Meet Frankito Wright – Photos Of Tré Cool’s Son With Claudia Suarez

Tre Cool son, Frankito WrightFrankito Wright is the son of the Green Day drummer, Tre Cool with his ex-wife, Claudia Suarez. Image Source: Instagram/ Tre Cool.

Frankito Wright is the son of the well-known American singer and drummer Frank Edwin Wright III, aka Tre Cool. The German-born musician Tre Cool had his son, Frankito, while he was in a marital relationship with Claudia Sofia Suarez from 2000 to 2003.

With the rising fame of Tre Cool, his family life has also become a part of media scrutiny. People are curious to know about his present and past relationships and many more related to his personal life, including his son, Frankito.

So, here, we will be especially tailing Tre Cool’s son, Frankito Wright, who usually stays far from the reach of media.

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Only Child Of Tre Cool With Claudia Suarez

Frankito Wright is the only son of Tre Cool together with his now-estranged wife, Claudia Wright. Together the former pair welcomed their son, Frankito, on 10 February 2001, a year after their wedding. Claudia and Tre Cool legally separated two years later, in 2003.


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After the divorce of Frankito’s mom and dad, he lived with his mom while his dad regularly paid for his expenses and studies. As both of Frankito’s parents have not revealed much about him in any media interviews or their social media handles, very little is available for the public about his childhood.

But, being the child of one of the successful and richest drummers, Frankito might have spent his childhood without any hardships.

Besides, Tre Cool’s son, Frankito Wright, is also the godson of the American singer-songwriter Billie Joe Armstrong. Armstrong also played an important role in Frankito’s life during his growth.

Frankito Wright’s Half-Siblings

Tre Cool’s son, Frankito Wright, has two half-siblings from his father’s side and one from his mother’s side. He has an elder half-sister named Ramona Isabel Wright from his dad, Tre Cool’s ex-wife, Lisea Lyons. She arrived six years earlier than Frankito in 1995.

Tre Cool son, Frankito Wright
Frankito Wright attended his sister Ramona Wright’s wedding with his dad, Tre Cool, stepmom Sara Rose Lipert, and brother Mickey Otis Wright. Image Source: Instagram/ Sara Rose Wright.

Similarly, Frankito Wright has a younger half-brother named Mickey Otis Wright. Mickey is Frankito’s half-brother from Tre Cool’s marriage with Sara Rose Lipert. Moreover, he also has a younger sister, Bella Bovino, from his mother, Claudia Suarez’s marriage with attorney David Bovino.

Frankito shares a close bonding will all of his half-siblings and his parents’ new partners. He can sometimes be seen hanging out or doing outdoor recreational activities with his half-siblings on his dad’s Instagram page. But, we hope we will get to see them together more often in the upcoming days.

Tre Cool’s Son Accompanies Him On Some Of His Musical Tours

Frankito Wright seems to be a private person and usually prefers to remain far from the reach of the media people. However, the prying eyes of the media find him anyway and sometimes capture him accompanying his dad on his musical tours and other public events. He also often gets featured on his dad and stepmom’s social networking handles.

There we can see Frankito traveling to various destinations and having a great time with his dad and new mom, Sara Rose.

Besides, Tre Cool’s son, Frankito Wright, seems to share a love for music with his rockstar dad. Though his Instagram posts are available for limited viewers only, we can see snaps of him playing guitar and singing via his dad’s fans’ social networking pages. Hopefully, all of us will get to know him even better and hear his melodious sound soon.

But, for now, Frankito is living a secretive life away from the reach of the excess media limelight.

Name Meaning: Frankito Wright

The boy’s name Frankito means free man.

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