Who Is The Guy Behind The YouTuber Dream? 5 Interesting Facts

YouTuber Dream's interesting factsDream is a famous Youtuber and Twitch streamer popular for Minecraft contents. Image Source: Dream's Instagram.

Clay, most notably known by his online name Dream, is a popular YouTuber and Twitch streamer. He is known for his content related to Minecraft. Dream was born on August 12th, 1999. However, he has not shared any personal information regarding his life, including his full name.

Furthemore, Dream is one of the quickest growing YouTubers. He gained over 10 million subscribers just within a year. He has seven channels on the video-sharing sites. In addition, the famous YouTuber won the Content Creator of the Year in 2021. Dream has also won the Streamy Awards twice for the gaming category. Besides YouTube, he has 5.9 million followers on his Twitch channel.

So, In today’s article, let’s get to know the famous YouTuber Dream. Here are some interesting facts about the Twitch streamer and content creator.

Creator Of The Popular Minecraft Server Dream SMP

Minecraft is one of the most famous along with best-selling games of this generation. Dream rose to popularity with his content and streams related to Minecraft. Furthermore, he is the founder of the private Minecraft server, Dream SMP. The server members all have their own characters, stickers, and avatars.

Dream created the server on April 2020 with the fellow popular streamer, GeorgeNotFound. He operates the server playing with four various characters across three different accounts.

Has Released His Own Song

Besides being a popular YouTuber and Twitch streamer, Dream is also a singer. He utilized his fame wisely and released his first song, Roadtrip, in collaboration with PmBata in February 2021. The song gathered a lot of attention and fame, accumulating over 25 million views on YouTube.

Furthermore, Dream released his second song, Mask, in May 2021. Similar to his first song, Mask also has over 25 million views on YouTube. He later released an animated video for the song, but the public and media heavily criticized it. The video was described as insensitive for its lyrics and animation which Dream retaliated by deleting the music video.

Dream’s Face Reveal

Being a popular internet celebrity and having millions of followers, Dream still hasn’t revealed his face to the public yet. He has displayed some parts of his body, like the hair and neck, but his face is yet to be public. He even appeared with a dummy on his head, just hiding his face revealing his entire body.

YouTuber Dream's interesting facts
YouTuber and Twitch streamer Dream has not revealed his face to the public yet. Image Source: Dream’s Instagram.

Nevertheless, the YouTube sensation has teased about-face reveal in the past several times. In September 2019, Dream uploaded a video on his YouTube account with the title, “my face reveal,” but he deleted it after some days with over 34,000 views. Followingly, Dream pranked his followers on April 1st, sharing retweeting a tweet from Danny Gonzalez, which claimed he was Dream.

However, Dream has talked about a face reveal and talking about it on his live stream; Dream said he would be up for a face reveal in 2022 if the pandemic goes away.

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Was Accused Of Cheating In A Speedrun

In a video uploaded by the Speedrun Minecraft head and YouTuber, Geosquare in December 2020, he accused Dream of cheating to go through several Minecraft speed runs. In the video, he provided statistical analysis created by Speedrun, stating that Dream’s game was modified to manipulate the pearl banter and rod drop rates.

Later on, the case was concluded, saying that the odds to Dream’s chances in the game were 1 in 7.5 trillion, and it was impossible to do what he did. In addition, popular Youtuber and streamer Karl Jacobs responded to the incident saying Dream indeed was having an unfair advantage over others with his modified version.

Dream’s Net Worth And Earning Sources

Being a very renowned YouTuber, Dream has over 28.3 million subscribers on his primary channel. YouTube channels get paid from around $3 to $7 per every thousand views. Dream’s main channels have around 33 million views in a single month and 1.08 million views per day. As per SocialBlade, the estimated earnings of Dream’s main channel is between $8.8K – $140.5K monthly and $105.4K – $1.7M yearly.

Moreover, Dream has seven accounts on YouTube which are monetized. His other channels such as Dream XD and Dream Team are also very popular. Both the channels have over million subscribers and they have good watch hours as well which might earn some more money for Dream. Taking a look at these facts and numbers, Dream’s net worth must be sitting in a pretty good spot in millions.


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So, Dream must be earning a significant amount of money from his music career and ad revenue from his social media as well. We wish the young YouTuber all the best in his career ahead.

Trivia And Facts

  • Dream is diagnosed with ADHD
  • His favorite color is green.
  • He is scared of heights.
  • He has over 3.3 million followers on Instagram.

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