Meet Dorothy Carlson – Photos Of Tucker Carlson’s Daughter With Susan Andrews

Tucker Carlson daughter, Dorothy CarlsonDorothy Carlson is the fourth child of the political commentator, Tucker Carlson. Image Source: Social Media.

Tucker Carlson is a famous American political news analyst, regularly serving as the host of Fox News nightly political talk show Tucker Carlson Tonight since 2016. Previously, he hosted several other multinational news broadcasting channels like CNN and MSNBC. The co-founder of the conservative news and opinion website, Carlson, is also an author of two books. He issued his first book, a memoir titled Politicians, Partisans, and Parasites, in 2003, followed by his political book titled Ship of Fools in 2018.

The regular host of Fox News, Tucker Carlson, is in a marital relationship with his high-school girlfriend, Susan Andrews Carlson. Together they are raising four children, including daughter Dorothy Carlson.

Here, learn some more about Tucker Carlson’s daughter, Dorothy Carlson, and her siblings.

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Youngest Daughter Of Tucker Carlson With Susan Andrews

Dorothy Carlson, Tucker Carlson’s daughter with his long-time wife Susan Andrews, is the youngest member of the Carlson clan. She is the youngest grandchild of the American journalist and diplomat, Dick Carlson, aka Richard Warner Carlson, and his ex-wife, Lisa McNear. According to Dorothy Carlson’s age available on some online sources, she might have arrived in 2002. However, the exact date of her birth is not available to the public to date.

Tucker Carlson daughter, Dorothy Carlson
Dorothy Carlson enjoys spending time with her big sister. Image Source: Lillie Carlson’s Facebook.

Dorothy Carlson has three elder siblings, two sisters and a brother. Her eldest sister, Lillie Carlson, was born in 1995, followed by her brother Buckley Carlson in 1997. Similarly, Dorothy’s other sister, Hopie Carlson, joined the Carlson family three years before her birth in 1999. She is very close with all three of her siblings. Though the Carlson siblings rarely appear together in public events with their celebrity dad, they are undoubtedly sharing a great bonding behind the camera.

Dorothy Carlson’s parents, Tucker Carlson and Susan Andrews, knew each other since they were in tenth grade. Both were in love with one another’s style and behavior. So, eventually, Dorothy’s mom and dad started dating since their high school days. They married some years later in 1991 and welcomed their four kids, Dorothy being the youngest.

Her Father Does Not Want Her To Be With A Male Feminist

If you are a male feminist, you better not go near or try to date Tucker Carlson’s daughter, Dorothy Carlson. We are telling you so because the Fox News host, Tucker, believes that feminists guys are creeps ‘by definition. So, he does not want all three of his daughters to date a man who wants equal social and political standing for women.

In 2019, while talking about Justin Trudeau, the Canadian Prime Minister’s blackface scandal, Tucker Carlson disclosed that he wouldn’t let his daughters date some guy who mentioned himself as a feminist. He added that the famous politician Ted Kennedy was also a feminist, but he killed a woman. So, the alarm bells rang pretty loud for the male feminists. According to Dorothy’s dad, they dare not try to go near her with the intention of dating her.

Living A Private Life

Tucker Carlson’s daughter, Dorothy Carlson, is nineteen years old in 2021. She has reached the age she can use social media without any restrictions. However, unlike her siblings, it seems like Dorothy is not available on social networking handles. If she is using Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter with any other name, it is limited to her close friends and family circle only. Consequently, there are only a few pictures and details on Dorothy at the moment.

Moreover, in 2018, a group of Tucker Carlson’s opponents targeted Dorothy and her entire family. Her mom, Susan Andrews, was home alone while she and other family members were out of their home. Ever since then, Dorothy and her entire family do their best to keep their private life away from the media reach. It might be the reason there is less social media presence of Dorothy Carlson. But, we hope to see her soon in the limelight shining out in any career she choose.

Name Meaning: Dorothy Carlson

The female given name Dorothy is of Greek origin, which means Gift of God.

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