Look At How Catherine Paiz’s Daughter Alaïa Marie McBroom Is Growing Up

Catherine Paiz's Daughter Alaia Marie McBroomAlaia Marie Mcbroom is the middle child of Austin McBroom and Catherine McBroom. Image Source: Alaia Marie McBroom Instagram.

YouTube has become a source of entertainment, learning, and business too. Many people nowadays have YouTube as their full-time job as they can earn significantly. Many videos get uploaded on YouTube, some gain millions of views, and some do not. Those videos that are successful help the channel and its creator gain fame and riches.

One of the most famous YouTube channels is The ACE Family. The channel run by Austin McBroom and his wife, Catherine McBroom, has been loved by several fans worldwide, making them famous and wealthier.

Besides Austin and Catherine, their children too have become known globally. So, let’s get to know Catherine Paiz’s daughter, Alaïa Marie McBroom, and see how she is growing up.

Second Child Of Austin and Catherine

The ACE Family’s patriarch, Austin McBroom, and his wife Catherine Paiz have been married since 2017. They met at a dinner in 2015 and started dating shortly after. In their six years of relationship and four years of marriage, the McBroom couple gave birth to three babies, two daughters, and a son.

In February 2018, Catherine and Austin uploaded a photo and a video, respectively, on their Instagram page and revealed that they were expecting a baby. Catherine wrote that God had blessed them with a new addition to the family. Similarly, Austin also captioned the video saying he was speechless, full of joy, and excited.

Austin added that he had many blessings in his life, and another one was added. Furthermore, in April 2018, the couple revealed that they were expecting a baby girl. Austin uploaded a clip of the gender reveal they had organized and disclosed to the world about their unborn child’s gender.


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Finally, on September 17, 2018, Catherine Paiz’s daughter, Alaïa Marie McBroom, was born. The duo shared the happy news via Instagram. Austin and Catherine feel fortunate to have their daughter, Alaïa, who gave the couple a new perspective on their life.

Has Two Siblings

Alaïa is the middle child of Austin McBroom and his wife, Catherine McBroom. She has an elder sister and a younger brother with whom she is pretty close. Alaïa Marie’s eldest sister, Elle Lively McBroom, was born on May 28, 2016. She is the eldest child among the McBroom kids.

Similarly, Alaïa Marie McBroom’s brother, Steel McBroom, came to this world on June 20, 2020. Her parents had talked openly about their first two pregnancies. But when they were pregnant with her baby brother, they did not share the news of their pregnancy right away. Instead, Alaïa McBroom‘s parents did not reveal the news about their third pregnancy for several months.

Catherine Paiz's Daughter Alaia Marie McBroom
Alaïa Marie McBroom has an elder sister and a younger brother. Image Source: Elle Lively McBroom Instagram.

Catherine Paiz’s daughter, Alaïa Marie McBroom, seems to have a pretty close bond with both of her siblings. The McBroom siblings are having a wonderful time growing up together.

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Catherine Paiz’s Daughter Has Millions Of Followers On Instagram

If you are born into a famous family, it is common for the kid to also become popular at a young age. Well, the same happened with little Alaïa. Because of their growing YouTube channel, Catherine Paiz’s second child Alaïa Marie McBroom also came into the limelight along with her two siblings.

Furthermore, Alaïa has an Instagram page, which her mom and dad handle. She already has 2.5 million followers on her Instagram. At such a young age, the middle child of Austin and Catherine has already become a social media star. Furthermore, McBroom’s Instagram page has photos of her in different fashionable clothes.

It is too soon to know if Alaïa will get involved in the fashion industry or choose YouTube as her career. Nevertheless, we hope that Catherine Paiz and Austin McBroom’s daughter gets to enjoy a fruitful life.

Name Meaning

The name Alaia has a Basque origin, and it means Happy and Joyous. Similarly, the maiden name Marie originated from the French word that means Of The Sea Or Bitter.

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