Where Is Zak Starkey’s Wife Sarah Menikides Now?

Zak Starkey wife. Sarah MenikidesZak Starkey wed his longtime sweetheart, Sarah Menikides in 1985. Image Source: Social Media.

Zak Starkey is one of the most loved English drummers currently associated with the English rock band The Who. The Beatles drummer, Ringo Starr‘s son, Zak Starkey, joined The Who in 1996 and has been contributing to the band as a drummer ever since. Besides, Starkey is also famous for his work with the Britpop band Oasis, where he served for four years from 2004 to 2008. To date, Starkey has performed and recorded with numerous notorious musicians like Eddie Hardin, Yoko Ono Lennon, Steven Van Zandt, and his dad, Ringo Starr.

Aside from gaining excess fame and success in the world of music, Zak Starkey is also a successful family man. The multi-millionaire musician, Starkey, who married his long-time girlfriend, Sarah Menikides, in 1985, is usually mute about his personal life. However, there is still some information about his wife available on the internet. Here are some personal and professional details about Zak Starkey’s wife, Sarah Menikides, which you might be interested to know.

Married To Zak Starkey Since 2018

Sarah Menikides, the daughter of a professional hairdresser, married the celebrity drummer Zak Starkey on 22 January 1985. They exchanged their wedding vows in a secret ceremony at a register office in a London Suburb. According to Sarah Menikides’ mother, Bunty Menikides, only three witnesses were there at their wedding ceremony, which was kept secret on instructions of Starkey’s dad, Ringo Starr.

Zak Starkey wife. Sarah Menikides
Zak Starkey’s father, Ringo Starr, did not attend his son’s wedding ceremony to avoid media. Image Source: Social Media.

While talking to a media person, Zak Starkey’s mother-in-law, Bunty, revealed that both Starkey and Menikides’ family decided not to attend their kids’ marriage ceremony to protect them from publicity. Sarah’s mom didn’t think that her daughter and son-in-law would have been able to handle all the glitz. However, all of Sarah and Zak Starkey’s family and friends attended only their reception party at Ringo Starr’s mansion in Tittenhurst, Ascot.

Reportedly, Sarah Menikides and Zak Starkey had already gone their separate ways by 2006 and eventually divorced later. Moreover, it’s reported that despite the divorce, Menikides and Starkey remained close friends. However, due to both Sarah and Zak’s extremely secretive nature, the reality of their marital life is still a mystery. But, hopefully, they are still together, sharing the same affection and care for one another.

Menikides Helped Zak Starkey Reunite With His Dad

Like many other celebrities and their kids, Zak Starkey also struggled with drug addiction and alcoholism during his teenage years. He used to drink heavily and do drugs when Sarah met him in 1982. When Starkey met his future wife, Sarah Menikides, he was just sixteen years old and already deeply addicted to drugs and alcohol. However, Menikides’ arrival in his life changed his life as she helped him get his life back on track. She even helped Starkey reconcile with his dad, who was far from him due to his addiction.

Zak Starkey’s wife, Sarah Menikides, sort of reached him when he needed help to get out from his bad habits. She set down the laws about drinking and drugs, which helped Starkey limit his drinking and withdraw himself from drugs. Moreover, Sarah threatened her then-boyfriend, Starkey, to leave him if he returns to his old unruly ways. So, he changed himself and is currently completely away from drugs. Also, the other good thing is that Starkey’s dad, Ringo reconciled with him and is now on good terms.

Mother Of A Daughter With Starkey

Zak Starkey’s spouse, Sarah Menikides, is a doting mother of a beautiful and talented daughter, Tatia Jayne Starkey, with her husband. Sarah gave birth to Zak Starkey’s daughter, Tatia Jayne Starkey, on 6 September 1985. Growing up, Tatia also pursued her career in the music industry and currently is the bassist and singer of her own band, Belakiss. Also, she was in the original lineup of her father’s band, Penguin Risings.

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Moreover, Zak Starkey’s wife, Sarah Menikides Starkey, is also a proud grandma to her daughter’s son with her partner, Adam Low, Stone Zakomo Low. Stone is the only grandchild of Zak Starkey and Sarah Menikides. Though Sarah stays away from the media limelight, we hope she shares a great bond with her cute little grandson, Stone Zakomo Low, behind the camera.

Sarah Menikides’s Profession And Present Life

Zak Starkey’s wife of over two decades, Sarah Menikides, born in 1959, was a secretary for an estate agent Chancellor when she met Zak. However, it seems like she left her job to be a full-time homemaker and take care of her child.

According to various online sources, Sarah Menikides is now a rehab counselor. But, where she works and if she is engaged in any other professions is not available for the public. She always preferred to stay far from the unnecessary media dramas. As a result, most of her personal and professional details are a question mark for everyone interested in her life. We hope she is living a peaceful life somewhere around the globe, devoting her life to her family and loved ones.

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