Besides Claire Williams, What Do Frank Williams Other Children Jonathan Williams And Jaime S.F. Williams Do?

Frank Williams' Children Jonathan Williams and Jaime S. F. WilliamsJonathan Williams and Jaime S. F. Williams prefer to stay away from the limelight. Image Source: Wikimedia Commons.

Formula One is one of the most-watched and popular sports in the sports industry. It has helped many people gain immense fame and fortune to their name, making them known globally. In addition, there are several drivers, entrepreneurs, and business people who have earned enormous wealth and recognition because of these sports.

Sir Francis Owen Garbett Williams, also known as Sir Frank Williams, is one of the most important names that can never be forgotten from F1 history. The founder of the Williams Formula One team, Frank, was a businessman and a racing car driver. Sadly, we lost him on November 28, 2020.

Well, Frank is survived by his three kids, two sons, and a daughter. In this article, let’s learn in detail about Frank Williams’ children Jonathan Williams and Jaime S. F. Williams aka Jamie S. F. Williams.

Frank Williams’ Children

As mentioned above, Frank Williams passed away peacefully on November 28, 2020. He is survived by his three kids, Claire Williams, Jonathan Williams, and Jamie S. F. Williams, whom he shared with his wife, Virginia Berry.

In 1967, Frank and Virginia Williams met for the first time, and in 1974, they got married. The lovely duo was married for almost four decades until the death of Virginia on March 7, 2013.

Jonathan Williams is the eldest child of Frank and Virginia. After the birth of Jonathan, the duo welcomed their daughter, Claire Williams, on July 21, 1976. Then, the couple welcomed Jaime S. F. Williams, who completed the Williams family.

Frank Williams' Children Jonathan Williams And Jaime S. F. Williams
Jonathan Williams is the eldest child and Jaime S. F. Williams is the youngest child of Frank Williams and Virginia Williams. Image Source: Marc Harris Instagram.

Unlike Claire, much information about Frank Williams’ sons, Jonathan Williams and Jaime S.F. Williams has not been revealed.

Jonathan Works In Williams Racing

In 1977, Jonathan Williams’ father founded Williams Grand Prix Engineering Limited, which currently races in Formula One as Williams Racing. In addition, he founded the Formula One motor racing team and constructor with automotive engineer Patrick Head.

The public company of Williams Group is Williams Grand Prix Holdings, and also includes Williams Advanced Engineering, Formula One Team, Williams Heritage, and other collaborations with other brands.

Williams Heritage is the retired chassis restoration division of Williams F1. It keeps and maintains old retired Williams Formula One chassis that are no longer in use. Frank Williams’ son, Jonathan Williams, currently manages the division along with Dickie Stanford.

Jonathan must be earning significantly from his profession.

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Jamie Works In A London Music Advertising Firm

While Frank Williams’ children, Jonathan and Claire, have followed in his footsteps and are engaged in F1, his younger child seems to have involved himself in a different field. According to Financial Times, Jamie S. F. Williams works in a London music advertising firm.

However, it is unclear which company Jaime currently works for. Nevertheless, he must be earning a considerable sum of money.

Jonathan, Claire, and Jaime all have gained immense fame and popularity as F1 legend Frank Williams’s children. However, they all prefer a private lifestyle. Furthermore, as compared to Claire, Frank’s sons are living their life away from the media.

While updates about Claire’s life could be obtained through her husband, Marc Harris‘s Instagram, the Williams brothers’ personal life has become quite difficult to know.

Lost Their Dad

Life is a mixture of sunshine and hurricane. Sometimes it’s sunshine that symbolizes happiness, and sometimes it’s a hurricane that symbolizes grief. Eight years after the death of their mom, the Williams kids had to go through the same pain. On the twenty-eighth of November, 2021, at the age of 79, their dad took his last breath.

Jonathan Williams and Jaime S.F. Williams’ dad was admitted to the hospital on November 26, 2021. And two days later, he had a peaceful death surrounded by his friends and families. Many F1 drivers including Lewis Hamilton and fans around the world poured their tributes for the legend after knowing the news.

It must have been tough for Jonathan, Jaime, and their sister, Claire, to lose their dad. Nevertheless, we wish the Williams family strength to overcome the saddening tragedy.

Name Meaning

The name Jonathan has a Hebrew origin, and it means God Had Given.

The name Jaime has a Spanish origin, and it means Supplanter.

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