After Marrying And Sharing A Daughter, Why Did David Alan Grier And His Ex-Wife Christine Y. Kim Parted Ways?

David Alan Grier's ex wife Christine Y. KimDavid Alan Grier and Christine Y. Kim have a daughter together. Image Source: Social Media.

American actor and comedian David Alan Grier found fame during the early 90s for his comedy sketches in “In Living Color.” The 64-year-old is also a passionate cook and recently worked alongside Jamie Foxx for Netflix’s Dad Stop Embarrassing Me!.

The comedy man may have thrived by playing significant characters throughout his acting career but has had little luck with marriage. The Jumanji actor has lived through two unsuccessful marriages with Maritza Rivera and Christine Y. Kim.

Below let us look into David Alan Grier and his ex-wife Christine Y. Kim’s relationship and marriage. Find out why the pair ended up separating, despite having a child together.

Who Is David Alan Grier’s Ex-Wife?

As mentioned above, the 6’1″ comedian has married twice in his life so far. His first wife, Maritza Rivera, co-starred along with him in In Living Color.

As for his ex-wife, Christine Y. Kim is an American curator of contemporary art. The Korean native is currently the curator for the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA).

Posted by Christine Y. Kim on Thursday, 2 July 2015


David Alan Grier’s ex-beau has also worked in the Studio Museum in Harlem and Whitney Museum of American Art.

Some of her recent work includes Diana Thater: The Sympathetic Imagination, James Turrell: A Retrospective, My Barbarian: Double Agency, and Teresa Margolles.

They Have A Daughter Together

David Alan Grier’s married life with his ex-wife Christine Y. Kim lasted for only three years. Though they spent minimal time together, the ex-partners were blessed with a beautiful daughter, Luisa Danbi Grier-Kim.

The curly-haired was born on January 10, 2008, and was 7lbs., 6 oz, and 20 inches long. Luisa is a name of Italian origin with the meaning warrior. As for Danbi, it means “sweet rain” in Korean.

David and Christine’s little girl is now a teenager and is very interested in arts like her mother. The couple has joint custody of their daughter following their divorce. Despite her parent’s divorce, the 13-year-old spends time with both her mother and father.

Reason For The Divorce

On June 9, 2009, David Alan Grier’s ex-wife, Christine Y. Kim, filed for a divorce that ended their three years of marital life.

Both the former couple stated irreconcilable differences as their main reason for separation.

David Alan Grier's ex-wife Christine Y. Kim
David Alan and Christine Kim’s marriage didn’t last for long. Pic Source: Social Media.

David and Christine may have had different approaches for their life and family, especially for their newly born child. Irreconcilable means having different ideas which cannot be made compatible.

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Rumors Of The Reason Behind Their Divorce

There was plenty of room for speculations, as the main reason for David Alan Grier’s divorce from his ex-wife, Christine Y. Kim.

One such major speculation was that David was a gay man. Since two failed marriages, people started questioning whether Christine’s ex-husband is gay?

The incident was kept shut after Comedy Central’s Chocolate News host made it clear that he is straight via social media and also joked about it in a couple of his segments.

Child Custody, Support, And Alimony

David Alan Grier’s ex-wife, Christine Y. Kim, was the one who initiated the divorce. The art curator also asked for sole custody of their daughter. Luisa Danbi Grier was just one year old when her parents parted ways.

However. the court would approve joint custody, and the actor agreed to pay $3,566 a month in child support from his $21,667 monthly salary.

It was also revealed that the LACMA curator received a one-time lump sum of $60,000 and split royalties from her ex-husband’s book, Barack Like Me: The Chocolate-Covered Truth.

The MFA Senior Critic would also get an apartment in New York City, gifts, artworks, and the jewelry she received during the marriage. As for the In Living Color funnyman, he got a house in Los Angeles.

David’s Ex-Wife Is Married Again

After the divorce, David Alan Grier’s ex-wife Christine Y. Kim has found love again. She is presently married to Kevin Gruenberg, and they have a gorgeous daughter together.

The family is seen spending quality time together, despite very little is own about her husband. The art interpreter’s second born is Nizzy Gruenberg.

David Alan Grier's ex wife Christine Y. Kim
Christine Kim and Kevin Gruenberg are blessed with a daughter. Photo Source: Christine Y’ Kim’s Facebook.

Despite having joint custody, Luisa spends more time with her mother and her half-sister. The 13-year-old has accepted her step-father with arms wide open and is highly inspired by the art culture, courtesy of her mother.

David’s Life After Divorce

The comedian was very vocal about how he will be handling his life after many bad choices and failed marriages.

Well, David Alan Grier is possibly a single man enjoying singlehood by doing things he loves. The Bewitched actor was able to pursue his passion for cooking so much; he even has a food blog entitled “Chocolate Glutton.”

The 64-year-old is also the proud father of two cute dogs, Buttercup and Ginger. Aside from that, David Alan Grier’s daughter is a huge fan of his cooking, especially his breakfast polenta.

While David Alan Grier and Christine Y. Kim are separated, they both enjoy a healthy life by equally parenting their daughter. We wish the best to both the individuals for their life ahead and safety.

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