What Went Wrong Between Barry Williams And His Ex-wife Diane Martin? Were Married For Two Years

Barry Williams' ex-wife Diane MartinBarry Williams' ex-wife, Diane Martin is very secretive in nature. Image Source: Getty Images.

Barry Williams, born as Barry William Blenkhorn on September 30, 1954, grew up in Santa Monica, California. He is known for his role, Greg Brady, on television series The Brady Bunch. Williams knew he wanted to be in the showbiz since he was four and thus was determined to make his career a success.

Presently, Williams is recognized as a singer and actor across the world. He is enjoying a triumphing career as well as a blissful marital life with his third wife, Tina Mahina. Although it took two marriages to find the one, Williams is living a happy life today. However, we do not hear much about his first wife, Diane Martin.

Therefore, we will be talking about Barry Williams’ ex-wife, Diane Martin, in this article. So, let’s not waste much time to get right in.

Who Is Barry Williams’ Ex-Wife Diane Martin?

The Brady’s star, Barry Williams, is a charming man with a sweet personality and funky voice. Thus, he has no problem attracting women. However, the person to ignite his interest intensely was his first wife, Diane Martin.

We do not have much on Barry Williams’ first wife, Diane Martin, but she seems to be involved in the music industry as well. According to a photo library sorted by the Getty Images, it enlists her as a singer.

Although Diane Martin’s fame rose because of her ties with singer Barry Williams, she has maintained her privacy. Not only do we not know about her whereabouts, but we also cannot find about her backgrounds, profession and many more.

So, it’s safe to say that Barry Williams’ ex-wife, Diane decided to live a life away from media attention. Although we are unknown about what she is up to, it wouldn’t be a surprise if she is living a peaceful life raising a family.

Barry Williams And Diane Martin

The Brady Kids star, Barry Williams and Diane Martin maintained a very grounded relationship. The former couple shared their vows in July 1999. However, the couple continued their privacy even after their marriage.

Barry Williams' ex-wife, Diane Martin
Barry Williams and Diane Martin shared their vows in 1999 and separated shortly after their marriage. Image Source: Williams’ Facebook.

Unfortunately, the pair separated in 1992, after two years of marriage. Regrettably, Barry Williams’ wife, Diane Martin, does not share a baby with him throughout their brief marriage.

What Went Wrong Between Barry and Martin?

The 70s sitcom star, Barry Williams, was clear about his career from the very start and worked very hard to enter the entertainment world. However, fame is not fruitious for every individual and sometimes affect relationship massively.

Aforementioned, the former couple, Barry Williams and Diane Martin, were very private. Therefore, the exact reason for their relationship is not exclusive. But, fame and hectic schedules might have played an enormous role in the divorce.

Whatever the cases were, the former couple had played their part in their relationship, and by now, they must have forgiven, forgotten, and moved on with their life.

Diane Martin’s Ex-Husband Moved On Twice

As mentioned several times, Barry Williams’ ex-wife, Diane Martin, is very secretive. She has buried her information and is unavailable on social media. Therefore we can only hope that she has moved on and is living with her new family.

Contrarily, Big Foot star, Barry Williams, moved on twice after divorcing Diane in 1992. Barry Williams’ second wife, Eila Mary Matt, is a successful banker. They married in 1999 and separated ni 2005 after six years of marriage and a baby boy, Brandon Eric Williams

Likewise, Williams did not lose hope and continued to search for the love of his life and married Tina Mahina on July 9, 2017. Furthermore, he also has a daughter, Samantha Rose Williams, with his ex-girlfriend, Elizabeth Kennedy.

Barry Williams’ ex-spouse is a master of secrecy, which is why we are short on information. But, let’s hope she is living a healthy and happy life of her own.

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