Paul Stanley Net Worth – Earning From The Rock Band Kiss And Multiple Ventures

Paul Stanley net worth an careerPaul Stanley has made multi-million dollar empire through. Image Source: Instagrarm/paulstanleylive.

American singer, guitarist, and songwriter Paul Stanley is known for his musical triumphs and as the co-lead singer of the rock band Kiss. The 68-year-old has been making music for quite some time and is not stopping anytime soon. Some of his most iconic songs with Kiss include I Was Made For Loving You, I Love It LoudStrutter, and Hard Luck Woman.

Paul has been consistently writing and singing songs for decades, which has made his fortune a massive one. With hit after hit, he was destined to become a millionaire. Today after more than five decades in the music industry, according to Celebrity net Worth, Paul Stanley’s net worth stands at around $200 million, which sure is a colossal figure. Let’s break down how he made his fortune.

Paul Stanley Net Worth And Career

As we mentioned earlier, Paul Stanley’s net worth is currently valued at around $200 million, most of which is covered by his music. Apart from music, Paul is also a professional painter and makes and sells his paintings. His diverse talent definitely adds up to his massive wealth. A hefty amount of his income comes from the tours he conducts with his band Kiss, while he is equally popular on various digital platforms as well.

Earnings From Music

Being a musician, it is basically common knowledge that most of your income comes from music. It is the same case with Paul Stanley as well, as most of his massive fortune comes from the record sales of his music. Kiss, as a band, began making music back in 1973 and Paul, was one of the founding members along with Gene SimmonsPeter Criss, and Ace Frehley. Plus, he is the only founding member, along with Gene, who has not left the band. Kiss released one album with Epic Records and used to perform on a handful of live shows.

Paul Stanley net worth an career
Paul has made a hefty amount of money from his music. Image Source: Instagram/paulstanleylive.

The band has released a variety of albums like Destroyer, Double Platinum, Dynasty and, Unmasked. In 2012 alone, the band had sold 200,000 copies of their album Monster, and Paul made an estimated $200,000. The singer has been making similar numbers throughout the years, such as $149,000 in 2005, $397,000 in 2003, and $2,050,000 in 1988. Paul’s songs with Kiss are still quite popular. Most of them are available for purchase on Amazon, and some with their prices are listed down below:

Destroyer: Resurrected$22.14
Rock And Roll Over$22.97
Alive II$45.79
Dressed To Kill (Remastered)$11.98
Psycho Circus$21.49
KISSWORLD - The Best Of KISS$21.44
Creatures Of The Night (Remastered)$13.98

Most of the albums released have been pretty solid hit over the years, so it has been a huge part of Paul’s success. Being part of one of the most influential music bands of all time has been definitely a huge boost for Paul Stanley’s net worth.

Income From Tours And Digital Platforms

The rock band Kiss has been touring for more than four decades, and they are still going pretty strong. Just ahead of the global pandemic, the band was touring regularly. Apart from performing with the band, Paul also performs solo every once in a while. From various tours and the massive fan following, money was only destined to flow through.

Kiss is also an active part of digital platforms liken YouTube. The band has a channel with more than a million subscribers. According to Social Blade, their YouTube channel makes around $3.8K – $60.3K a year. Even though this is a fraction of their earning, it still contributes to a certain degree. Adding to that is Kiss’s availability on other platforms like Spotify and Deezer.

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Earnings As A Painter And Other Ventures

If you did not know already, Paul Stanley is also a professional painter. He made his debut as a painter in 1996 and has been exhibiting and selling his works ever since. Furthermore, he released his memoir titled Face the Music: A Life Exposed, which was published in 2014.

Although painting and his book are a small fraction of Paul’s earnings, it is still a decent amount.

Paul’s LifeStyle And Assets

After having made a hefty amount of wealth from his illustrious musical career, Paul is living a happy life with his family. He married his wife Erin Sutton in 2005 and has four children altogether. Among the four, Evan Shane Stanley was born to his ex-wife Pamela Bowen, while Colin Michael Stanley, Emily Grace Stanley, and Sarah Brianna Stanley were all born to Erin.

Paul currently lives in his LA home, which is an expansive 9,000-square-foot estate in the Tuscan style, located on Mulholland Drive. The house was built specifically for Paul back in 1996. He also owns luxury cars like the 2020 Chevy Corvette which costs upwards from $59,995. Paul famously said,

“The financial reward is great and I love the life I have, but all money makes possible is for you to stop worrying about money. Then you have freedom to live your life.”

Paul is definitely grateful for what he has today but it is all thanks to his own brilliance that the singer was able of amass that big of a fortune.

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