Meet Greta Norris – Photos Of Mike Norris’ Daughter With Valerie Norris

Mike Norris' daughter Greta NorrisGreta Norris is the daughter of Mike Norris and Valerie Norris. Image Source: Greta Norris' Twitter.

Greta Norris is the daughter of American actor, director, writer, and producer Mike Norris. Born on January 8, 2000, Greta is in her early 20s and living life to the fullest.

She is one of the three kids of the Delta Force actor and long-time wife, Valerie Norris. Knowing who her parents are, the 21-year-old has always been under the paparazzi’s radar.

Below let’s get to know Mike Norris’ daughter Greta Norris and her lifestyle.

Greta’s Parents

Both Greta Norris’ parents are involved in the showbiz industry and even co-own their own motion picture studio. Mike Norris and Valerie Norris were long-time couples before marrying.

The Norris couple has been married for over 28 years and work alongside each other. The happily married couples have starred together in Ripper Man, The Rage Within, and Birdie & Bogey. 


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From their 2nd Fiddle Entertainment Motion Picture Studio, the pair has produced and directed AmeriGeddon, The Crossroads of Hunter Wilde, Mission Air, I Am… Gabriel and Maggie’s Passage.

Mike Norris’ daughter Greta Norris has also been part of her parent’s projects.

Has Two Siblings

The star of Born American and his wife are blessed with three children. Greta Norris has an elder sister and a twin brother.

The firstborn, Hannah Norris, was born in 1995 and is now in her mid-twenties. She has inherited the signature blonde looks of her father and grandfather. She also is an alum of Arkansas State University and graduated in 2017.

Mike Norris' daughter Greta Norris
Greta Norris and her family enjoy spending time with each other. Pic Source: Greta Norris’ Instagram.

Valerie Norris’ son Max Norris is the twin brother of Greta and the only boy child in the family. The 21-year-old plays football and is a product of Grapevine Faith Christian School.

Aside from football, Greta’s twin brother enjoys skateboarding and playing the piano.

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Chuck Norris Is Her Grandpa

Mike Norris’ daughter Greta Norris gathered attention from her parents but mostly her grandfather. Hollywood’s action icon, Chuck Norris, is the grandfather of the 21-year-old Greta.

Chuck Norris is also an accomplished martial artist and went one on one with Bruce Lee in The Way of the Dragon. Greta’s father is the eldest born son of Lone Wolf McQuade actor and his ex-wife Dianne Holechek.

The 81-year-old maintains a healthy relationship with all his grandchild. The actor has a total of five children and six grandchildren.

Soccer Athlete

Unlike her twin brother, Greta Norris is into soccer. The Texas-born has won multiple trophies in soccer with her high school team.

Since soccer is finally gathering attention in the U.S.A, Mike Norris’ daughter Greta Norris has a bright future in the sport.

The United States women’s national soccer team has won 4 World Cups, and most of their players are playing in elite-level competitions. Greta is currently playing for Abilene Christian University and has won the Heisman Trophy twice.

She and her twin brother have both won state titles as sophomores.

TikTok Star

Aside from her family vacations and soccer, Greta Norris is also a TikTok star.

The celebrity child has a follower of 209.4K and amassed total likes of 4.5 million. Apart from TikTok, Greta is also active on Instagram and Twitter.

@gretanorris@postmalone is the only man i’ll simp over ##fyp ##foryou ##foryoupage ##postmalone♬ original sound – tyshon

She usually does TikTok with her friends and, in some cases, her family. Greta also tags along with her pet dogs for her TikTok. Mike’s daughter goes by the username gretanorris, and her bio is related to Post Malone.

Hardcore Post Malone Fan

Greta Norris has never had a confirmed relationship but would blindly open her arms for Post Malone.

Austin Richard Post or Post Malone is an American rapper, singer, songwriter, record producer, and actor. He is better known for his iconic vocal styles, introspective songwriting, and tattoos.

As for the soccer player, she has an entire Instagram story highlight dedicated to him. Chuck Norris’ granddaughter even owns a limited-edition Post Malone Crocs.

She dreams of FaceTiming the hip-hop star someday and attends his live performance whenever she gets the chance.

Star In The Making?

Mike Norris and Valerie Norris’ daughter Greta Norris has already starred in a couple of movies produced by her parents.

Unlike her other siblings, the Post Malone loving Greta isn’t shy of camera attention. Norris has yet to land a major role as she has only worked as a minor character.

Greta has acted in AmeriGeddon, The Crossroads of Hunter Wilde, and I Am… Gabriel.

The daughter of Mike Norris and Valerie Norris has a couple of career opportunities. It is up to the celebrity child to whether she will continue in the showbiz industry or pursue her passion for soccer.

Nevertheless, we wish Greta Norris the very best for her future and her overall well-being.

Name Meaning

The name Greta is a girl name of German origin with the meaning “Pearl.”

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