Meet Alyce Madden – Photos Of Hopsin’s Ex-Girlfriend Who Is Also His Baby Mama

Alyce Madden and Hopsin

Marcus Jamal Hopson a.k.a Hopsin broke up with his ex-girlfriend, Alyce Madden after the rich couple’s relationship turned sour. Hopsin’s ex-girlfriend Alyce and his relationship with her were full of troubles, before their eventual breakup. Despite these bitter facts, Alyce Madden is the baby mama to Hopsin’s only child, a son named Zade Ryker Lee.

An Australian by birth, Alyce Madden was born in Sydney. She is currently pursuing a career as a makeup artist, in which she is successful. After blatantly cheating on Hopsin with her personal trainer, the former love birds split. However, Alyce was already pregnant during the couple’s fallout. Alyce Madden gave birth to Hopsin’s son in 2017, making Hopsin a father for the first time in his life. Well, we can see that Hopsin’s love life wasn’t that great.

Hopsin’s Feud With Baby Mama Alyce

Hopsin is in the news for his verbal fights with fellow rappers. The former “Funk Volume” rapper gets into petty feuds with industry rappers. Hopsin’s diss tracks have pissed off so many rappers that it’s hard to keep track of every one of them. Hopsin took to his Instagram to “reveal” his ex-girlfriend Alyce’s “true nature”, describing the baby mama as “gold digger” and “plastic surgery b**ch”.

Hopsin’s rant on Instagram about ex-girlfriend Alyce. Image Source: Instagram/hopsinson.

This time around, however, Hopsin released a couple of singles that shows his ex-girlfriend Alyce’s supposed “real side”. The rapper uploaded a music video on YouTube, titled “ILL MIND OF HOPSIN 9” on November 23, 2017. The superbly rhymed 5-minute song accuses Hopsin’s baby-mother Alyce of denying Hopsin’s son to meet his father.

Alyce, in turn, has reportedly denied Hopsin access to his biological son. Unable to bear Alyce’s cruel actions towards him, Hopsin assaulted his then-girlfriend Alyce Madden in Sydney, Australia. Following a court hearing, Hopsin was sent to a Sydney jail to serve time. It’s clear that Hopsin is angry with his former lover for stopping him from hugging his little son.

Baby Mama Alyce Dead Set On Raising Son In Australia

The “Sag My Pants” rapper Hopsin is a loving father, no doubt. The expert rhymer wants to see his little son and let the boy know that his father exists. If only his ex-girlfriend Alyce Madden would let his kid son meet his loving father. How sad! In light of these controversies with her ex-boyfriend Hopsin, Alyce Madden’s Instagram is now set to private at the moment. She is definitely recovering from the assault launched onto her by former lover Hopsin.

Alyce Madden and Zade Ryker Lee
Alyce Madden with her son, named Zade Ryker Lee. Image Source: Instagram/

However, Madden is not all that bad, despite the terrible fallout with the “Undercover Prodigy” founder boyfriend. Madden’s bio on her official Instagram mentions about her being a “Mother”. One thing’s for sure, and it’s that Alyce really loves her son and is raising him with the utmost care. She makes sure that her son grows up in a comfortable environment in her Australia residence.

But it looks like Hopsin has now got a soft spot for his baby mama as he has released a song titled The Old us where he raps about reconciling with his former partner.

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