Meet Hannah Norris – Photos Of Mike Norris’ Daughter With Valerie Norris

Mike Norris' daughter Hannah NorrisMike Norris' daughter, Hannah Norris is more into social work rather than the showbiz industry. Image Source: Hannah Norris' Instagram.

Hannah Norris is the eldest child of celebrity couples Mike Norris and Valerie Norris. The 26-year-old is very secretive regarding her personal life and is okay staying away from the mainstream media.

The eldest born is the opposite of her siblings, who often make headlines for different reasons. Below, let’s took into Mike Norris’ daughter Hannah Norris and get to know her better.

Hannah’s Parents

Mike Norris and Valerie Norris are the parents of Hannah Norris. The couple were long-time partners before tying the knot in 1992. Hannah’s dad and mom have been together for more than 28 years and are blessed with 3 wonderful children.

Hannah’s father is an actor, writer, director, and producer. Some of his notable acting works are Survival Game, Born American, Delta Force 3: The Killing Game, Death Ring, and Dragon Fury II.

Mike Norris' daughter Hannah Norris
Hannah Norris is the eldest child of Mike and Valerie Norris. Pic Source: Hannah Norris’ Instagram.

As for her mother, Valerie, she has acted in Ripper Man, Walker, Texas Ranger, The Rage Within, Birdie & Bogey, and I Am… Gabriel.

The couple even owns the 2nd Fiddle Entertainment Motion Picture Studio. The Crossroads of Hunter Wilde, AmeriGeddon, Mission Air, and Maggie’s Passage are some of the movies made by their studio.

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Twin Siblings

Mike Norris’ daughter Hannah Norris is not his only child. As mentioned above, the 26-year-old has two younger siblings, and surprisingly they are twins.

Greta Norris and Max Norris were born on the 7th of January, 2000, and are twins. Mike Norris’s second borns may be twins but are not identical.


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Hannah Norris’ sister, Greta has already starred in a couple of her parent’s movies and also is a soccer prodigy. The 21-year-old has won multiple soccer trophies and is a TikTok star.

Norris’ brother Max, on the other hand, is a talented football player who has played for Faith High School and currently for the University of North Texas.

Their big sister has been the biggest supporter and often attends their matches.

Grand Daughter Of The Hollywood Legend

Everyone who is a Norris is eventually linked with the Hollywood action icon, i.e., Chuck Norris. In terms of Hannah Norris, she is the American martial artist’s granddaughter.

Hannah’s father, Mike, is the eldest child of the Delta Force actor. The 81-year-old is one of Hollywood’s action icons before Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger.

The black belt in Judo, Tang Soo Do, and Brazilian jiu-jitsu even went toe-to-toe with Bruce Lee and starred alongside in The Way of the Dragon, Enter the Dragon, and Game of Death.

Hannah’s grandpa has his own discipline called Chun Kuk Do, which has a major following in America.

Arkansas Alum

Mike Norris’ daughter Hannah Norris attended the University of Arkansas, in Fayetteville, Arkansas. The sister of two graduated in May of 2017 and was also part of a sorority group.

Along with Hannah, Mike Beebe, Veronica Campbell Brown, Tyson Gay, Darren McFadden, and Patrick Beverley are some notable University of Arkansas alumni.

Soccer Fan

Aside from going to her sibling’s soccer and football games, The Arkansas Alum is also a huge fan of the soccer team FC Dallas. The American professional soccer club is based in Frisco, Texas, and competes in Major League Soccer (MLS).

Hannah Norris supports the soccer team as she is a native from Texas. The club currently has talents like Szabolcs Schön, Freddy Vargas, Bressan, and Phelipe Megiolaro, to name a few.

Valerie Norris’ daughter, Hannah Norris, has more love for soccer despite playing basketball in her schooling days.

India Is Her Travel Spot

Hannah Norris, along with her sister Greta Norris would frequently visit India before the global pandemic. The sister duo would usually spend time with kids by going to different orphanages rather than enjoying India’s luxury.

The natural blonde often posts pictures of her spending time with the kids in India, and so does her sister.

The reason behind their adventures to India is still undisclosed, but by looking at their pictures, we can assume it to be charity or volunteering work.

Despite Hannah’s parents owning a movie studio, she has only appeared in a small role for 2012’s I Am… Gabriel. The Arkansas alum is doing fine away from the paparazzi.

Her family always surrounds her as they spend quality and memorable times together. We wish the best to Mike Norris’ daughter Hannah Norris for her future and her well-being.

Name Meaning

The name Hannah is a girl name of Hebrew origin with the meaning “Grace”.

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