma Elsesser's boyfriend Johnny Wilson
Paloma Elsesser and Johnny Wilson might have started their relationship around 2014. Image Source: Paloma Elsesser Instagram.

Talking about their initial days of talking, the model revealed that she liked a few of his photos, and then after some weeks, she commented, “hi.” Nonetheless, Johnny and Paloma seem to be going strong. The couple even purchased a house upstate to escape the bustle and hustle of urban life.

One of the Three Children of His Parents

Paloma Elsesser’s boyfriend was born in August 1993 to John Wilson Elliman and Lisa Wilson Elliman in Florida. He grew up in Pennsylvania with his two brothers, Andrew Wilson, and Mitchell Wilson.


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Johnny Wilson’s brother, Mitchell, went to Temple University. Paloma’s beau went to school in Pennsylvania. While in high school, he had a job in a restaurant in his hometown and worked the nachos and grill making quesadillas. It was 30 minutes from where they lived, and his two brothers also used to work there.

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Paloma Elsesser’s Boyfriend Used To Be a Chef

While the information about Johnny’s education remains a mystery, he went to culinary school, which according to him, was more of a trade school. He got enrolled in the program, which was about 11 months. After completing the program, he worked at a restaurant for four months.

Paloma Elsesser’s boyfriend then moved to cater to have a flexible schedule and got involved for about 2-3 years. At the same time, he did a few odd jobs here and there. Then, before his 18th birthday, he moved to NYC. Prior to that, he used to work at Woodward East in Pennsylvania, the same kitchen where he worked while in high school.

In addition, Nik Stain also worked as a counselor, and Ishod used to go there as a visiting pro. Although Paloma’s beau has started a new career, he always cooks. As a vegan, he finds it easier to cook at home even though various vegan options are available everywhere.

Currently Works as a Skate Videographer

As mentioned earlier, Paloma Elsesser’s boyfriend changed his professional line from chef to a videographer. He films skateboarding in New York City and is an avid biker. He has filmed several famous skateboarders, including Cyrus Bennett, Caleb Barnett, Ben Kadow, Nik, and Ishod. Wilson met Ishod even before the latter used to visit as the pro at the restaurant he was working in Pennsylvania.

Johnny used to visit his brother Mitchell at Temple on weekends and met Ishod through him. One might wonder how Wilson, who was working as a chef, got into the videography business. He loved to skateboard and even transitioned to cater so that he could skate more.

Talking about filming, Wilson was not always the filmer. There was a kid named John in the town, and he had a camera. The boy used to make little skatepark edits of Johnny when he was 14. After he got over it, Paloma’s boyfriend got his camera somehow, and he used it until upgrading it to the VX1000.

All in all, Johnny seems to be doing well as a skate videographer. We look forward to watching several of his videos. Nonetheless, hopefully, their relationship lasts a lifetime and turns into a happily ever after.

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