Jiedel Net Worth – Income And Earnings From YouTube And Merch

Jiedel's net worthJohnny Jiedel is a YouTuber best known for his NBA 2K gaming videos. Image Source: James' Twitter.

Born on July 7, 1995, Johnny Jiedel is a YouTube gaming personality who earned massive popularity for his NBA 2K gaming playthroughs, hacks, and montages. He joined the YouTube community on June 19, 2014, and over the past decade has grown to become one of the most influential gamers.

James is also a member of 2Hype, it is a group of YouTube superstars that came together to live in a house in Yorba Linda, California. Some of its members are JesserTheLazer, Cash Nasty, Kristopher London, ZackTTG, TDPresents, LosPollosTv, and Kenneth Walker. Being such a famous YouTube star, Jiedel’s net worth must be of thousands of dollars or even millions. So, let’s get to know how much is his actual net worth and his sources of income.

Income YouTube

As mentioned above, James joined the YouTube community on the 19th of June 2014 as Jiedel. He likes to describe himself as a comedian who makes videos with 2 ounces of comedic value, and 4 tablespoons of stupidity. His videos are quite entertaining and fun to watch, maybe that’s why many people have subscribed to his channel. Speaking of Jiedel’s subscribers, over 763K people have already subscribed to his channel, and 1.94 million-plus times his videos have been watched, he has undoubtedly made a name for himself.

Jiedel's net worth
James earns a handsome amount of cash from his YouTube Channel. Image Source: Pinterest.

Moving on, how much he earns from his YouTube Channel? Answer to that question is simple, James makes $3.1K to $50K a month and $37.5K to $599.5K a year, according to Social Blade. Well, with all of that money flowing to his bank account, we can say for sure that Jiedel lives a comfortable life. But Jiedel’s net worth doesn’t only include his earnings from YouTube, he also has a bunch of other sources of earnings.

So, let’s discover some of his sources of earnings other than YouTube.

Earnings From Merchandise

James doesn’t have his own merchandise at the time being but has created a line of merch in collaboration with 2Hype. On November 23, 2018, he, along with his fellow members, released their 2HYPE Merch, which they sold for $67 only.


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However, in April of 2017, he announced that he was selling limited numbers of Jiedel merch. Fans were really excited when James made this announcement, as a result, his merch sold like wildfire. He must surely have earned a handsome amount of cash from selling his merchandise.

Earnings From His Twitch Channel

Twitch has become a favorite platform for many gamers, not only to show their gaming skills but also to earn a significant amount of money. If you have been wondering how does a person earn so much money from Twitch, then you have come to the right place. Any Twitch streamer makes money by,

  • Sponsorship
  • Donations
  • Selling Customized Merchandise
  • Affiliate Links
  • Tournament Winnings

Though you would need a significant amount of followers in order to earn a bundle of cash.

Moving on, James, aka Jiedel, has a total of 3K followers on his Twitch channel. So, we can assume he earns a significant amount of money from Twitch, which must surely add to his fortune.

Jiedel's net worth
James not only earns from YouTube but also from Twitch. Image Source: Pinterest.

To conclude, Jiedel’s net worth includes all of his earnings from YouTube, Twitch, Merch, sponsorships, and ads. His wealth surely exceeds the millions mark, and with all of his fortune, he is living quite a comfortable life with his girlfriend, Amy.

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