Did You Know Dobre Brothers’ Net Worth Is In Millions? Income From YouTube And Merch

Dobre Brothers's net worthCyrus Dobre, Darius Dobre, Lucas Dobre, and Marcus Dobre are the Dobre Brothers. Image Source: Dobre Brothers' Instagram.

Dobre Brothers, a group of four brothers, Cyrus Dobre, Darius Dobre, Lucas Dobre, and Marcus Dobre, are YouTubers who together run the YouTube channel Dobre Brothers. The Dobre brothers joined the YouTube community on June 5, 2017, and with over 8.5 million subscribers have become YouTube celebrities.

However, Lucas and Marcus were the ones amongst the Dobre brothers who joined forces to dominate the YouTube community first. Together they created their channel, which is named after them, on 19 January 2011. Together the Dobre Brothers’ net worth is estimated at $18 million according to NaiBuzz, but is it actually true? Let’s figure it out and know whether their wealth exceeds your imagination.

Dobre Brothers’s Net Worths And Earnings

With over 8.5 million people subscribing to their channel and about 1.6 billion-plus views on their videos, they have dominated the YouTube community since their first arrival. Moving to their earnings from their Youtube Channel, according to SocialBlade, they earn $13.6K to $217.6K a month and $163.2K to $2.6M a year. Even though the numbers seem a lot, remember it is divided in to for people. The Dobre brothers profit equally with their combined efforts, and they are living examples that together you can do anything and accomplish anything.

Dobre Brothers' net worth
Dobre Brothers make a handsome amount of money from their YouTube channel. Image Source: Pinterest.

In addition to that, they also earn from sponsorships and advertisements. That’s not it, the Dobre brothers also have their own game simply named after them, Dobre Dunk. Their game is available on the apple store and the play store. They must earn a couple of bucks from there too. We can’t say for sure, but looking at the odds, we can conclude that Dobre Brothers’s net worth combined will surely exceed million’s mark.

Other Sources Of Earnings

Unlike many YouTubers, the Dobre brothers’ have a variety of sources of income. Some of them are merchandise, tours, concert, and, most importantly, Meet and Greet. The cost of one ticket for their Meet and Greet program is about $600, which is extremely expensive. So, yes, the Dobre brothers earn a hefty load for each time they show up in some sort of event.

Dobre Brothers' concert
Dobre Brothers also earn from their tours and concert. Image Source: Ticketfly.

In addition to that, they have their own website where they sell their merchandise, prices of which are enlisted below:

Unisex Athletic Logo Crew Neck Sweatshirt$40.00
Unisex Spiral Tie Dye Long Sleeve$35.00
Unisex Athletic Logo Joggers$45.00
Dobre Embroidered Beanie$20.00
Lit Enamel Pin$7.00

They not only sell their merchandise on their official website but on Amazon too. They have a wide variety of merch available there like backpacks, T-Shirts and many more.

Dobre Brothers' net worth
Dobre Brothers wearing their own merchandise. Image Source: Dobre Brothers’ Instagram.

Now moving on to their musical concerts, if you follow Dobre Brothers on YouTube, then it might not come as a surprise that they are incredibly talented when it comes to singing and dancing. Well, they are sure using their talents to the fullest as they travel around the world organizing events. As addressed above, their tickets don’t come cheap, and with that, they earn a pocket full of cash, which undoubtedly adds to their fortune.

Addition YouTube Channel

Even though the Dobre brothers are quite successful running their YouTube channel together, for some reason, they have their respective channels too. Maybe they just want to earn some extra cash, it seems so as Lucas and Marcus’s official channel have more than 19 million subscribers and 4.8 billion-plus views. So, you can say they are earning from both of their well-established channels.


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To make matters clear, they make $29.3K to $468.3K a month and $351.2K to $5.6M a year alone from Lucas and Marcus’ YouTube channel. Well, that’s not it. Cyrus Dobre and his wife Christina Dobre also have their own YouTube channel, with 2.51 million people subscribing to their channel and 2.7 million-plus views on their videos. They don’t earn much from this channel compared to some of the channels mentioned above, but no one cares if money just flows in your bank account. They make somewhere between $2.7K to $43.4K a month and $32.5K to $520.5K a year, according to Social Blade.

Living A Luxurious Life

To fans of Dobre brothers, it must not come as a surprise that they have accumulated a whole bunch of money over the past years. They currently reside in their mansion, which they have named the Dobre House. On March 15, 2018, they uploaded a video tour of their new house. Their house is as beautiful and magnificent as it can get. The Dobre brothers refer to this stunning accomplishment as a dream come true.

Dobre Brothers' net worth
Dobre Brothers live a lavish lifestyle with all of their fortunes. Image Source: Pinterest.

The Dobre Brothers’ property composes of a Forty Acer land with three houses, two small and a big mansion-like house which they have named the Dobre Headquarters. With a beautiful view to enjoy and lots of lands which they don’t have to share with anybody, that’s a dream come true. One of their small houses is their pool-house, which they use to have lots of fun chilling and partying. Their third house is the one called the East-Wing, they need a transportation vehicle to reach their third house so you can imagine how rich they are. They have an East-Wing and a West-Wing situated on both sides of their primary residence.

Dobre Brothers' house
Dobre Brothers, like in their house that lies in forty-acre land. Image Source: Pinterest.

Speaking of their car collection, the Dobre brothers uploaded a video on July 27, 2019, where they showed all of their cars. So, let’s get into the details.

Owned ByCar's ModelPrice
Lucas and MarcusTahoe e71 Chevy$49,775
Cyrus DobreBMW x6m$106,695
Darius DobreBWM x5m$105,100
Lucas and Marcus4x4 truck$25,000
Marcus Dobre2019 Porsche GT2 RS $293,200
Cyrus DobreMcLaren 720 S 2018$287,245
Darius DobreLamborghini's Aventador SVJ 2019$573,966
Lucas and MarcusGTR Nismo$212,435
Cyrus DobreViper 2016 ACR $122,490
Lucas DobreFerrari 480 Pista$350,000
Lucas and MarcusMansory Stallone 812$315,000

The Dobre brothers have a separate channel dedicated to super classy cars named Dobre Cars. Some of the vehicles they own are extremely expensive and hard to maintain, that too indicates how much wealth they have. So to conclude, Dobre Brothers’ net worth composes of their earnings from YouTube, merchandise, music concerts, and obviously their tours & events.

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