5 Facts About Jeff Gutheim, Including His Relationship With Catherine Tate

Jeff Gutheim and his relationship with Catherine TateCatherine Tate secretly has gotten engaged to Jeff Gutheim. Image source: Social Media.

Movies, TV shows, and the entertainment industry itself is full of contributions of people behind the camera who remain unseen and unnoticed. And among them, one is Jeff Gutheim. Jeff is an American screenwriter who has already given multiple hits to the industry.

Although Jeff Gutheim is a successful screenwriter, he is most famous for his relationship with actress Catherine Tate. Speaking of Catherine, she was previously in a relationship with Twig Clark and shares a daughter, Erin Clark with him. People have been trying to know more about him, while a lot less is known about Jeff in the media. So we’ve tried to accumulate information about Jeff and sum them up in this article. Please read the whole article to know 5 facts about Jeff Gutheim, including his love life with Catherine Tate.

Jeff Gutheim Was Born In The Early Seventies

The screenwriter, Jeff Gutheim, was born on September 16, 1971, in America. On the one hand, Jeff is not very popular for his works, and on the other hand, he likes to keep his personal life under the radar. Maybe that’s why information regarding his parents and the exact place of his birth is out of the media’s reach. But it’s certain that he came from a normal family, and later, he made a name for himself.

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Jeff Gutheim Is A Divorcee

Although Jeff likes to remain pretty secretive about his personal life, he couldn’t hide the fact that he got divorced from his ex-wife. Jeff’s ex-wife’s name is Tracey Gutheim. The former couple had been married for 19 years before getting divorced. They also have three children together, and as of 2020, they are 21, 17, and 15 years old, respectively. .

Well, Tracey is not very happy about the divorce, and she is sadder given the fact that Jeff is dating someone so famous. Interestingly, Jeff’s ex-wife and his current partner, Catherine share something in common. They were both born and brought up in Britain.

Engaged To Famous Comedian, Actress Cum Writer Catherine Tate

Jeff is currently in a relationship with the famous artist Catherine Tate. Who doesn’t know Catherine Tate? Catherine is an English actress, comedian, and writer known for her incredible works on Doctor Who, The Catherine Tate Show, Catherine Tate’s Nan, and the list goes on and on.

Jeff Gutheim and his relationship with Catherine Tate
Catherine Tate’s apparent fiancé is a divorcee. Image Source: Social Media

This actress with the catchphrase “Am I Bovvered?” is apparently engaged to Jeff Gutheim. Sources have said that they got engaged over the New Year of 2019. It had also been said that they were planning for a summer wedding, but there are no updates on this at this moment. Catherine and Jeff have known each other for years now since they have been working in the same industry.

Jeff Gutheim Started His Career Quite Accidentally

Yes, Catherine Tate’s to-be husband Jeff Gutheim got into screen playwriting without actually dreaming of it. He and his friend Ari Michael Steinbeck wrote a screenplay just for fun. It was a dark comedy called Don’t Call Unless The Maid Dies, which was originally titled Sand Traps and Eskimo Pies. After completing it, they submitted it to their literary agent, Gayla Nethercott. She found their voice very unique and inspiring, so she signed them to her agency.

Jeff and Michael, together, worked for New Line Cinema, Intermedia Films, and Warner Bros before they ended their partnership. After that, Jeff was called by a number of production houses, and he has been working on solo projects ever since.

Has Also Worked For Warner Bros and WWE Studios

As aforementioned, the love interest of Catherine Tate, Jeff Gutheim, wrote Day Traitor for Warner Bros. Jeff has also written the last draft of Full of It, a teen comedy. Later in September 2006, Jeff wrote the screenplay Stitch ‘n Bitch for Paramount Pictures. In 2009, Jeff was hired by WWE Studio to write the final draft for their film called Knucklehead. The film starred Big Show and was released in theaters on October 22, 2010.

Jeff has been pretty successful in his career to date. We wish this talented screenwriter even more fame and success. We hope to hear the news of his marriage with Catherine Tate soon.

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