Who Is YouTuber Emilia Fart? What Could Be Her Earning From YouTube And Merch?

Who is Emily Fart?YouTuber Emily Fart, a mixture of weirdness and coolness. Image Source: Papermag.

The iconic look of the emerald green robe with a cluster of silver brooches adorning the front, neck scarf, and feather boa beneath a faux fur jacket, YouTuber Emilia Fart is the pioneer of new weird and cool style. The Canadian content creator, Emilia Fart, was born on December 15, 1989. Emilia was always searching for her true self amidst the growing arguments inside her head. After the consultation with her therapist, Emilia took the step into the YouTube platform. Even though she joined YouTube on October 16, 2012, the scarf lover, Emilia Fart, started frequently uploading since 2016.

Ever since then, Emilia Fart has made a unique image on the internet and gathered massive followings as well. Ms. Emilia has always been suspected of being just a YouTube character and not a real person. Still, Emilia ignores it, and she is always herself in front of the camera.

The Confident Girl

The 30-year-old fantastic lady, Emilia Fart, is the immersing new face in the world of YouTube and dwindling real issues-entertainment options. From her early days of YouTube, Emilia has always been seen in her iconic robe and scarf, talking about feelings and eating food in her favorite place i.e., bathtub. Her videos are always pointed towards real circumstances that we feel awkward to talk over. Whereas, Emilia is free-spirited enough to talk about it in her bedroom or grocery store. She is very good friends with Trisha Paytas and Shane Dawson.

The Iconic queen of YouTube, Emilia Fart
The girl that honestly confesses about the realities of issues, Emilia Fart. Image Source: Papermag.

Emilia is a positive icon of the digital world. In a world were people are body shamed, she makes everyone believe in themselves and be their true selves. With her growing influence in media, we can assume that she must earn some hard cash.

So, what could be her earning from YouTube or merch? Let’s find out more about it.

Earnings From YouTube

Emilia Fart is a character who spreads salt over the wound, which we don’t want others to notice. She makes brutally honest and real comments about anxiety, depression, and insecurity, which makes the viewers uncomfortable due to the truth it holds. Because of how real she is, of how she doesn’t care about what other people say, and how herself she is, Emilia has managed to get around 796K subscribers and accumulated 72.2M views in 341 of her uploads available.

According to Socialblade, it is estimated that Emilia earns about $3.8K – $61K per month and $3.8K – $61K annually.

With Emilia being vulnerable and real in front of the camera, her audience has taken a form of solid admirers. Her fans even decode Emilia as the underrated YouTuber. Hence, we can see how much Emilia has made an impact on people’s lives and the YouTube scenario. Plus looking at her YouTube earnings, Emilia Fart’s net worth must also be grand.

Earning From Merch

As we already know about the impact of Emilia on the internet, her fans are always eager to know what she is up to or what kind of hippy dress she is going to rock. On the other hand, Emilia never ceases to upset the viewers as she comes up with fun content every time with her signature looks alongside. Emilia has made a pin that costs $11.99, out of which 2% goes to the National Alliance on Mental Illness. Not only she makes an honest comment, but she also works for good cause as well.


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Her fans are also creative like her, as on Redbubble, many fans have made merch of Emilia’s iconic dress up and look. We can see that Emilia Fart is loved by her fans and has a stronghold in the queer community as well. And all the earnings from the merch must also contribute to Emilia Fart’s net worth.

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