Who Is YouTuber Leonhart’s Wife? Has Posted About Her In HIs Social Medias A Lot

YouTuber Leonhart's Wife YouTuber Leonhart's Wife, Rebecca is a fun-loving person. Image Source: Leonhart's Instagram.

YouTube has become one of the most leading platforms for a variety of talents. Among such brilliance, YouTuber, Leonhart aka Lee Steinfeld, is an exceptionally talented artist who owns one of the world’s largest Pokemon YouTube channels. Besides that, he is also a professional voice actor and online personality for the gaming channel Leonhart.

The fun persona Lee Steinfeld, a lawyer, turned YouTuber, has maintained his personal life and career at a balanced pace. Therefore, we are here to shed light on Leonhart’s wife and their public presence. Ready for the ride? Bet y’all will enjoy knowing about this wonderful lady so stick until the end.

Who Is YouTuber Leonhart’s Wife?

Those who have recently come across Leonhart’s YouTube channel might not know he is a married man. He is happily married to Rebecca Lipinski, who first appeared on Leonhart’s videos in 2017.

On the video uploaded in 2017, Leonhart’s wife, Rebecca, introduced herself as Rebecca Lipinski with the sweetest voice one can imagine. 

Additionally, Leonhart’s spouse ticks all the charts off his fans’ expectations regarding his partner. Therefore, Leonhart’s community appreciates her presence on the channel.

Regrettably, Rebecca seems to prefer a private life and keeps away from all kinds of social interaction. Therefore, we do not have much on her whereabouts. However, we know that she is doing well with her husband and, hopefully, a career diverse from her partner.

A Supportive Partner 

Although Rebecca chooses a quiet life, she appears on several videos on Leonhart’s YouTube since their engagement videos. Her presence and her energy are radiant enough to make her easily likable. 

Furthermore, Leonhart’s sweetheart is hugely supportive of his career as a YouTuber. A person with a clear vision is attractive indeed, and having a partner to support the madness is pure luck. Thus, both Leonhart and Rebecca are lucky to have found one another. 

 YouTuber Leonhart's Wife Rebecca
YouTuber Leonhart’s Wife, Rebecca is very supportive of his career. Image Source: Leonhart’s Instagram.

Sadly, Rebecca is away from social media, but we could witness her well-being every-now-and-then from her husband’s Instagram filled with Pokemon cards and soft toys. 

Engaged In 2017

The secretive pair have been showing their love on screen for quite some time. The couple shares chemistry that positively intimidates Leonhart’s viewers.

Although nothing is up about the couple’s dating life, he mentioned his engagement dates and events with endless details. YouTuber, Leonhart proposed to his girlfriend-turned-wife on October 15, 2017, on a VIP tour of the Dallas Cowboys practice facility, The Star.

 YouTuber Leonhart's Wife
YouTuber Leonhart got engaged to Rebecca in 2017. Image Source: Leonhart’s Instagram.

Leonhart further posted their simple yet magical moments on YouTube channel, starting with a sweet intro by his wife, Rebecca. The YouTube sensation proposed his partner, followed by a simple slogan parade and small emotional moment.

The pair further acknowledged their engagement moment in an unboxing video in January 2018. The couple went on to marry sometime late after the unboxing video went up on YouTube.

It Was Leonhart’s Wife Rebecca’s Idea Of Walking Down The Aisle On Pokemon Themed Song

Well, to have a wife who makes you pump-ke-mon and make an effort to like pokemon as much as you do is a blessing to begin with. But, will your wife make you walk down the aisle to pokemon’s theme song? No? Or Heck No? 

Even if a loud NO smacked your head, Leonhart’s wife, Rebecca, agreed to let him walk to pokemon’s theme song. Of course, it was fancy and unique, but most importantly, it was Rebecca’s idea to do so and include several small pokemon-details. 

Leonhart and Rebecca got married in June 2018, a few weeks after he announced his marriage on a Q&A video. The wedding was beautiful and intimate, surrounded by friends and families. Also, Pokemon socks. 

Leonhart announced his wedding via social media handle and allowed the world to know they’re MARRIED! Besides sharing vows, they also went onto appear on Gaming Expo together. After promising his viewers more screen-time for his beloved wife, the pair has now uploaded a significant number of videos together. 

Furthermore, Leonhart and Rebecca are parents to several fur-babies, and we cannot wait to hear about the baby pokemon enthusiast’s arrival. Let’s hope the pair takes a step at a time and give away the special news soon. 

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