Dolores Catherine Johnston McBroom, Life Before YouTube Fame

Catherine McBroom factsCatherine McBroom runs the YouTube channel The ACE Family, with her husband. Image Source: Catherine McBroom.

YouTube has become one of the most utilized platforms and big business used by several people worldwide. Even the renowned and already famous people have used this platform for their own good, be it to earn fame or to earn money. As a result, many people have gained significant success from their YouTube channels.

One such name that came into the limelight because of the YouTube is Dolores Catherine Johnston McBroom. The wife of popular social media personality Austin McBroom, Catherine runs a YouTube channel named The ACE Family with her husband.

With the growing fame and popularity, Catherine McBroom‘s personal life has also become a major topic of discussion for several people. So, what was her life before the YouTube fame? In this article, let’s find out more about Catherine McBroom and her lifestyle before and after the fame.

Is The Eldest Child Of Her Parents

Catherine McBroom was born in Montreal, Canada, on August 24, 1990. She was born to Panamian parents, Wiliam Johnston and Gina Paiz, and is their eldest child. Catherine, whose first name is Dolores, often goes by her middle name.

In one of the videos on her YouTube, she explained that Catherine is not her real name. Later, it was revealed that her actual real name was Dolores. Her dad had decided impulsively to give her the name of her mother’s foster mother.

Her younger brother, Kenneth Ryan Johnston, is also a YouTuber like her. He and his partner, Leslie Rose Hernandez, run the YouTube channel named Through Our Eyes.

Catherin McBroom's Parents
Catherine McBroom is the eldest child of her parents. Image Source: Ryan Johnston Instagram.

Sadly, Catherine McBroom’s parents are no longer together. After separating from Gina, Catherine’s dad married Natasha Johnston and has a son named Joshua Bryan Johnston. Similarly, Gina also has a daughter, Valentina Paiz, with her other partner.

Catherine seems to be close with all her siblings and loves them all.

Began Working At The Age Of 16

Most people start working at the age of 20s, and during their teenage years, they are dependent on their parents for everything. However, this was not the case for Catherine. In the first YouTube video of The ACE Family, she revealed that she began working at the age of 16.

Unlike other teenagers who work part-time jobs before going to college, after graduating high school, she skipped college and traveled to China. There, she worked as a tutor. Paiz then returned to the United States and worked at several jobs.

Catherine worked many jobs like managing a venue, working at a hedge fund, and others. Furthermore, she also worked on starting her own gym wear line. However, she put it on hold after she became pregnant with her first child.

The success that Catherine has gained today might be the result of working hard since the early days.

Did Modeling In The Past

Apart from the several jobs that she worked in previously, modeling and acting were some of the jobs that she did in the past. She modeled for Azzelia Swimwear and Victoria’s Secret. Furthermore, she also has a few acting credits.

Before starting the YouTube channel, which helped her gain immense success and fame, she worked as an actress in a few of the projects like Lilin’s Brood, Monday Nights at Seven, and You Can’t Have It. Not only that, she has appeared in the television mini-series, The ACE Family Documentary: Welcome to Our Life, and music videos like Only One and Giddy Up, which The ACE Family released.

Catherin’s pretty face must have helped her in the modeling days.

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Got Married in Secret

In 2015, Catherine McBroom met a guy at a dinner party. The guy was none other than her future husband, Austin McBroom, who had fallen in love with her at first sight. However, it took some time for Catherine to warm up. They began going out quite often, and soon Austin confessed his love to her, which she ignored, as she claimed that she was not used to grand declaration so early.

With time, Catherine eased up with Austin, and the duo decided to take their relationship to the next level. They got engaged in August 2017 and tied the knot secretly in their backyard. Furthermore, even their parents were not invited to their wedding. Catherine’s brother and Austin’s grandmother made presence as witnesses.

Catherine McBroom's Husband Austin McBroom
Catherine McBroom got engaged to Austin McBroom in August 2017. Image Source: Catherine McBroom Instagram.

The couple revealed the news about their marriage in January 2020 through a YouTube video. Catherine and Austin’s marriage seems to be going well.

Welcomed Three Kids Together

Austin and Catherine got married after dating for two years. But they had begun to grow their family way before their marriage. A year after dating, Catherine welcomed their firstborn with her then-boyfriend, Austin. Catherine McBroom’s eldest daughter, Elle Lively McBroom, was born on May 28, 2016.

Two years later, Catherine gave birth to their second daughter, Alaia Marie McBroom, on October 17, 2018. Finally, with the birth of their son, Steel McBroom, on June 20, 2020, their family was completed.

Catherine McBroom's Kids
Catherine McBroom welcomed three children with her beau, Austin McBroom. Image Source: Austin McBroom.

Unlike her two other pregnancies, Catherine kept her third pregnancy a secret. She revealed the good news a few months later via Instagram. She claimed that she wanted to enjoy those moments in private, which she could not do during her earlier pregnancies.

YouTube Helped Her Gain Immense Popularity

In 2016, Catherine and her beau started a YouTube channel, which they named The ACE Family. While starting the channel, they had no idea that it would grow into such a phenomenon. The McBroom couple often uploaded their videos, including challenges, pranks, Q&A videos, and important moments in their lives.

Furthermore, they also included their daughter, Elle, in the video. Just like her, Catherine’s other two children are also often included in their video. However, unlike in the past, they upload their videos weekly, which mostly receive millions of views.

Because of their content, which is loved by several people globally, their subscribers kept increasing, and they now have 19 million subscribers on their channel.

All thanks to their YouTube channel, Catherine has become a successful internet personality alongside her husband. We hope that they keep on succeeding in the future.

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