Hunter Labrada’s Dad Lee Labrada Is His Biggest Inspiration and Number One Believer

Hunter Labrada And Lee LabradaHunter Labrada is an American bodybuilder and son of Lee Labrada. Photo Source: Hunter Labrada's Instagram.

Bodybuilding is an art form that’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but it indeed is an art. Like a sculptor, you sculpt your body daily with a strict diet and intense workouts. People get into bodybuilding for various reasons. To some, it is because of aesthetic reasons, while to some, it is due to health reasons.

However, the up-and-coming bodybuilder Hunter Labrada got into bodybuilding because he wanted to do well on the gridiron. Hunter is the son of IFBB Hall of Famer Lee Labrada. Hence, this article revolves around the life of Hunter and will discuss his career as a bodybuilder and his father’s influence in doing so.

Journey To Bodybuilding

The famous American bodybuilder, Hunter Labrada, was born on May 17, 1992. His mother is Robin Labrada, and his father is Lee Labrada. Hunter Labrador’s father needs no introduction to the bodybuilding industry. Mr. Lee was the winner of Mr. Universe in 1985 and was placed top 4 for seven consecutive years in Mr. Olympia.

Hunter was only 2 when his father retired. He never pushed Hunter to pursue the same career as his but always motivated him to excel at whatever he did. It wasn’t Hunter’s first dream to pursue a career in bodybuilding. Initially, he wanted to play football. Unfortunately, his dreams came to a halt after he suffered a few serious injuries. During high school, Hunter had three concussions. He had fractured his hip, broken his arm, and dislocated his shoulders.

If Hunter had continued to play football for another four years in college, he would most likely suffer some major injuries. And if that happened, bodybuilding would be off the table for Hunter Labrada. That is why he quit football and pursued bodybuilding. Hunter’s affinity towards bodybuilding grew in his late teens. Hunter Labrada’s father, Lee Labrada, IFBB Hall of Famer, wanted him to focus on football instead of bodybuilding. But not everything goes according to plan.

At first, Lee wasn’t happy about Hunter’s decision. But now, seeing his son’s passion come to fruition, Lee is delighted. Hunter Labrada was off to a great start and first got the attention after winning the 2020 Tampa Pro. Hunter has also won numerous competitions, including NPC Junior USA Championship, NPC Europa Dallas, and NPC National Championship in 2018. Another famous bodybuilder, Arnold Schwarzenegger‘s daughter, is an author. 

Following His Father’s Footsteps

Hunter’s father, Lee Labrada, known as “Mass with the Class,” is a bodybuilding legend in his own right. He has won so many medals that he was inducted into the IFBB Pro-Bodybuilding Hall of Fame in 2004. The former Mr. Universe holds a total of twenty-two professional construction titles. Additionally, Mr. Lee has reached the top four in Olympia six times. Now, Lee Labrada’s son Hunter Labrada is on the pursuit to carry on his father’s legacy.

The second-generation bodybuilder, Hunter also debuted in Mr. Olympia in 2020 and finished in eighth position. To fall under the top 10 positions in the first year was quite an achievement. So Hunter participated the following year and came fourth. Each year, Hunter was nearer to winning the Mr. Olympia title. In his third year of Mr. Olympia, Hunter finished in seventh place.

The bodybuilder was disappointed with the result but promised to come out better in 2023. To Hunter, his father is the major source of inspiration and his number one believer. Hunter Labrada’s father, Lee Labrada, is optimistic that his son could win the title someday.

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Hunter Labrada’s Love Life

Hunter Labrada’s love life is just as flourishing as his career. He is married to Liv Roth, who is also a pro-IFBB bodybuilder. The couple also has a beautiful daughter, Brooklyn Kathleen Labrada. Hunter had been courting Liv for many years but tied the knot recently on September 4, 2022.

Hunter Labrada Wife
Hunter Labrada is married to Liv Labrada. Photo Source: Hunter Labrada’s Instagram.

The newlyweds seem happier together and frequently show affection towards their family on their Instagram. Similarly to his love life, Hunter’s family life is just as smooth. According to Lee, his son Hunter will retire after winning Mr. Olympia and has been a very supportive father. The father-son duo can be seen together on social media and share a lovely bond. We wish the Labrada family more success in the coming future.

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