Meet Julian Brewster-Form – Photos Of Jordana Brewster’s Son With Andrew Form

Jordana Brewster's son Julian Brewster-Form.Jordana Brewster Is A Proud Mother Of Two Children With Andrew Form. Image Source: Jordana Brewster's Instagram.

Jordana Brewster is a well-known American actress and model. She rose to mainstream stardom as Mia Toretto in the summertime blockbuster The Fast and the Furious. The actress has starred in several movies, music videos, and television series in her career. She has been successful in gaining immense fame as an actress and model.

Aforementioned, Jordana Brewster is one of the prominent names in the American entertainment industry. She has appeared in several hit masterpieces and has successfully earned an estimated fortune of $25 million. Besides all her hard work and achievements, she is also a dedicated mother of two sons, Julian Brewster Form and Rowan Brewster Form, with her ex-husband, Andrew Form. Currently, Jordana is in a relationship with Mason Morfit.

Here, we will be introducing you to one of Jordana Brewster’s sons with Andrew Form, Julian Brewster Form.

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Eldest Son Of Jordana Brewster With Her Ex-lover, Andrew Form

Aforementioned, actress Jordana Brewster gave birth to her first son, Julian Brewster Form, with her ex-husband, Andrew Form, during their decade-long marriage.

The former couple announced their engagement on November 4, 2006. Moreover, their wedding ceremony took place on May 6, 2007. The ceremony was held in Nevis Island, two years after their meeting.


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Julian made Jordana and Andrew proud parents for the first time in September 2013, six years after their marriage. Although very little is known about Jordana Brewster’s son, he must have had a beautiful childhood. Despite his parents’ divorce, Julian must be having a good time with both of his beloved parents.

Is A Big Brother

Jordana Brewster’s son, Julian, became a big brother after three years of his birth. Julian and his younger brother, Rowan, have a good and strong bond with each other. The actress also frequently shares pictures of her children on her Instagram, which shows the offsprings have good times together.

Nevertheless, Jordana Brewster’s kids are growing up well. Their parents are giving their beloved children comfort and good care and support by co-parenting. Furthermore, Julian’s mother seems to have found her new life partner.

Jordan and Andrew Welcomed Their Child Via A Surrogate

The Fast And Furious actress Jordana Brewster, and her producer ex-husband, Andrew, became parents of a child through surrogacy. The parents were excited at the time of welcoming their baby after six years of their marriage. The actress had opened with the fact that she cannot have children and used a surrogate to start her family after her first child’s birth. Jordana admitted to the feeling of loss she feels for not physically carrying her children. The ex-lovers also encouraged other couples going through infertility treatments to be open on the idea of surrogacy after they gave birth to their second child again by surrogacy.

Besides, Jordana wanted to have twins after the birth of her first son, Julian. She also hoped for having twins because the birth of twins runs in her family. This story of Jordana is an inspiration to all the couples who are struggling with infertility and cannot open up with the idea of surrogacy in society.

Julian Brewster Form’s Parents Were Married For More Than A Decade

As stated earlier, Julian Brewster parent’s were together for a long period of time. Jordana tried to maintain her relationships private and keep them away from the media scrutiny in the beginning. Julian’s dad Andrew proposed to the beautiful actress Jordana on their first anniversary, giving her a 3.2-carat emerald cut diamond and platinum ring. Then they got hitched in a private ceremony with the involvement of family and friends.

Jordana Brewster's Ex-lover, Andrew Form.
Jordana And Andrew Exchanged The Vows In A Private Ceremony. Image Source: Jordana Brewster’s Instagram.

Moreover, after they opened about their relationship, Andrew often appeared in the photos of Jordana’s social media handles. The ex-partners first met on the set of a horror movie, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning, in which Jordana was the actress and the film was produced by Andrew.

The loverly ex-partners were seen attending many film premiere on many occasions. The beautiful actress Jordana Brewster is also seen together at different awards shows with her eldest son, Julian. The mother-son duo attended the Nickelodeon’s Kid’s Choice Awards on March 11, 2017. This definitely proves that Jordana never steps back to attend the premiers and other important events with her babies. Not only with his parents, but Julian also attends different programs with his loving aunt, Isabella Brewster.

Although the couple is separated now after thirteen years of their conjugal life, they still have the utmost respect for each other. On July 1, 2020, Jordana filed for divorce. Plus, as already stated, they also share two sons who are not big enough to understand their parent’s separation. So, Jordana and Andrew have remained committed to lovingly co-parent their two children as a team and never make them feel bad about their parent’s separation. And maybe in the future, we can see the Brewster-Form boys with their parents together.

Name Meaning: Julian Brewster Form

The name ‘Julian’ is derived from English Origin, which means youthful.

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