Look Into Mama Dragun’s Tattoos And Know Their Meaning

Mama Dragun

The transgender makeup artist and beauty guru, Mama Dragun a.k.a. Nikita Dragun is one of the famous YouTubers with millions of subscribers. The “mother of Draguns” has lots of tattoos drawn into her body. She has got a body with beautiful inks and colors.

Mama Dragun’s skin may be a kind of sketch paper where creative arts are portrayed. In the same way, it looks as though Nikita is fond of cool and awesome tattoos. And perhaps, she is an excellent tattoo-lover.

Nikita Has Got Different Kinds Of Dragon Tattoos

Nikita has got a fiery Red Dragon on her spine-back and a dragon tattoo on her chest. Similarly, she has tattooed a dragon head on her left rib cage and also a dragon on her left hip area. Her right hand has a snake-like dragon crawling on her wrist. From all that, we can assume that she loves the mythical creature.

Mama Dragun
Mama Dragun has lots of dragon tattoos on her body. Image Source: Steal Her Style.

So, it reflects the personality of the YouTuber. The tattoos seem to represent her nickname “Dragun” as in “Dragon.” Dragon tattoo symbolizes strength, protection, and wisdom. Since Nikita is a transexual woman, she must have gutted with great strength to let it out.

A Vietnamese Buddha On Her Right Rib Cage

The beautiful Nikita has also got the tattoo of Vietnamese Buddha – the god of Mercy in Vietnamese Buddhism. The Buddha is peacefully meditating on the Lotus flower. The tattoo looks so simple yet is very artistic and wonderful.

As the tattoo itself defines the person, we can pretty much guess that she is merciful. Likewise, she seems to be religious and is a believer of Gods.


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Although Mama Dragun has not revealed anything about her Vietnamese tattoo yet. .

Arabic Word On Nikita’s Left Wrist

The Arabic word “تنين” is one of Nikita’s tattoos. You can clearly see the tattoo on her left hand inked with a reddish color. The meaning of the Arabic word is “Dragon,” and it highlights the nickname being referred to as “Dragun.”

Mama Dragun
The Arabic word on her wrist means to be “dragon.” Image Source: Steal Her Style.

The red color of the tattoo symbolizes a lot of things like red is the color of fire, blood, and passion. In a parallel way, it also represents the love among other things. Hence, the YouTuber has a great obsession for artistic and extra-ordinary tattoos.

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