Sadly, Harry Belafonte’s Ex-wife Marguerite Belafonte Has Already Passed Away

Harry Belafonte's Ex-wife, Marguerite BelafonteHarry Belafonte's ex-wife, Marguerite Belafonte was a retired govermental official. Image Source: Shari Belafonte's Instagram.

Harold George Bellanfanti Jr., shortly Harry Belafonte, is a renowned singer, songwriter, and actor. Even in his 90s, he is still active as an actor. The artist is also famous for his efforts in humanitarian work and civil rights.

In his glorious life, the pop star has been married thrice. He first exchanged wedding vows with Marguerite Belafonte, and they were together for over a decade. So, in today’s article, let’s talk about Harry Belafonte’s ex-wife, including her career, family background, and her children with the famous actor.

Was Harry Belafonte’s First Wife

Born Frances Marguerite Byrd, Marguerite Belafonte was the first spouse of the musician. The former couple tied the knot on 18 June 1948. Due to the fame of her ex-husband, Marguerite Byrd has also gained wide attention from the public. Their marriage seemed solid, but the ex-pair divorced each other in February 1957.

Harry Belafonte's Ex-wife, Marguerite Belafonte
Harry Belafonte and his ex-wife, Marguerite Belafonte were married from 1949 to 1957. Image Source: Social Media.

A few years after their marriage, Marguerite noticed the change in her then-husband’s lifestyle and attitude. There must have also been other external factors that led the ex-pair to separate. At that time, Mrs. Belafonte was pregnant with her second baby. After a few years of their separation, the former couple legally ended their marriage in 1957.

Well, Marguerite was born to her parents Robert Byrd and Martena Blue on 12 October 1923 in Washington D.C. Sadly, Harry Belafonte’s ex-spouse has passed away on February 15, 1998. The Byrd and Belafonte family lost her to heart disease.

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Harry Belafonte’s Ex-wife Was An Actress And Government Official

Although Marguerite gained massive attention after marrying the famous pop star, she was also popular with her own career. Moreover, Belafonte’s late ex-spouse was an actress. She was best known for her role in the movie Night of the Quarter Moon.

Additionally, the late actress completed her formal education in her hometown by 1941. Afterward, she went to the Hampton Institute and graduated with a degree in early childhood education. Moreover, the actor’s ex-partner also earned her master’s degree from New York University. 

Besides, after ending her first marriage, the Night of the Quarter Moon actress worked in health, education, and social welfare. She worked for the government from 1964 to 1988. In addition, Marguerite received many awards for her works and community volunteer efforts.

Was A Mother Of Two

As addressed above, Harry Belafonte’s ex-wife gave birth to two babies. They are Adrienne Belafonte Biesemeyer and Shari Belafonte, born in the late 1940s and 1954, respectively. Marguerite Byrd and Harry’s daughters have achieved great success in their professional life. Not only that, but they have a family of themselves.

The late actress’ first child, Adrienne, is a professional counselor who has dedicated her life to social welfare. She is also continuing the legacy of activism with her daughter, Rachel Blue Biesemeyer, and her husband, David Biesemeyer. 

On the other hand, Marguerite’s second daughter is also involved in the entertainment industry. She is an actress, photographer, and producer. Apart from her professional success Shari Belafonte has a beautiful family, including her husband, Sam Behrens.

Both Marguerite And Harry Remarried

Both Harry and his ex-wife remarried after the divorce.

As reported by Jukebugs, during the time of separation from his wife, Belafonte was romantically involved with Julie Robinson. Later they walked down the aisle in 1957 and were together for 47 years. They had two kids, David Belafonte and Gina Belafonte. Currently, the songwriter shares a happy conjugal life with Pamela Frank Belafonte.

At the same time, Harry Belafonte’s ex-wife also started her marital journey with Edward Mazique. He was a medical doctor who passed away in 1987.

Nevertheless, Marguerite Byrd Mazique had an amazing life. From being the wife of a celebrity to becoming an actress and federal government education official, her journey was wonderful.

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