Did You Know Bodybuilder Hunter Labrada Is Also An Entreprenuer ?

Hunter Labrada Is Also An EntrepreneurApart from being a bodybuilder, Hunter Labrada is also a well-known entrepreneur. Image Source: Hunter Labraba.

Anyone interested in The International Federation of BodyBuilding and Fitness already knows this famous bodybuilder Hunter Labrada. He has qualified to compete in Mr. Olympia. Moreover, he is the son of the famous bodybuilder Lee Labrada.

Bodybuilding is an art that not everyone enjoys, but it is one nonetheless. Hunter Labrada, an aspiring bodybuilder, entered the sport because he wanted to succeed on the gridiron. However, apart from being a bodybuilder, Hunter is also an entrepreneur. So follow along and learn more about this bodybuilder, Hunter Labrada.

Hunter Labrada Was Off To A Strong Start.

It is no surprise what inspired Hunter to become a bodybuilder as he was born to Robin Labrada and Lee Labrada on May 17th, 1992. However, Hunter was only 2 when his father retired. Even though bodybuilding was not Labrada’s first choice, he was always motivated and supported by his parents at whatever he excelled at. Hunter’s first choice of sport was football. But unfortunately, he couldn’t pursue it due to the injuries he suffered at high school.

Hunter developed a passion for bodybuilding in his late teens. After winning the 2020 Tampa Pro, Hunter Labrada garnered the spotlight and was off to a strong start. Hunter has also excelled in a number of events, including the 2018 NPC National Championship, NPC Europa Dallas, NPC Junior USA Championship, and Nationwide Professional Wrestling Championships. Moreover, he competed in Mr. Olympia and held 4th position in 2021.

Bodybuilder Hunter Labrada Is Also An Entrepreneur?

Besides being a bodybuilder, Hunter Labrada is also a well-known entrepreneur and has a solid social media presence. So having a career apart from bodybuilding is a smart choice. Moreover, Hunter has also told the public media that he plans to retire by age 35 if he’s not the champion or anywhere to it. So follow along to know what this American businessman has his hands on. This young entrepreneur is the upcoming CEO of his father’s company, Labrada Nutrition. Similar to Hunter, know about Sophie Kasaei’s net worth.

Bodybuilder Hunter Labrada
bodybuilder Hunter Labrada has qualified to compete in Mr. Olympia. Image Source: Hunter Labraba.

In 1995, Labrada Nutrition was founded with the straightforward but effective goal of providing nutritional products. Along with the information about what you want to achieve in your greatest physical condition. However, Hunter’s role in the company has yet to be known to the public. Apart from his dad’s business, Hunter has his own company named bodybuilding.com.He sells protein, vitamins, workout clothes, accessories, and many more items. Needless to say, both father and son are in the same field of business and sports.

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Hunter’s Endorsements

Having a successful bodybuilding career and a business pathway, this young man also has an excellent social media presence. Having over 340K and more Instagram followers, Hunter must have received many partnerships and endorsements. Hunter has collaborated with many companies. The name of the few companies are gasp, betterbodies, revive md, wolfpak, and thepridefood.

Apart from Hunter’s business and endorsements, he recently also made a YouTube channel. In his YouTube channel, he already has over 20K subscribers. He posts videos of him working out what he eats during the day. Hunter’s YouTube channel is helpful to anyone who wants to start their bodybuilding career or is interested in bodybuilding overall. Moreover, on his YouTube channel, we also get to see his marriage weekend with his wife, Liv Roth. 

Nonetheless, Hunter must be doing well in his career. We wish him the very best for future competitions and endorsements. In the years to come, we wish the Labrada family to grow and prosper.

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