Relationship Between Shawn Piller And Laura Vandervoort, Had Plans For Marriage?

Shawn Piller And Laura VandervoortShawn Piller And Laura Vandervoort separated after a few years of relationship. Image Source: Shawn & Laura's Instagram.

Hollywood has witnessed many talented actors, producers, and entertainers. Among them is executive producer, Shawn Piller who also serves as a principal at his independent content production company named Piller/Segan. Shawn started his career in the late 90s and worked on several movies and shows, including The Dead Zone, Private Eyes, and Haven.

Besides movies and work, Shawn Piller is a big lover boy who has recently found the love of his life. However, he was previously linked with Canadian actress Laura Vandervoort. Therefore, let’s look into their relationship and where they are today. Also, did you know Laura Vandervoort almost got married to her former partner before meeting Shawn? If not, stick until the end.

Dated Back In 2015

It’s a bummer to not know about details about one of the hottest couples. But Shawn Piller and Laura Vandervoort were very grounded about their relationship. Although there isn’t much of Shawn and Laura, several sources have quoted them together since 2014. Moreover, on further research, the pair seem to go as far back as 2013, but they might have only been friends at the time. Piller and Vandervoort made their relationship exclusive sometime in 2015.

Shawn Piller’s partner, Laura Vandervoort, is also in the film industry, and thus, they sure formed a bond amidst work and personal time. Shawn Piller and Laura Vandervoort appeared on numerous red carpet events, looking stunning together.

Since the pair were together for several years, Piller and Vandervoort’s fans were anticipating to hear of their engagement/marriage. While the outer world was expecting to hear good news, they were busy separating at the time. And as of now, the couple’s relationship seems to have become history.

Relationship Between Shawn Piller and Laura Vandervoort Is Now A History

As stated above, the relationship between Shawn Piller and Laura Vandervoort is now history. It is unclear when and how the pair broke up, but they are over one another and have moved on with life.

Moreover, Laura Vandervoort’s ex-boyfriend, Shawn Piller, is in a new relationship with a beautiful woman named Amanda. She has set her Instagram to private and keeps her information confidential, so it is hard to know more about her. However, while going through Shawn’s Instagram, their happiness is pretty apparent.

Shawn Piller And Laura Vandervoort
Shawn Piller is in a new relationship with Amanda. Image Source: Shawn Piller’s Instagram,

On the contrary, Laura seems to be single and is focused on her career more than ever. One might not realize, being single opens several doors, including new connections minus negativity and toxicity. Therefore, Laura is living her best life, enjoying time with her loved ones with new resolutions.

But did you know Laura was once engaged to be married to Oliver Trevena?

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Shawn Piller’s Ex-Girlfriend Was Engaged to Oliver Trevena

While she has been in a relationship with several men, Laura came close to marrying only one of them. The Canadian beauty Laura Vandervoort’s ex-fiance, Oliver Trevena, proposed to her during a vacation in a castle in England on New Year’s Eve 2013. Given the castle in England and a romantic setting, the proposal was picture perfect.

A few months after the engagement, Laura was seen flaunting the vintage diamond ring in February 2014. The pair were gearing up for a grand marriage, but, unfortunately, the engagement was called off at the end of 2014. Laura did not comment on the split but made an emotional Instagram post in late December 2014. She suggested that her followers never limit themselves and motivate them to write their own love story, honor spontaneous moments, and loyal friends.

Although Laura did not get to experience what could have been one of the most beautiful moments in her life, she gave love another chance and started dating Shawn. Their relationship did not last as well, but there are always bits to learn from people you indulge yourself with. Thus, both Laura and Shawn must have discovered yet another love language and moved on with no regrets.

Shawn Piller And Lindsay Price Were Married

Mind you, it is not just Laura who has bitter romantic experiences. Her former partner, Shawn, went through a divorce before settling down with Amanda. Piller was married to actress Lindsay Price for three years, from 2004 to 2007.

The couple parted ways, and Lindsay started a family with Australian chef Curtis Stone. They even welcomed two sons, Hudson Stone and Emerson Spencer Stone, together. On the contrary, Shawn is an animal-parent and enjoys his life with his fur babies and his new partner, Amanda.

As of now, both Shawn Piller and Laura Vandervoort are living comfortable lives with their respective partners. Therefore, let’s hope they find peace and prosperity in the coming days learning from life every day.

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